January 16, 2009

Park County commissioners sworn in
By Linda Bjorklund Correspondent

Lining the Park County commissioners' chambers in Fairplay and extending into the hallway was a crowd that had gathered to watch the Jan. 13 swearing-in of county commissioners from all three districts in the county.

John Tighe was re-elected to serve District 1 for four years, Richard Hodges was elected to serve District 2 for four years, and Mark Dowaliby was elected to serve out the remaining two-year term of Doc McKay, who passed away in May 2008.

Good-byes and good wishes were extended to Leni Walker of District 2, who was term-limited out of office, and Lillian Wissel, who had been appointed to McKay's seat and lost to Dowaliby in the Republican primary.

District Judge Stephen Groome, formerly the county attorney, performed the official swearing-in of each new or returning commissioner. Park County Clerk and Recorder Deb Green extended an official greeting to each, declaring that these three had obtained the highest votes in the November election, and were duly installed as county commissioners.

John Tighe was elected chairman of the board, and with remarks from each incoming and outgoing commissioner, the swearing-in was completed.

A buffet was served to all attendees, which included an amiable fellow who has been seen at Alma town meetings with his title printed and secured in his hat band - "Joe Public."

Said Leni Walker: "The county is in good hands."


Additional photos of the swearing in ceremony.

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