Things I saw Today

It seems that everyday I see something that I wish I could share with my family, friends, and neighbors.  There is so much to see while living in Colorado it is hard to imagine that you would not want to share your experiences with others also.  Now is your chance.  Please send me your favorite photos and I'll take care of the rest.

Neighbor Jim caught this spectacular view from his home in Woodside.  It just doesn't get any better than this/

A rare morning rainbow. It was spectacular!

Here is a view of Lion's Head that you don't see very often.  Can you find it?
If not.....this will help.

Ayers Rock?  No, just a small outcropping of the way to Tarryall.  Home to dozens of Barn Swallows.

Park County is a spectacular place!  This little cabin on the way to Tarryall is just one of them.

Not too long ago these would be Bison grazing in the Tarryall valley.  Today, it is home to large herds of Angus.  Sure beats chicken for dinner.

Only in Colorado can you find "treasure" like this.

Here is a view of Mt. Evans and Mt. Roasilie not many of us have seen.  Can you guess where it was taken?

Sometimes, seeing things from a different perspective helps to appreciate what they are.  Magnificent!

It doesn't happen often........but, when it does!  Today is March 1st.  The REAL beginning of the snow season.

Lion's Head in the morning's brilliant sunshine.  It doesn't get much better than this.

I think most will agree, that the view of South Park is spectacular as you round the bend at Kenosha Pass.  On a cold and clear day, however, the view of the snow covered mountains surrounding the valley are "awesome" to say the least.

While the Aspens shine in the sunlight, can you imagine what it must be like when the leaves are in their peak color?   Remind me to return to this spot next fall. 

I am an early riser and really enjoy watching the sunrise.  Our view, unfortunately, is to the west and seeing the sunrise is not possible.  Sometimes, when the conditions are just right, a "western sunrise" is just as spectacular.  On this morning the sun was just beginning to light Mt. Rosalie with bright red rays of sunlight turning Elk Creek valley into a "pink paradise." 

Each month I look forward to the full moon.  When the ground is covered with snow the full moon literally turns night into day.  On this morning, the sun is just beginning to shine on Mt. Rosalie as the moon makes its way below the horizon. 

My neighbor's shining tree serves as a welcomed beacon to all who pass by.  Its beauty is only slightly diminished by the morning sun as it begins to illuminate Lion's Head with its brilliance.

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