December 30, 2005

Letters to the Editor

Tanglewood not for Park County The name change of Pine Ridge PUD to Tanglewood is interesting, but perhaps a better name would be Disasterwood.

After attending the public comment session on Dec. 14, it became apparent to me that neither Ryland Homes, nor the Park County BOCC have done their homework. Both seem overly eager to cram this development down the throat of Park County residents without proper planning.

It seems that Ryland Homes objective is to obtain final approval no matter what, build 446 homes on steep inadequate terrain, collect their profits from home sales, and move on, without regard to those of us who already live in the area.

Assuming that on average, each home has two adults who both work and each have their own car, that would mean 892 additional cars passing through Pine Junction on a daily basis. Even if 20 percent of the new residents wanted to ride RTD, where are they planning on parking 178 additional cars at the Park & Ride? Further assuming that each family would have an average 2.3 children, that would mean almost 900 more students in our school system. The increased impact to road maintenance, fire and medical services, refuse collection, and wildlife would be considerable.

Imagine the hills west of Pine Junction devoid of trees, only houses built so closely together that one's view out of their family room, would be their neighbors bedroom. I'm sure I'm not alone, but one of the reasons I bought a home in the mountains, was to get away from the congestion of the city. Why drag it up here? Do we really want to turn Pine Junction into a Parker, Castle Rock, or Highlands Ranch? Although homes built within six feet of one another may be acceptable there, it is not appropriate in a mountain setting.

I am sure that Ryland Homes has incurred considerable expense in the development of this little community of houses that all look alike and are painted the same color, but this expense pales in comparison to the negligent lawsuits that Park County may face after completion.

We must keep in mind that we live in Park County, and question whether we want a poorly planned, extremely congested housing development in our park. I ask the same question that Doug Windemuller asked at the Dec. 14 meeting, "Would you like this in your backyard?" I would like to request that each member of the BOCC provide a public response to that question.

This plan is a farce and should be denied.

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