Glasman Ditch
(Wherever you are)

"The head gate of the Glasman Ditch".......sounds pretty impressive when you first hear the expression.  As with many things, however, words often fail when describing reality.  Even the exact location of the much debated "ditch" seems to be in question.  But, that is not for me to decide.  For those of us who have never actually seen it, below are a few photos of what the WOWMD considers the beginning of the Glasman Ditch.   It is always nice to be able to put a "face" with a name.

All that remains of the irrigation ditch is a metal spillway approximately 4 feet long 20 inches wide at the widest portion.  The narrow opening of the spillway is about 6 inches wide.  It is hardly a "pile of rocks" as described in the WOW Water 1041 public hearing.

The ditch connection to Elk Creek is filled in and overgrown.

It is interesting to note that the spillway is located on Lot 134.  The connection to Elk Creek, however, appears to be on the Hidden Valley Ranch side of the property line.  A recently surveyed corner marker marks the property boundary.

This is the
location of the proposed subsurface infiltration facilities within Elk Creek to include a small dam to create consistent water depth.  Hmmm...perhaps a "water heater" may be necessary as well. :-)

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