May 29, 2009

Park County shows appreciation
Ten certificates presented at ceremony in Tarryall

By John Rankin

Certificates of appreciation are given every year by Park County’s Board of County Commissioners and the Park County Historic Preservation Advisory Commission and this year 10 recipients were recognized. Parties interested and active in preserving the history of Park County converged on the old schoolhouse in the little town of Tarryall on May 16 for the event.

Linda Balough acted as master of ceremonies for the event. Members Rick Cluxton, Steve Plutt, Jerry Davis, and Jim Fagerstrom joined Director Balough at the Tarryall School to present Certificates of appreciation.

Certificates were presented to:

WEB SITE EFFORTS  Jerry Davis, left, presents an award to Jim Sapp, for his work in developing and maintaining the Web sites for a number of historic preservation organizations in Park County. (Photo by John Rankin/The Flume)

Park County is a certified local government, which means in part that Park County can designate its own historic properties and can get federal money to help make historic surveys. A historic survey was done of .Shawnee. During the survey, it was found that the town was not only eligible to be a local historic district, but still has. the look of the town that was formed as a railroad resort town in the early 1900s. After the survey was completed, the citizens of Shawnee decided to apply to become a national district. Leona Nelson accepted the award to the people of Shawnee for their efforts in making Shawnee Park County’s first national historic district.

The Denver, South Park, and Pacific Historical Society for its many projects in preserving the history of railroading in Park County and elsewhere around the state, and especially for its support in the stabilization of the Como Depot last summer. Cara Russell, mayor of Buena Vista, presented the award to Brian Adams of Loveland and Tim Dannels of Buena Vista. After the presentation, Cara thanked the DSP&PHS for all the work they have done in Chaffee County.

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