Dear Jeffco Neighbors,

I promised to get back to you on what, if anything, Jefferson County could do regarding the 1041 water plan application in Park County.   As I noted earlier, legally the Colorado Water Court and the Park County Commissioners have authority over water use in Park County.  We have sent a letter to the Park County Commissioners  - a copy is attached. 

I have also been assured by the staff attorney to the Park County Commissioners that they will not approve a 1041 water plan without concrete assurances that Elk Creek will not be harmed. 

Please feel free to contact me on this or other matters in the future.  Thank you, again, for all your efforts.

Kathy Hartman
Jefferson County Commissioner, District 3


January 23, 2007

The Honorable John Tighe
The Honorable Leni Walker
The Honorable Doc McKay

Park County Board of Commissioners
P.O. Box 1373
Fairplay, Colorado  80440

RE:  Proposed Tanglewood Residential Development on Jefferson County residents’ water use

Dear Park County Commissioners:

We have recently received letters, calls, emails and even had citizens show up at our public comment period during the Board of County Commissioners hearing in Jefferson County.  All comments pertain to a proposed development in Park County, which we understand you will be considering shortly.  We also understand that you may be evaluating water-related issues associated with a Special District that would serve this development.

Jefferson County supports your efforts to evaluate the proposed residential development carefully.  We would like to echo the concerns of our citizens who have expressed comments about potential water impacts to “downstream” residents in our County.  We have conveyed to our residents that we have little say in this matter and we have assured them that you will listen to all facts regarding this situation when making a final determination.

We thank you for the opportunity to express concerns recently shared with us by residents in our County.



Jim Congrove, Chairman
Kathy Hartman
J. Kevin McCasky


Jim Moore, County Administrator
Tim Carl, Development & Transportation Director
Jean Ayars, Assistant County Attorney

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