Snow News is Good News
2005 -2006

Contrary to popular belief, it does not snow all the time here in Colorado.  Of course, that cannot be said for those who live on the other side of the Divide.  We, that's Patsy and I, happen to live on the east side of the Divide in what is known as the "Front Range."   A light snow for us will be 2 or 3 inches.  A moderate snow might be 6 - 8 inches.  A heavy snow might be 10 - 15 inches.  And, of course, everyone remembers the really heavy snow of 6 feet and more just a few years ago.  But, typically, a 4 - 8 inch snow fall is kind of normal. 

Unlike the East, we do not get any rain in the winter.  All of our rain is in the form of snow.  That is why everyone in the West loves it when it snows, whether they ski or not.  Snow means water for the high country.  Water means green grass, lots of wild flowers, full wells, and, most importantly, a reduced fire danger.

The snows here are generally very dry and they seem to evaporate more than melt. There seems to be very little ice and slush associated with the snow.  It squeaks when you walk and stays for weeks or even months in the cold shady areas.  Sunny areas will quickly evaporate even when it is bitter cold, leaving hardly a trace of water or ice.

So with that "snow lesson" in mind, I have decided to chronicle our season's snow with a few (a few to me means a lot to you) photos.  Most of which were taken from the comfort of our home through any number of our windows.   So sit back, and enjoy our winter wonderland with us.

January 21, 2006  7.5 inches

Lions Head gets the first rays of morning sun.  This snow fall was a little wetter than normal and clings to the shear rock face.  It won't stay there for long so you better get up early if you want to see it.

The sun is just beginning to light up Elk Creek Valley and the last of the snow clouds are beginning to evaporate.

The sun is fully up and the sky is clear and blue.  As you can see, the snow is deep on Mt. Rosalie and the wind is beginning to stir it up a bit.

This is the same view we used on our Christmas card.  Surprisingly, several people asked "Was that really taken from your house?"  This photo was taken right through our dining room window.  The view is even a little better from the Great Room.

This tree is right outside our dining room.  It welcomes the sunshine long before we do.

Sometimes we just can't get over how pretty it is here....especially when it snows.  Each morning, we watch the morning news in front of the fire place.  When the news is boring....Colorado is not.

My computer is downstairs in "the quest quarters" and this is my view from my desk.   I get up very early to get my "computer work" done.  (I don't really work but sometimes you would never know it.)   I like the solitude in the mornings and, believe it or not, I like the view as well.  Especially, when the deer (usually bucks) walk past the window.

This photo was not taken through a window and is a little brighter than the others.  This was taken from our front walk. You really have to be careful not to get distracted when you come to visit.  You just may find yourself rolling down the hill.

Gees!!!  It's pretty here when it snows!!  The haze in the distance is actually snow blowing off the trees.

As I mentioned, this January snow was a little wetter than normal.  Colorado pine trees, however, are accustomed to the snow and rarely break from the weight.

Now, here is a problem.  Too much snow means no TV.  This antenna is about 15 feet up and I was really dreading dragging my ladder through the snow to clean it off.  Fortunately, a long stick and good whack took care of it.

Blue and favorite colors.

You can see from the icicles on the chimney that Patsy is staying close to the fire while I freeze my buns off taking photos for her.

It won't be long before the sun is over the trees and I can get back inside where it is warm.

Finally, a postcard from our Winter Wonderland.  Stay tuned for the next snow.  I am sure it won't be long in coming.

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