May 9, 2008

Elk Falls Ranch withdraws rezoning application
Mike Potter, Staff Writer

The application seeking rezoning of the Elk Falls Ranch in northeast Park County has been withdrawn by its owners, Vera and Drayton Dunwody.

Vera Dunwody declined to give a reason for the withdrawal of the application, but she did confirm that she was no longer seeking the rezoning as of April 30.

The rezoning application was discussed at an April 24 meeting of Park County's Board of County Commissioners, but the meeting was recessed until May 1 because it ran long and a commissioner had to leave.

The Flume was told on April 30 that the May 1 BOCC meeting was cancelled because only one commissioner would be available for the meeting and also that the Dunwodys had withdrawn their application.

Christine Groves, president of the Elk Falls Property Owners Association, said the withdrawal wasn't considered a victory for the property owners association, whose members had voted to oppose the rezoning.

"We're waiting to see what the next application will entail," she said.

The association members voted to oppose the rezoning mainly because they felt property values in the subdivision would be adversely affected and because they were concerned about increased use of area roads, Groves said.

On Jan. 8, Park County Planning and Zoning recommended approval for the rezoning with a number of conditions, including only allowing it to be used for ranching and agriculture and as a guest ranch, controlling the number of people on the property, and allowing only remodeling or restoration of existing buildings.

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