Save Elk Creek
A coalition of concerned citizens dedicated to the preservation and protection of Elk Creek.

Elk Creek is a vital resource, not only to wildlife, but it is critical to the safety and health of citizens within its watershed.  If you are interested in preserving this vital resource, please contact any of the following organizations to express your concerns or to volunteer to help others who are working to ensure that Elk Creek will remain as it has always been....a cherished and vital resource to our mountain communities.


EPA, Ecosystems Protection Unit, Chief


EPA, Wetlands and Watershed Unit, Chief


EPA, 404 Permit Review for Western Colorado


Colorado Governor Ritter


Colorado Water Convervation Board - Legal Protection (New)


State Representative - District 25 - Rob Witwer


State Senator, District 22 - Mike Kopp


State Representative - District 60 - Tom Massey (New)


State Senator - District 4 - Tom Weins (New)


State of Colorado Department of Natural Resources - Alexandra Davis


Department of Wildlife - Dawson Swanson, Director

Contact DOW Director


State Attorney General - John Suthers

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Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments


Jefferson County Board of County Commissioners


Jefferson County Commissioner Jim Congrove


Jefferson County Commissioner Kevin McCasky


Jefferson County Commissioner Kathy Hartman


Park County Board of County Commissioners


Park County Commissioner Doc McKay


Park County Commissioner Leni Walker


Park County Commissioner John Tighe


Park County 1041 Permit Coordinator, Lane Wyatt


Park County Planning


Park County Environmental & Health

Fire Districts

Elk Creek Fire Chief


Elk Creek Fire Marshall


North Fork Fire District


North Fork Fire Marshall


The Flume, Editor


The Flume, Lynda James, Correspondent


High Timber Times, Editor


High Timber Times, Pamela Lawson, Correspondent


FOX31 News - News Tips

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9 News - News Tips

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CBS4 Denver, Paul Day, Correspondent


Elk Falls POA, President


Glen Elk HOA, President

Contact President


Woodside Park Units 5-6 HOA, President


Will-O-Wisp Metropolitan District, BOD


United Mountain Communities, President


Conifer Smart Growth Committee


Park County Special Water Council, Jeffrey Kahn


Park County Attorney, Steve Groome


Colorado Water Conservancy District, James W. Culichia


Glen Elk HOA Water Attorney

Contact Attorney


WPHOA Attorney, Michael Schaefer


WOWMD Attorney, Richard Toussaint


Department of Wildlife Water Attorney, Ed Perkins

Contact Attorney


Save Elk Creek Coalition Coordinator, Tom Schuster


Elk Creek Green Back Cutthroat Sightings

Report Sightings


Elk Falls Records Historian

Contact Historian


Elk Falls Coordinator


Pine Grove Coordinator

Contact Pine Grove


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