Snow News is Good News
2006 -2007

Contrary to popular belief, it does not snow all the time here in Colorado.  Of course, that cannot be said for those who live on the other side of the Divide.  We, that's Patsy and I, happen to live on the east side of the Divide in what is known as the "Front Range."   A light snow for us will be 2 or 3 inches.  A moderate snow might be 6 - 8 inches.  A heavy snow might be 10 - 15 inches.  And, of course, everyone remembers the really heavy snow of 6 feet and more just a few years ago.  But, typically, a 4 - 8 inch snow fall is kind of normal. 

Unlike the East, we do not get any rain in the winter.  All of our rain is in the form of snow.  That is why everyone in the West loves it when it snows, whether they ski or not.  Snow means water for the high country.  Water means green grass, lots of wild flowers, full wells, and, most importantly, a reduced fire danger.

The snows here are generally very dry and they seem to evaporate more than melt. There seems to be very little ice and slush associated with the snow.  It squeaks when you walk and stays for weeks or even months in the cold shady areas.  Sunny areas will quickly evaporate even when it is bitter cold, leaving hardly a trace of water or ice.

So with that "snow lesson" in mind, I have decided to chronicle our season's snow with a few (a few to me means a lot to you) photos.  Most of which were taken from the comfort of our home through any number of our windows.  So sit back, and enjoy our winter wonderland with us.  To make it easier on you, I have put the "snow reports" in reverse order (most recent first) so you won't have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the newest photos.

The Flume - Winter of '06-'07 second snowiest in Bailey in 68 years
(Click on news article for a summery of this year's snowfall.)

P.S.  I will only document snows of 6 inches or more.  Less than that is just "conversational snow" by Colorado standards. 

May 8, 2007 15.0 inches

This was our last "large" snowfall.  There were several other during May but none "measured up" to deep enough to be documented.

Sunrise reveals the last big snow of the season.

This was a really heavy snow.  My "Little Deere" got stuck right at the end of the sidewalk so I decided to wait until it melted.

One last view of Lion's Head in the early morning sunlight.  You may get bored seeing it.....but, we never do.

Just a couple of pics of life in "Snow Country

Houston....We have a problem.

No problem.  I'll send the "Rover" up to pull you out.

February 28, 2007 8.5 inches

Don't let the big gap between this snow fall and the previous snow of January 5, 2007 fool you.  We had plenty of snow during that period but none measured up to the 6 inch mark.  Just conservational snow by Colorado standards.
March, our snowiest month, is upon us.  I can't wait to see what it has to offer.

The snow has stopped for us but it is still falling in the "high country".  For you city folks, that is generally west of the divide.

It has stopped snowing and the sun is out.  Now the wind takes it turn to pile the snow even higher in my driveway.

Speaking of my driveway.....I need a bigger tractor.  This photo was actually taken in January, much before the snow got really deep.

January 5, 2007 6.0 inches

This snow, barely reaching my 6 inch threshold, brought with it some unusual features....wind. 

Wind is a problem when it snows in Colorado.  The snow, dry and light, is easy prey for the slightest breeze.  When the wind is strong, the blowing snow creates huge hard-packed drifts and stings you face much like a sand storm.  In this photo, you can see the snow blowing in the high country.....a sign of what is to come.

South Park, just down the road from us, is first to see the effects of the wind.  On this day, they roads were closed just after we passed by.  Luckily, we were on the "home side" of the road block.

For those who have witnessed a sand storm approach, this is Colorado's winter version.  Pretty to view from a distance, but a "whiteout" for those who are caught in it.

You don't have to go very far to find cheap entertainment in Colorado.  The house in the background is Meyer's of the oldest around.  The owners keep a plane in the barn for when the snow gets "really deep."

Sometimes, however, you need a break from too much "fun in the sun."

In every man, there is a little boy.  Bill is obviously enjoying his new toy....even if temporarily.

December 28, 2006  14.0 inches

Hmmm....It seems like only last week I shoveled 27 inches of snow off this deck.  While we only got 14 inches this round, Conifer, just a few miles to the north got over 3 feet!  That was in addition to the three feet they got the week before!  Bring on the Motrin and hot toddies!

You may, but I never get tired of looking at this valley.  It is, indeed, a special place.

While it is always nice to be able to see snow-covered mountains, there are times when less is more.

Usually, just after a snow storm, the air is clear and the sky is a brilliant blue.  A spectacular contrast.

Not too far away on Nova Road, you are rewarded with this grand view of Lions Head and Cathedral Rocks.  Impressive by any standard.

A little extra photo to make sure you are paying attention.

December 20, 2006  27.0 inches

I had to put an "extender" on my snow gauge.  The original scale stopped at 21 inches.

These are our "sunset watching" chairs.  It may be a few months before we use them again.

Just why anyone would go out in a "blizzard" to take a photo is beyond me.  But, I just do what Patsy tells me and "life is good."

This is the third time I have plowed this driveway during this storm.  Pretty soon, I'll have all the training I need to go "professional."

There are only so many places to put the white stuff.  Take note of our 12 foot Santa on the deck.  He seems a little weary from the snow.  Hang in there Santa! Rudolph is on his way to help you.

It is rare to see Lion's Head so snow covered. You can see, however, it does not make for good skiing.  Unless, of course, you are into
para-skiing.  Note:  This particular image of Lion's Head has generated a lot of interest.  So that you can see it a little better, I have linked it to the full resolution image.  Just click on this thumbnail to display it. 

This "little piece of property" is Hidden Valley Ranch.  It is just across the street from us.  It is always pretty but, in the snow it is really special.

Being a dog after a snow storm is not so bad.  Perhaps even a little more interesting than seeing in full color.

This is Woodside's crack snow removal team.....Snow bunnies Bev-n-Barb.  No snow is too deep for these two.

Everyone who lives in Colorado absolutely loves it here.  This "action photo" of Merry Mary is proof positive.

Extra Snow News Photos

November 30, 2006  8.0 inches

Another 8 inches of dry snow.  Just in time for Suzanne, Owen, and Hayden's visit.

Sunrise on a snow covered Lion's Head.  It just doesn't get much better than this.

Hmmm......unlike wet Virginia snow, dry Colorado snow does not make for good sledding.  Skiing, however, is another story.

These Colorado newcomers seem to be enjoying our Winter Wonderland.

I would be out there with the rest of the family.....but, someone had to tend the fire.

The day is done......until next time.

Like a ship in the fog....eerie.

October 26, 2006  18.0 inches

The wind got to this "documentary photo" before my camera.  The snow, wet and heavy, topped out at 18 inches.  Not too far away, Conifer got over 24 inches!  My homemade snow gauge (actually a modified hem marker) only goes to 21 inches.  I think I need to consider an extension if this is a sign of what is to come.  Below are a few additional photos of this memorable snow.

Pricilla Peacock (you met her in our Landscaping Project) inspects the new cushions on our "sunset-watching" lawn chairs.

Neither rain, snow, sleet, or dark of night will keep the Pine mail person from their appointed rounds.

Underneath this blanket of snow, newly planted wild flowers are sleeping.  Only nine more months and they will be in bloom.

The sun sets on a full day of plowing.  I wonder what the next snow storm will bring?
Did you notice the "fall corn" on the door?  The deer haven't found it yet either.  But, I bet they do. :-)

I wonder where that plane is going?  I can't imagine why anyone would want to leave Colorado

If you live in the mountains of Colorado, you better have something to clear the snow off your drive way with. 
Johnny and I became good friends with this snow fall.

Repeat after me....Gees, it is beautiful here!

October 18, 2006  7.0 inches

First significant snow of the season.  It was wetter than most.

The mountains are hidden behind the clouds but it is pretty just the same

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