Newsletter of the Rose Hill Civic Association
November 2008

Rose Hill Civic Association Meeting
Tuesday, November 25, 7pm
John Marshall Library
Topic: Local Development Plans

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President’s Message

Wegmans Store On Beulah Street, Springfield Mall Expansion Plans On November RHCA Agenda

If all goes as planned, a Wegmans super store will anchor a new office and commercial development on the northwest corner of Beulah Street and Telegraph Road and Springfield Mall will undertake a massive redevelopment that will double the size of the mall area into shops, offices, hotel, and apartment/condos.

Representatives of the owners of the Beulah Street property and Wegmans will explain the proposed project at the meeting of the Rose Hill Civic Association on Tuesday, November 25th at 7pm in the community room of the John Marshall Library. Information will be available about the redevelopment of Springfield Mall and members can decide if they would like to see a full-blown presentation after the first of the year.

The Wegmans store and associated development will take the place of the Hilltop Sand and Gravel operation. The existing landfill, soon to become complete, will be used for parking and private recreational facilities since no development can take place on the fill portion of the site. Offices and retail/commercial areas are planned in addition to Wegmans. Access will be off Beulah Street at a new traffic signal at View Lane as well as the existing entrance to the site across from the Lansdowne Center.

The development will replace the two houses, one of which is used as the headquarters for the sand, gravel, and landfill operations. The other is a rental property. They are located across from the gated entrance to Fort Belvoir. Read the item on Telegraph Road below for a rundown on road improvements in the area.

Wegmans currently operates 79 stores in the Mid-Atlantic region, including stores in Fairfax, Sterling, Woodbridge, and Gainesville. Although an upscale merchandiser, Wegmans also features its own brand of items that are priced competitively or less than major brands for the same quality. Many locations offer a Market Café for in-store dining. A family owned business, Wegmans is headquartered in Rochester, NY.

Christmas Party

Vice President Linda Nichols and her husband, Dave, are hosting a Rose Hill Christmas party at their home on Saturday, December 20, between 5 and 7pm. The Nichols live at 6416 Rose Hill Drive. All Rose Hill residents are invited. Please bring food to share. RSVP to Linda at 703.971.0755 by Saturday, December 13. Since this party will take place at the dinner hour, attendees are encouraged to bring main dishes as well as desserts. Already, a Honey-Baked Ham has been promised. Let Linda know what you plan to bring. She may suggest something else if enough of one item already has been promised. RHCA and the Nichols especially invite our senior citizens to join in a community celebration of holiday cheer. There will be door prizes for the longest Rose Hill residents and the newest residents who attend the party, as well as other categories.

Join your neighbors and make new friends at the Nichols’ on Saturday, December 20.

Membership Drive

With this issue of The Rambler, RHCA kicks off its membership drive for 2009. The dues remain at $10 although residents are encouraged to support the Association by contributing to the general fund and the cost of the plantings at our entrance sign. Be advised that the membership dues do NOT cover the cost of printing The Rambler nine times a year at a cost of $300 plus for each issue. We hope you will agree membership in RHCA remains a bargain and you will contribute to the general fund or the beautification fund or both in order to continue our work. In addition to printing The Rambler, RHCA pays for the Rose Hill beauty signs (for members only), contributes to Koinonia, the holiday dinner for police officers working Christmas Eve and morning when restaurants are closed, and the Edison High School all-night graduation party at Lee District Park. We also provide some food on July 4 for the park workers who work long hours to organize the fireworks display. However, it is the intangible things your membership supports that keeps Rose Hill a great place to live. The larger our membership, the greater our voice. You found that out last March when RHCA organized a program that resulted in reduced property and house assessments for most of our members. Overall, we enjoy support from County officials and agencies because they know Rose Hill is organized and cares about its community. Please take the time to fill out the membership form on the next page and send it, along with your check, to RHCA, P.O. Box 10891, Alexandria, VA 22310. Although the membership campaign will run through March, your early reply will help ensure we continue our programs throughout the year. You can also bring your membership form and check to the November meeting or to the Nichols’ Christmas party on December 20.

Neighborhood Watch

Lt. Paul Cuzzolino of the Franconia District police station updated RHCA on emergency calls at last month’s meeting. We learned that there are 1,500 to 2,000 calls to the operations center during a 12-hour shift that runs from 7pm to 7am. There are 30 call takers on duty. The call takers are NOT sworn police officers. The Dispatch Supervisor, there to answer questions and give advice, is a member of the police department. We also learned there are 10 police officers on patrol at night in the Franconia District, which stretches from Route #236 to Lorton. Lt. Cuzzolino and a sergeant are also on duty, in addition to detectives, narcotics officers, and other police personnel. 911 calls have first priority and there may be as many as 50 calls to report a single accident. Cell phone users are reminded that they must register their number with the police so the call takers will know the callers are local. If you move, register with the new location. Lt. Cuzzolino cited the example of a 911 call from a cell phone in South Dakota that was routed to Fairfax County because the caller had previously lived here and registered the number with the local police. All of this underscores the need for a strong Neighborhood Watch program in Rose Hill. If you haven’t yet volunteered to monitor your immediate neighborhood, contact any of the officers or Woody Betts, the Neighborhood Watch coordinator for Rose Hill. All of the officers’ phone numbers and e-mail addresses are listed on the front page of The Rambler. Neighborhood watchers are asked to keep an eye out for suspicious persons, report vacant houses and zoning violations, and make contact with senior citizens to make sure they know who to contact if they need help. If you see criminal activity in progress, call 911. Report other police matters to the non-emergency number of 703.691.2131. Report zoning violations such as overcrowding, accumulation of trash, parking on the grass in the front yard, or operating a business in a residential district in violation of the zoning ordinance, either directly to zoning enforcement at 703.324.1300 or call one of the RHCA officers. Complaints lodged in the name of RHCA do not require complainants to be identified. Call me at 703.971.4716 or e-mail me at if you have any questions.

Telegraph Road

The public information meeting to discuss the proposed improvements to four lanes on Telegraph Road from Beulah Street to South Kings Highway produced some interesting information. First, the map published in last month’s Rambler indicated the project would end at South Kings. The drawings on display at the meeting showed relocation of the road all the way up to the northern edge of Greendale Golf Course. The road will begin to widen there to accommodate two through lanes and one left turn lane going southbound and the light at Telegraph and South Kings. The roadway will shift to the west, potentially wiping out one of the holes on the golf course. That alignment could have ramifications if the road widening is continued north. Concerns were voiced by residents further south on Telegraph from those whose properties would be blocked by a raised median in the center of the roadway. Breaks in the median would be available only at major intersections. If you were coming out of a street or a house with a driveway on the western side of Telegraph that faces the median would have to go south and then make a u-turn in order to proceed north. The southern section of the improvement, which runs from Beulah Street to Hayfield Road, is estimated to cost $48 million. The public hearing on this segment will be held early to mid 2009 with completion of the final design set for next winter and construction to begin in 2010. The southern segment is fully funded and is expected to be finished to coincide with the new Mulligan Road connection through Fort Belvoir to Route 1. The northern segment from Hayfield to South Kings is estimated to cost $40.9 million. The public hearing on this segment is estimated to be held in late 2009 or early 2010. Funding is in place for design and acquisition of right of way. Funds are accruing for construction as part of VDOT’s Six-Year Plan for Secondary Roads.

Foreclosures, Etc.

Unfortunately, there are a number of foreclosure properties on the market in Rose Hill. There are also short sales and offerings by what the real estate industry calls ‘motivated sellers.’ Short sales are those in which a buyer makes an offer less than the mortgage balance in the hope that it will be accepted by the lender because the current resident can no longer afford the monthly payments due to readjustments of the interest rate. Motivated sellers usually are those who are leaving the area or the property is being sold as part of an estate sale. There is little we can do about the current market crisis. However, we can try to make sure vacant properties don’t further deteriorate or are used by unauthorized persons. If you see any suspicious activity at a vacant property, call the police. If someone has moved out and left a pile of trash, call either the zoning inspector or RHCA. Help make sure the situation isn’t made worse by illegal or unthinking activity. Nothing will scare away a potential buyer quicker than an unkempt neighborhood.

—Carl Sell


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