September 11, 2009

More input on Woodside vs Will-O-Wisp
To the Editor,

Woodside's "Not So Perfect Roads."

Your article on Woodside road repaving at the expense of Will-O-Wisp was greatly misleading. Woodside consists of three independent HOAs, not one. As for "near perfect roads," major work was last done chipsealing Nova Road in 1992, some 17 years ago! Other roads were graded gravel and subject to constant erosion. And time has taken a heavy toll. Most impacted was Mount Evans Boulevard, the main entry and exit for not only Woodside but for Hidden Valley Ranches as well. Stretches of this road were all potholes and nearly impassible. Recent repair work was a godsend!

Commissioner Hodges is a past Woodside HOA President - of Units 5 and 6. Most Mount Evans repairs were in Units 2, 3 and 4. We knew nothing of this work until it began. Commissioner Hodges resides in Unit 5. His roads remain packed dirt! To insinuate, by "personal opinion," Woodside road repairs smack of "Political Corruption, Graft and Patronage," is smearing someone committed to getting the greatest benefit for every dollar Park County spends. When setting priorities, was Tanglewood expansion of Will-O-Wisp considered? Why allocate dollars to repair roads if future construction and additional sewer and water lines tear them up? And would not an expanded water/sewer treatment facility necessitate more and larger trucks carrying away even greater amounts of waste. Should not the developer then engineer Tanglewood roads to withstand these heavier loads? I think yes and before they are handed over to Park County to maintain.

Some Woodside roads were repaired. Our taxpayers greatly appreciate it. Difficult choices set priorities on how best to allocate finite tax revenues. Our commissioners know this and, in "my opinion," they are doing a commendable job.

Bob Banks
Woodside Park Home Owners Association,
Units 2, 3 & 4,

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