March 28, 2008

Next round of road renaming scheduled

Danny Ramey

Another round of meetings regarding the ongoing addressing project in Park County is scheduled for the first week in April.

The meetings, which will take place throughout Park County, will go over the project as a whole as well as take comments and concerns from residents affected by road and address changes.

In January, the county held a similar series of meetings to address the project but decided to hold another round in April because the turnout was low due to poor weather conditions, said Craig Barraclaugh, director for the Park County Geographic Information System.

The addressing project began earlier this year in an attempt to eliminate the overlap of street names and deal with numbering issues in addresses.

Barraclaugh estimated that a little more than 500 people would be affected by the addressing project.

Although there have been a couple of rounds of meetings, the name-changing itself has not begun.

"There have been no changes yet," said Barraclaugh. "We are trying to accommodate people with concerns."

One major goal behind the project is to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the emergency response crews in Park County. Having the same street name repeated in different parts of the county could potentially confuse emergency responders and prevent them from effectively responding to an emergency.

"We try to make our responders' jobs easier," said Lori Hodges, the director of emergency management for Park County.

At the upcoming meetings, the county will also go over some of the new data it has received.

Most of the preliminary data covered problems with duplicate street names, said Barraclaugh. The incoming data that will be presented in the upcoming meetings will also cover numbering issues in addresses.

Following this round of meetings, there is the potential for another round of community meetings, said Barraclaugh.

Following the completion of the meetings, the addressing project will undergo a public hearing for approval.

"No changes will take place until after the public hearing," said Barraclaugh.

Overall, the project is still in the data and comment-gathering process.

An estimated timeline of the project will be presented at each upcoming meeting. The county hopes to begin the actual process of renaming the streets by the end of the year, said Barraclaugh.

The location and times of the next round of meetings are:

More information about the addressing project is available by contacting Park County GIS at 719-836-4288 or at


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