Steve Wilson, WPHOA


Thursday, January 18, 2007 11:40 AM


Park County Commissioner Walker, Commissioner Tighe, and Commissioner Mckay


Elk Creek water diversion 1041


Leni, John, Doc:

Thank you for the sincere concern and diligence you showed during the last hearing on this 1041.  I was pleased that you raised the issue of the reservoir as the developer is trying to separate that issue from this 1041 and clearly this water plan cannot supply WOW without reservoirs.  At present the developer does not have the rights in place to take the water and they have not shown proper environmental impacts.  Even the estimated flows of the stream were flawed in that they were calculated using extrapolations from the flows of the North Fork of the South Platte which are artificial in that they are largely augmented (up to 1000 CFS) by the flow from the Roberts tunnel.

The other relatively new concern I believe Park County has, is that of the effects on Jefferson County.  Residents of Jefferson County have only recently become aware of the proposed taking of water that they depend on and they are starting to raise serious concerns.  Saturday approximately 100 Jefferson County residents got together at the Bucksnort, last night approximately 150 residents got together at Zoka's Restaurant in Pine where more issues were addressed and action plans were developed (and covered by Fox News)   Such concerns included the impact on three fire departments ability to draw water from the Elk Creek; a rather serious issue.

I believe the prudent thing to do is to protect your constituents and grant nothing until the legal, environmental, fire, and all issues are properly addressed.  I would also believe that any 1041 should be complete and include reservoirs.

Separate from all above issues and your having to go through due process it would be nice to find away to remove yourselves, and Park County, from any later issues as there simply is not enough water to supply your WOW constituents and keep a stream for the native cutthroat and various micro invertebrates.  Forget the lawyers, contentious water rights and all the allegations, you just have to walk down and look at this "creek" in the summer as I do every day.  I don't know procedurally how you do it but it would be nice if logic could prevail in this.

Thank you for your efforts and your public service; my little time on the Woodside HOA gives me a very small glimpse of how difficult your jobs are.

Steve Wilson

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