Elk Falls
A Hidden Colorado Treasure

Shortly after moving to Colorado, we began hearing about Elk Falls.  Of course, we wanted to see it for ourselves but, being too timid to venture across private property or go beyond the "No Trespassing" signs we never mustered enough courage to visit the falls.  With encouragement from a few friends, permission from property owners, and most importantly, specific directions on how to get there, we finally achieved a long awaited "adventure."  Following are a few photos of what we and others found along the way. 

Elk Falls frozen in time....along with the folks that were there to witness it.

Along with rock climbing, it looks like Staunton State Park might just offer ice climbing for the real adventurers.

Here is a view of the falls that not many get to see.

This, of course, is the destination.  However, as with many adventures, getting there is half the pleasure.

The first thing you discover is a different perspective of a well known landmark, Lions Head.

The trail is unimproved and unmarked.  You have to be careful not to "look and walk" at the same time.

A prominent feature along the way attempts to distract you from your primary mission....watching where you step.

Once you are in the gorge, you find "another world".....rich in contrast.

The stream below Elk Falls is certainly undeveloped.  To some, chaotic...to others, natural beauty.

Little Elk Falls?  No, but just as fascinating.

This helps put things in perspective.  Unless, of course, that's Paul Bunyan in the photo

As you approach the falls, it is difficult to find just the right view.  But, there are no bad ones.

This is the end of the trial for "old folks" like us.  For the young of heart and body, however, there are even greater discoveries beyond.

It is April and there is still plenty of ice on the falls.  Remind me to go back next February.  Can you imagine!

I see this adventurer is just as fascinated by ice forms as I am

Now, here is a surprise!
The cross is on the right side or Lions head.  If you scramble up the falls to the meadow, you will see the cross once you reach the crest at the base of Lions Head.

Below are a few "old photos" of Elk Falls.  I have no date for them but, judging from the clothes, I would guess early 1900's

I can't imagine hiking up that trail in those long dresses.

It must be Sunday judging by the vests on these two gentlemen.

It would be interesting to retake this photo to see what has changed over the years.

I hope you enjoyed your visit to Elk Falls.......I sure did.

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