Mount Evans

Long before there were digital cameras, DVD's, eMail, and the "Discovery Channel", there were postcards.  Postcards provided an easy and convenient way to share your adventures with friends and family.  Today, it is rare to find a postcard in your mailbox.  Instead, collectors are continually "on the hunt" for historical or unusual cards to augment their collections.  While I am not a postcard collector, I appreciate the historical record they offer.  Since I am an avid "eBayer", I often search for local places in hopes of discovering information about the community I live in.  Since Mount Evans a prominent landmark for many of us, it seemed to be a logical place to search for old photos.  I hope you enjoy this historical view of Mount Evans from the 1940-50's

This description of Mount Evans is as true today as it was in the 1940's

It is interesting to note that Mount Evans holds the rocord for the worlds highest "auto highway" not highest paved highway

1 1/2 cents to mail a packet of 10 postcards.  What a deal!

Summit Lake (Alt. 12,740) on the Mount Evans Highway.

Top of Mount Evans, Altitude 14,260 feet, from the Shelter House at Summit Lake, Altitude 12,740

Summit Lake

Summit House, Mt. Evans, 14,260 feet above the Sea

Summit House, Mt. Evans

Summit House, Mt. Evans

Summit House, Mt. Evans

Summit House, Mt. Evans

This postcard refers to the Summit House as the "Crest House."

Echo Lake Lodge

Echo Lake Lodge

Echo Lake Lodge

Road to the top of Mount Evans

Mount Evans road c.1929

Approaching the summit of Mount Evans, 13,000 feet elevation

Lost (Lincoln) Lake from the Mount Evans Highway

The summit of Mount Evans

Finally, a view of Elk Creek Valley from the top of Mount Evans.  Can you spot Lion's Head?  Hidden Valley Ranch?

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