Colorado Flowers

Spring in the Colorado mountains means flowers, flowers, flowers. Some are large and some are small.  Most are short lived and you are lucky to see them in their prime.  If you have a photo to share with others just send it to me and I'll take care of the rest.

It seems that everyone loves flowers.  Unless, of course you suffer from allergies.  If you are one of those unfortunate folks, the following "flower show" will enable you to get "up close and personal" with some nature's little treasures. Enjoy.

Life is hard on the top of Mt. Evans and the summers are short.  These flowers, however, are just as hardy as the sheep, goats, and marmots that call Mt. Evans home.

Just another flower that grows at 14,000 feet.  I don't know what it is called but it looks like it lives for centuries in the high country.

If an artist had painted this you would have criticized their work for being too "colorful."  Nature, however, has a "paint brush" of her own that no artist could duplicate.
This valley (sadly, not in Colorado) is on t
he east side of the Carrizo plain, in the Tremblor Range, about 50 miles due west of Bakersfield, CA
Photo by:
  Barbara Mathews, 14 May 2005.Bakersfield, CA.

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