Colorado Adventures

We are all fortunate to live in a country filled with natural beauty and Colorado certainly has its fair share.  Whether it be the highest mountain, deepest gorge, densest forest, or shining lake, please share your favorite photos with others.  If you have a photo to share just send it to me and I'll take care of the rest.

Bill & Steph took this photo of Lake Agnes.  Ansel Adams couldn't have done better

Moraine Lake.  What a Colorado paradise!

Stephanie says "Getting to the top of Fletcher Mountain is a piece of cake."

"However, the trail is a bit rocky."

Yeah, I'm my Daddy's daughter. What of it?

Riding up to Camp Hail, a Colorado Lake along the way.  No place to ride like Colorado.  Which is more beautiful?  The bike or the Lake?

Old log cabin and a really big tree near Hotchkiss, CO.  Wonder which one is older?

Lake Wellington last summer.

You have not seen Colorado until you have seen the world renowned Bucksnort Saloon.

Steve and Mary have taken full advantage of their time in Colorado.  Following are just a few photos of their adventures in the "really high" country.

It appears that Mary wished she had brought along her skis on this ATV adventure to the high country.  Or, could it be that she has fallen and can't get up?

Red Cone Pass.  I wonder why they call it that?

Atop Mt Quandary. Is that still on Earth? 

It looks like a long road home Mary.  You better get a move on.

It would appear that we are really lucky to be able to share Steve and Mary's adventures with them.  This ATV adventure in Moab is a little more than my feeble stomach could take.  How 'bout you?