Wildlife in Colorado

It seems that every where you look you see Colorado's wildlife.  Of course, much of it we are privileged to have right here in Woodside. 
If you have a photo to share with others just send it to me and I'll take care of the rest.

Trail Cam Pics - February 2015 - near Bailey

Pronghorn Antelope in South Park (From Jim McCoy, Pine Grove)
(More of Jim's Antelope photos)

This handsome bull Moose was spotted near Buffalo Creek.  While his antlers are fully developed, his beard is in great  shape to attract the ladies.  (From Pat Lang, Buffalo Creek)

Sure, they are friends now, but once they reach maturity it will be every "man" for himself. (From Pat Lang, Buffalo Creek)

Park County's revenue would be greatly increased if only you could figure out how to tax the Big Horn Sheep who have taken up residence in Grant. 

This little guy has found a perfect place for an afternoon siesta. (From Cyd in Elf Falls)

Hmmmm....Mom is teaching these youngins some bad habits.  (Photo by Bernie Nagy)

Some say, "Lions prefer deer."  This one obviously did not get the memo.
Captured on a "Critter Cam" by one of our Pine Junction neighbors.

(More Mountain Lion Photos)

Woodside neighbors Mary and Steve had an encounter with a Moose with two calves and, went about their business.......posing for pics.  Thanks for sharing, you lucky guys.

Great Horned Owl. I wonder how they get their name? (Photo by Pinecamer, BeerGodROX)

Repeat after me......Awwhhh.  (Photo by Pinecamer, BeerGodROX)

Whoa!  If looks could kill!  (Photo by Pinecamer, BeerGodROX)

Momma's tired from feeding those babies.  (Photo by Pinecamer, BeerGodROX)

Don't go to Grant without your camera!  Grant is home to Bighorn Sheep like you have never seen before.

Abert's Squirrel contributed by Pinecamer BeerGodROX (Mike to his friends)

The Abert's squirrel is named after Colonel John James Abert, an American naturalist and military officer who headed the Corps of Topographical Engineers and organized the effort to map the American West in the 1800s.  Photo contributed by Pinecamer BeerGodROX (Mike to his friends)

September 2008 - Bull Moose spotted near Grant.  Photo by C. Swathwood

September 2008 - What a magnificent animal.  Photo by C. Swathwood

If I didn't know better, I would think this photo was taken in the wilds of Canada. Photo by C. Swathwood

Did you ever wonder what kind of sound a moose makes?
(Click here for some "moose sounds".)

Just out for a bike ride and look what we found in Cuchara.  Where is Cuchara, you ask?  Well, you just have to look it up for yourself.

Moose spotted at Shaffers Crossing  August, 2008

Moose spotted at Evergreen Lake, July 20, 2008

Myotis Lucifugus - Or, to put it simply......"Don't bother me, I'm trying to take a nap."

What amazing little creatures.

Moose spotted near Woodside in July 2008!

Appears to be a young cow.

But, it may be too early to say for sure.

Whoa Momma....that's a lot-o-babies!

Hmmmm.....Wonder what's on the deck?

Not all that itches can be scratched.

Reservations Required.

This handsome Bobcat was spotted near Boulder.  A rare sighting for such an elusive animal.
(Photo by
Judy Brunelle - Longmont)

And.....just how do they get their name? 
(Photo by Judy Brunelle - Longmont)

This Golden Eagle was spotted near Red Hill Pass not too far from  Fairplay - Photo by Mike Quaintance
(Golden Eagles have a body length of 30-40 inches, wingspan of 6.5 to 7.5 feet, and weigh 7-13 pounds!)

 Once in grasp of these talons, there is no escape. - Photo by Mike Quaintance

The following mountain lion photos were taken near Evergreen - February 2008

Looks friendly enough.......unless he is hungry.

He obviously doesn't like his picture taken.

Oh my......that's a scary sight!

Can Ewe pick out the alpha Ram? 

Why is it that humans have to watch their salt intake and these guys don't.  Do you suppose if we ate that much salt we would have horns like that?

This fawn certainly can bring a smile to anyone's face.

In only a few years, cute little fawns will grow up to be a "posey-eater" just like his Dad.

Not exactly "wildlife" unless you consider his ancestors.  Can you imagine herds of Bison numbering in the thousands?

Mom and Dad taking the "Kid" out for a stroll atop Mt. Evans.

Yeah, I'm handsome!  Just ask anyone.  In the east, Whitetail bucks are shy and elusive and you rarely see them.  The western Mule deer, however,  is anything but shy.  Lucky for us to be able to see such magnificent animals in the wild.

This handsome Buck belongs to Doug and Mary.  He is just visiting in our yard today.  Our grass is a little greener but he actually prefers the flowers at their house.  Shoo, Buck. Shoo!

Pronghorn Antelope are difficult to get close to.  This handsome buck, however, seemed to be as fascinated with us as we were with him.

Tiger Salamander (Ambystoma tigrinum) spotted by one of my neighbors. Friendly enough but can get up to 14 inches long!
Here is a really cool map showing where they have been spotted in Colorado.  They seem to live everywhere.

Being a mother is hard work!  Especially, when their children only know two words....Feed me!  Feed me!

This handsome bear was spotted by an alert "Pinecamer" between Conifer and Evergreen.  Apparently, it is taking a rest from "frolicking" with a pair of corralled horses.  What a beauty...nature at its best.

Now you be careful.  Wild people live on the other side of that fence.

Ah, Ma.  I'm not afraid of wild people.

OK, but I'll be close by in case you get into trouble.
(Bear photos contributed by Cindy who lives in the Doubleheader Ranch Estates, near Morrison)

This photo was submitted on PineCam and it was taken near Bailey.  At first glance, it appears to be a house cat.  Some guessed it might be a Bobcat or Lynx, but the long tail ruled out both of those. 

With a little closer inspection, and some very knowledgeable "mountain folks," it was identified as a Mountain Lion cub.  Mountain Lions cubs are "mottled" when they are born but the face is already very distinctive, including the white cheeks.  The question is, of course, where's Mom and Dad?  Not too far away for sure.

This Elk appears to have enjoyed a good life in the mountains of Colorado.

I can not imagine why this feathered friend would choose to live atop of Mount Evans.

This black Abert's squirrel certainly has it pretty easy foraging for food.

In the East, these are known as Purple Finches.  I guess they are known as Western Purple Finches in Colorado.

These mountain sheep look pretty contented on Guenella Pass. 

Well, not exactly wildlife, but friends none the less.  Everyone in Woodside knows these two fine horses as Tucker and Titan but, do you know which is which?  I bet they do, and you will too....once you know the difference between a "star" and a "blaze."

These are "Our Boys."  They spent the summer months snoozing behind our garage.  They barely looked up as we worked around the yard.  They are friends now but, come October, I suspect it will be every Buck for himself.

Hummers are really fascinating to watch.  Sometimes, however, I think they forget just who they have to be thankful to for a free lunch when they "stare me down" on the deck.  Right now, this little lady is taking her time at the feeder but, when the Rufous arrive in July, life will get a lot harder for her and her friends.

Sheep or goat?  I guess it only really matters if you are a goat.  This handsome fellow spends his time on the top of Mt. Evans.  He still has his winter fur which he has most of the year except for Summer which is July 4th.

This sheep also calls Mt. Evans home and, surprisingly, gets along quite well the Mt. Evans goats.  I guess life is hard enough at that altitude without aggravating your neighbors.

This is my landscaping team.  They came most of the summer when the grass was long and green.  On this day, however, the found the picking pretty slim.  Oh well, I guess they will have to wait until Spring when we put the Geraniums out for them to feed on.

It is November now and one of "Our Boys" is taking a break on our front yard.  He looks pretty contented,
albeit, a little lonely. 

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