George McCulloch, President of Board
Larry Means, Vice President of Board
Karl Pelegrin, Secretary of Board
George Peterson, Treasurer of Board
Cheryl Pieper, Board Member
Curt Rogers, Fire Chief

Park County Board of Commissioners
P.O. Box 1373
Fairplay, Colorado 80440

To: Park County Commissioners
From: North Fork Volunteer Fire Department, Board of Directors

Re: Will-O-Wisp Water Diversion

Date: January 17, 2007

It has come to our attention that a plan is being presented to the Park County Board of Commissioners to divert water from Elk Creek west of Pine Junction. We understand that the purpose of the water diversion will be to supply water to the Will-O-Wisp Metro District for the purpose of supplying water to the “Tanglewood” Planned Unit Development. According to an article appearing in the Flume, this diverted water will be used to supply water for approximately 570 new water taps.

The Board of Directors of the North Fork Fire Protection District (NFFPD) has voted to oppose the above stated diversion of water from Elk Creek for the reasons outlined below.

1. We do not believe that the Elk Creek water flow will be sufficient to meet the water demands of the Will-O-Wisp future needs as well as the needs of the Pine Grove community and the NFFPD.

2. The Elk Creek water flow through Pine Grove is essential for the fire protection of the community as well as other parts of the 300 square miles covered by the North Fork Volunteer Fire Department (NFVFD). An essential dry hydrant is located in Pine Grove that the NFVFD utilizes to draw water to combat fires in the area.

The NFVFD needs to be assured that the flow in Elk Creek, as it flows through Pine Grove, will be sufficient for the operation of the dry hydrant.

The total lack of communication with communities and fire districts down stream from the planned diversion is also a concern to the Board. As a fire district, we were never informed of the plans or asked about the potential ramifications. It is our hope that the issues brought to you concerning the diversion of water from Elk Creek will create further study and communication with entities possibly affected by the planned water diversion.

If you have questions about our concerns please call George McCulloch at 303-816-9188 or Curt Rogers at 303-838-2270.

George McCulloch, President

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