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Save Our South Park Water 2008 (SOSPW08)

Newsletter - December 2008
(New - 12/23)

The Flume In-Situ Search Results
(Updated November 14, 2008)

Save Elk Creek
A directory for citizens dedicated to the protection and preservation of Elk Creek.

South Park City Museum
Fairplay, Colorado
Open May 15, 2009 - October 15, 2009

South Park City is a remarkable restoration of these early towns, preserving the history of our nation's frontier while it educates and entertains the present. Located in Fairplay, Colorado, the museum is an accurate representation of a mining town between 1860 and 1900. Thirty-four authentic buildings filled with over 60,000 artifacts portray most of the economic and social aspects of boomtown life. Seven of the buildings are on their original sites; the others have been moved from abandoned camps and ghost towns in South Park, a 900 square mile basin surrounded by Colorado's majestic Rocky Mountains. The restored buildings contain period room settings and exhibits illustrating the professions, trades and industries that contributed to life in a nineteenth century Colorado mining town

South Park City Museum

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