January 18, 2008

Addressing proposed address changes
To the Editor,

Questions galore, and more ... arise with Park County's surprisingly extensive street-name-change list that appears to exceed 450-odd changes, with a herd of "unknowns," which I can only assume are unidentifiable trails, paths or thoroughfares of some description.

Therefore, if Park County anticipates ANY name changes, just how will that affect property deed information, re-recording of deeds, etc?

And, particularly, how will they EFFECTIVELY communicate to existing mortgage companies of complete, bona fide address changes

And how will they do that in a manner that said lien-holders EFFECT all of the legal hard copy requirements and therefore vouchsafe the legal protection of owners' interest? This takes on a special, future concern when properties are bought and sold.

I'm wondering if the county has even anticipated the extensive communications, paperwork, etc., that will be required to effect ALL LEGAL changes. And I'd think that the postal service would not be particularly enthusiastic about the part they'll have to play in such a complete reorganization and the necessary, commensurate training of mail delivery personnel. And even county fire departments, some of which have expressed confusion regarding streets, will have to undergo new training programs.

Additionally, I would hardly believe that the county assessor and recorder of deeds offices would consider this proposal an exciting new challenge with which to test their capacities. But, of course, I do anticipate that this will necessitate budgetary increase requests, along with petitions for additional personnel.

Actually, the more I think about this, and aside from the upheaval inherent in this proposal, the more this idea appears to constitute a whole new job creation and job security project.

Ultimately, considering the logistics required in this overhaul of county demography, is this project really crucial, or simply a pet vision for political implementation?

Lew Maris, Bailey

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