Colorado Adventures

We are all fortunate to live in a country filled with natural beauty and Colorado certainly has its fair share.  Whether it be the highest mountain, deepest gorge, densest forest, or shining lake, please share your favorite photos with others.  If you have a photo to share just send it to me and I'll take care of the rest.

The Wives of 5
Now, if you don't think this outing qualifies as an "adventure" you got another think comin'.

Want to see more photos of our trip to the high country?  Just click on the following link.

We did ~30 miles of ATVing thanks to our friends and are now considering buying one as we can see this kind of view at 12000' without even getting winded!

Red Cone Peak - 12,801  Everyone has seen it......few have actually been there.  Thanks to Steve and Mary, now we can all say "we have been there."

This is a great view of Red Cone Peak from Radical Hill.  Hmmmm....I wonder if UPS delivers to this cabin.

It's all down hill from here. 

Whoa!  "All down" hill is an understatement.  I wonder if there are Runaway ATV pull offs on this trail?

This is just a few of Steve's friends that came by to say "Hello" and......beg for a carrot.

Come on girls......Don't be talkin' to strangers.

Whoa!  Looks like lunch!

Now, tell the truth.....would you take a bite out of this mushroom!

You bet I would says Bob and Barb!  Mary does not seem to be so sure.

Just one of many mountain streams you will find along the way to Guanella Pass.

A spectacular view of Mount Bierstadt (14,060) awaits travelers on the road to Guanella Pass. 

Guanella Pass takes you to Georgetown which is rich in "tourist attractions."  Just up the road, however, is the Silver Plume, a "Living Ghost Town."  Obviously, a road less traveled for those who prefer the simpler life.

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