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Besides all there is to see and learn from the exhibits at South Park City, the Company Store is the perfect place for the History Buff. The store has more than simple gift shop memorabilia, and contains a wealth of history media for sale, from books, videos, prints, posters, and antique reproductions. Don't miss it!


"South Park"

High Country Paradise
by Bernie Nagy

Colorado’s South Park, High Country Paradise hardcover coffee table book features 120 pages with 270 color pictures, captions, facts and map of South Park in Park County, CO, 85 miles southwest of Denver. The deluxe heirloom 2010 edition includes mining history, gold medal fishing, 14teneers, mountain hiking, mountain passes, four-wheel drives, wildlife viewing, wildflowers, bristlecone pines, lakes, heritage, world championship pack burro race, culture and history of South Park. Included are local community events in Fairplay, Alma, Como, Jefferson, Hartsel and Guffey. In addition, the book is a great Colorado vacation and tourism guide for South Park CO, with images of South Park City and breathtaking color photographs of the High Country by local resident author/ photographer Bernie Nagy of High Country Artworks in Fairplay, CO.



by Linda Bjorklund

Colorado is rich in history.  From small mining claims that sparked "boom towns", railroads cut through hard rock that brought industry and moved goods to the cities, to the brave pioneers who wanted nothing more than a "piece of Colorado" to call home.  Much of this history could not have been accomplished except for the hard working and sure-footed Burro.  This book, written on behalf of the Park County Archives and the Park County Historical Society by the well-known historian and researcher Linda Bjorklund documents the colorful history of not simply a "beast of burden" but a friend and dedicated companion to those he served so well.


"Pioneers of the Colorado Parks"

North, Middle, and South parks from 1850 to 1900
by Richard Barth

The exciting frontier history of the Colorado mountains can be found in these true stories from North, Middle, and South Parks. During the 1800s, folks came to settle these open meadows nestled high in the Rocky Mountains. Into North Park came Chief Piah, a Ute Indian seeking peace, Rattlesnake Jack, the best wolfer around, and John Farquhar, a scoundrel seeking political power. Early settlers of Middle Park included Texas Charlie, a wannabe bad man, Maggie Crawford, a concerned young lady who wanted to create a loving home, and the county commissioners who solved their differences with guns instead of votes. South Park witnessed Sheriff Ifinger trying to hold back a determined mob, tolerated Doe Bailey as he searched for a human head, and ignored Anna Beeler’s pleas that she be allowed to keep her son. These are just a few of the interesting characters you’ll meet when you read these unembellished stories from the Parks of Colorado. (6" x 9" 270 pages)


"The Making of a Hardrock Miner"

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by Stephen M. Voynick

The Making of a Hardrock Miner is about mining in the American West. It deals not with geology, ore reserves, profit-and-loss statements, or production, but with the human element of underground mining.

As a first-person account of work in a Colorado molybdenum mine, two Wyoming uranium mines, and an Arizona copper mine, this book is a colorful statement of the West’s hardrock mining culture. It provides a rare glimpse of miners and, in their own unique vernacular, tells of their attitudes, values, and camaraderie, along with the humor that helps them to cope with dark, dangerous underground shifts.

Since it was first released in 1978, The Making of a Hardrock Miner has enjoyed enduring popularity among both the general public and those in the mining industry. It is a fast-paced, eminently readable book that has also served as a college-level resource providing personal insight into underground mining safety and operations. (5.5" x 8.5" 224 pages)

"A Town is Born"

The Story of South Park City
by E.J. "Gene" Amitrani

This book was written in response to the many requests from those who visited South Park City and wanted to know more about this unique town. The book describes how South Park City was created, where the idea came from, how the buildings were moved and a short background on the ghost towns that are represented by these buildings.

I have tried to be as accurate as I could in separating the facts from the legends in this account of a very small part of the early West; however, new discoveries are continually being made which disprove what was once thought of as fact.

This is the story of Mr. Leon H. Snyder’s dream. He was a modest man who did not seek the lime-light or want personal recognition for his accomplishments. Through his dynamic personality and leadership, South Park City became a reality.

"A Town Is Born" can become a part of your library to share with your family and friends. They too will want to visit South Park City Museum! It was exciting for me to write this book, for this is an authentic representation of a Colorado mining town of the 1800’s, born in the 20th century in Fairplay, Colorado. I know of no other town like it in the United States. I hope you enjoy it. (5.5" x 8.5" 115 pages)

"Gold in the Gravel"

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A History of Gold Mining in Colorado
by Norma L. Flynn

Most of the miners who flooded into Colorado had no knowledge of geology or mining techniques. Many, barely able to read and write, just dropped everything and came in the hope of making huge fortunes. After the initial hardships, they learned what to look for and how to make initial tests to discover where the gold was (or wasn’t).

They found that quartz was often present in the vicinity of gold deposits, so looked for rock that was white with shades of brown or maroon.

They learned to look for places where streams suddenly widened, or where sand bars extended from the banks. Boulders, potholes or other hiding places that gold might have been deposited as water flowed through were good spots to check. (5.5" x 8.5" 50 pages)

"The History of the Famous Mosquito Pass"

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by Norma L. Flynn

Forty years after it first appeared, this work is being reprinted in 1999 for a new generation of readers via the cooperation of the author and the Park County Historical Society. Ms. Flynn’s extensive research and skillful writing have weathered the years quite well, with very few updates needed.

The pack-burro race noted on the last page was replaced by two races now run from both Fairplay and Leadville to the top of Mosquito Pass and back. The North London Mill is crumbling; and its assay office is now in the South Park City Museum in Fairplay. The Mosquito Pass Stage House has also been moved to South Park City.

Some old business advertising has been added at the front and back of the booklet. These ads (dating from 1879-188 1) provide an interesting insight into a few of the establishments that served Mosquito Pass travelers and the hardy citizens of South Park and Leadville well over a century ago.

The Mosquito Pass Road remains a memorial to the tough old-timers who led the way for all of us who proudly live in Colorado’s high country. (5.5" x 8.5" 50 pages)


"The Stagecoach"

Connecting East and West
by Linda Bjorklund

The stagecoach era in the American West was a prime example of American ingenuity and determination. It began with the discovery of gold on the west coast in 1849 and the need for gold seekers to get there from the east to make their fortunes. It lasted through Indian uprisings and the Civil War and only when the golden spike was driven into the last track at Promontory, Utah, on May 10, 1869, signaling the completion of the transcontinental railroad, was the death knell of the stagecoach sounded. Even then it took time for local railroads to be ready for passengers and freight, so stagecoaches continued to be an important form of transportation through the 1880’s.

As we climb into our well-tuned, super- charged, modern, sports utility vehicles, it seems hard to imagine when the only way to get there was in a dusty, chilly, bumpy stagecoach pulled by spirited horses and driven by a tobacco-chewing figure in a box high up from the road. (5.5" x 8.5" 62 pages)


"Bayou Salado"

Bayou Salado
The Story of South Park
by Virginia McConnell Simmons

A comprehensive accounting of the history of South Park and the pioneers who settled this area.  The books contains dozens of historical photos.  (5.25" x 8.5" 275 pages)


"South Park City"

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South Park City
Photographs by Frank A. Cechner

In cooperation with the South Park Historical Foundation

An outstanding Photo essay of scenes throughout South Park City.  There are over fifty black and white photos all taken with natural lighting conditions. (8.5" x 11" approximately 60 pages)

Some of the titles that we will be adding to our e-Store include:

  • "Tarryall Mountains & Puma Hills"

  • "Ghosts of Park County"

  • "Bits and Pieces of History"