September 11, 2009

Regarding Will-O-Wisp roads
To the Editor,

I am writing to clarify some facts concerning complaints about roads in the Will-O-Wisp community.

The decision to repair Mt. Evans Boulevard next was based on traffic volumes, conditions, and school bus routing. Mt. Evans handles a traffic count of 1,087 trips serving over 300 residences in five unrelated filings, including my own. My association's roads are not paved, nor part of the project. This year, many county roads are in poor repair and many (including WOW's) were made worse by this summer's torrential rains.

The commissioners met with WOW representatives to discuss a possible resolution. WOW Metro District is aware that their roads will require full replacement because of future construction to expand its water treatment facilities. The district has a formal agreement with the Tanglewood developer to be paid $300,000 for road replacement before the sale of the 201st tap. The collapse of the housing market will likely delay this construction. Knowing that full road restoration funds are available to the district, a conservative interim solution seemed best. The commissioners want to ensure that funds are available to work on equally difficult road problems in the rest of the county. We have offered to do effective but less costly interim repairs, and advised them that we are open to discussing other methods if they wish.

All materials for this year's road projects were submitted to multiple suppliers for bids or proposals. Road and Bridge's recommendations for materials were brought before the commissioners for final review. Delivery time, size consistency, transportation expense, and price were all factors in the final decision. This year's Road Plan is available in the County Office.

Roads remain the highest priority, and no one knows this better than your county commissioners.


Dick Hodges
Park County Commissioner

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