Colorado Adventures

We are all fortunate to live in a country filled with natural beauty and Colorado certainly has its fair share.  Whether it be the highest mountain, deepest gorge, densest forest, or shining lake, please share your favorite photos with others.  If you have a photo to share just send it to me and I'll take care of the rest.

Jim and Pat took the day off and rode to the top of Georgia Pass.  Not a very high pass by Colorado standards, but well worth the trip.  Following are a few photos of their adventure.

The road from Jefferson is a relatively easy climb to Georgia Pass.  Along the way are several pristine mountain streams lined with Colorado mountain flowers.

Near the top you begin to see some spectacular views of Mt. Guyot (13,370 feet)

Mt. Guyot was named after a Princeton professor, Arnold Guyot.  Guyot is also a geological term meaning underwater volcano.  Perhaps, but long before my time.

After parking at the pass, a moderate hike along the Glacier Ridge trail opens up even greater vistas, including the remnants of some really big snow drifts.  It is the middle of July now, can you imagine how deep this drift must had been just a few months earlier?

Patsy taught me to wave at everyone I meet.  It has something to do with living in Colorado.

A view of South Park valley and beyond.  In fact, if you squint, you can see Pike's Peak in the distant.

It is not too far from the pass up Glacier Ridge Trail to get this view of Mt. Guyot.  Our car is just over the ridge at the end of the road.  If you go, take your water and listen for thunder.

We spend so much time looking up in Colorado we sometimes miss the really interesting things at our feet.
We hope you enjoyed our "adventure."  We sure did.

Following are a few photos of Mosquito Pass provided by Woodside adventurers, Steve and Mary.  If you have never been to Mosquito Pass in the Spring, you are in for a treat!

Can you imagine how quiet and dark it must have been at night for this early settler?

Mother Nature at her best!

Just a little snow left.  Perhaps it will stay until the next snows arrive this fall.

The mountains in the background add just a little mystery to what may be just around the corner.

Colorado's "weeds" are the best!

If you listen carefully, you will hear the "tall tales" spoken by early miners around a pot-bellied stove. 

Such beauty from so little care.  Or, has Mother Nature provided more care than she is given credit for.

Very often the finest treasures are free.

Hi. I'm Mary.  Steve is behind the lens.
I hope you enjoyed our adventure to Mosquito Pass as much as we did.

A trip to Wellington Lake certainly has its rewards! Castle Rock is but one of the many vistas to be enjoyed.

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