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March 2008


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President’s Message

Real Estate Assessments Subject of March 25 RHCA Meeting

A representative of the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County’s Department of Tax Administration will discuss the 2008 assessments at the March 25 meeting of the Rose Hill Civic Association. The meeting begins at 7pm in the community room of the John Marshall Library.

Originally, the Department of Tax Administration notified property owners of the 2008 assessments that included a relocation of assessed value between land and improvements. For many in Rose Hill, the value of the improvements went down and the land values went up. Because of concern by the Board of Super-visors reflecting constituents’ questions throughout the county, the Department has decided to revisit its calculations. However, they had said that the overall assessment will not change although the values of the land and improvements will be adjusted.

Since real estate taxes are based on the assessments, it is imperative that homeowners understand the process and have the opportunity to ask questions. That’s what this meting is all about. If, after the meeting, you remain dissatisfied with your assessment, you can file an administrative appeal by April 4. If you are not satisfied with the answer to the administrative appeal, you have until June 1 to file an appeal with the Board of Equalization.

Perhaps the biggest concern involves the down-grading of the value of the house under the formula. The Department of Tax Administration admits the house assessment does NOT equal the cost to replace a house. For assessment purposes, the improvements value reflects years of normal depreciation.

The Department says that generally insurance companies use their own estimate of what it would cost to rebuild your house if it is destroyed. However, insurance companies operate differently in the case of automobiles, providing Blue Book value when replacement costs are higher. That’s one issue that has residents concerned about the new system.

Don’t miss this important meeting concerning the assessment of your home.


Our community lost two of its originals recently with the deaths of Gladys Tutterow and Catherine (Penny) Mulner. David and Gladys Tutterow moved to Rose Hill on the last day of 1956. Ed and Penny Mulner settled here in 1958. David Tutterow still lives on May Boulevard while Ed Mulner preceded Penny in death several years ago. The Tutterows were active in the civic association and Meadowview Swim Club, with David serving as president of the Board of Directors. Penny Mulner was a fixture at RHCA meetings. Until her health no longer permitted, she provided coffee, soft drinks, cookies, and snacks at the monthly meeting. Gladys and Penny were among the original owners who helped make Rose Hill a great place to live. They are memorialized as ‘Originals’ who spent 50 years in the community. We’ll miss them both. Our condolences to the families.

Painting Sponsors and Members

The final list of sponsors of the Rose Hill Raid painting is printed below. Please check the list to make sure your name is correct. If not, notify any of the officers ASAP. The information about the raid and the names will be displayed with the paining in the Gladys Keating Community Room at the John Marshall Library. Also in this issue is the list of 2008 members as of March 12, 2008. The 2008 membership drive ends with this issue of The Rambler. Of course, we will be pleased to accept additional memberships. Fill out the membership form and mail it, along with your check to RHCA, Box 10891, Franconia, VA 22310. Additional members will be acknowledged in future editions of The Rambler. We desperately need as many members as possible to print The Rambler and continue other programs. No one will knock on your door soliciting your member-ship, but we would appreciate your help. If you aren’t already a member, join your neighbors who have already joined.

Strike Team Update

As the result of the presentation by Fairfax County’s Zoning and Code Enforcement Strike Team at our February meeting, a number of potential violations in Rose Hill are under review. The Strike Team, which includes representatives from Zoning, the Health Department, Fire Marshall, Police, and the Department of Public Works, checks out reports of over-crowding and boarding houses in single family homes. The team looks for illegal alterations in homes including electrical outlets, kitchens and bathrooms installed without permits, and sleeping areas that have inadequate methods of escape in case of an emergency. Zoning violations also include parking on more than 25 percent of the front yard, trash or debris on the property, loud music, and other issues. RHCA is determined to rid our community of illegal uses of property and will forward reports of violations to the proper authorities for investigation. This is a neighborhood of single-family homes and subdividing into multi-family residences is prohibited by law. Residents are reminded that inoperable vehicles cannot be parked on a public street or on a private lot unless it is shielded from view from all property lines. And, remember parking in the median between the sidewalk and street along Rose Hill Drive is illegal and will result in a ticket.

Nostalgia Night Kudos

Thanks to the folks at Rose Hill Elementary, our Nostalgia Night was a tremendous artistic success. Too bad so many of you missed it. The student Sound Wave 12 ensemble put on a great show. Thanks to the performers and Diane Piecuch-Siebert, the music instructor who steered her students to excellence. Even Diane was pleased with the performance and that’s high praise! Many parents of the students were in the audience and they had to be proud of their children. RHCA is making a contribution to the Sound Waves to help continue the legacy. Principal Terri Czarniak praised the group, welcomed the crowd, and enjoyed the recollections of former parents and students. Special thanks to Linda Nichols, Carolyn Slenska, and Connie Beatty for their help during the event; Carolyn, Marie Sherfey, Marti Sell, and Monica Reed for cookies and other goodies; Dianne Sweeny of Rose Hill Elementary for helping set up the event; and Alicia Ogrodney of Rose Hill Elementary for setting up the sound system and coordinating the showing of the video marking the 50 years of Rose Hill’s existence.

Suburban or Urban?

As you know, here in Rose Hill we are diligent in monitoring any new development to make sure it is at or below the planned density and meets all of the County ordinances, particularly those that deal with problem soils. Several years ago, we supported down planning of vacant parcels along Telegraph Road in an effort to thwart higher densities and more traffic. We do so in an effort to preserve our suburban neighborhood. Unfortunately, there are those in Lee District who support higher density and a more urban form of living. Worse, they have gained the upper hand on the Lee District Land Use Advisory Committee. Several years ago, they supported a condo development at the corner of Memorial Street and Richmond Highway with a density of more than 30 units per acre. This month, they narrowly won approval of a mixed use development on Beulah Street near Manchester Lakes that had a library and 200 units on SIX acres, a residential density of more than 25 units per acre. There is in the mill a doubling of the size of Springfield mall, including residential towers of 18 stories. In the Beulah case, the developer will build a regional library sooner than current County plans, provide senior housing, and ‘workforce’ housing for those County, school, and hospital employees who don’t earn enough to live in the County. Noble aspirations, except the County ultimately will pay back the developer for the library and Federal law will prohibit limiting the workforce housing to our own service employees. All that density at an intersection that already gets a failing grade of ‘F’ from VDOT in the evening rush and ‘E’ in the morning rush. As the Rose Hill representative on the Land Use committee, I voted against both proposals and am opposed to the introduction of additional traffic in the Springfield Mall area. Certainly the Mall needs upgrading, but not with even tighter gridlock. And, you might have read that the County has asked the Army to move some of its density from the Engineer Proving Grounds just west of I-95 to the GSA warehouse site across from the mall to, I guess, spread the misery. Well, even before the decision is made, developers are proposing high density office on the periphery of the EPG. No doubt the Urban Cowboys will embrace both higher densities at the Mall and around the EPG. At the same time, everyone agrees that TRAFFIC is our Number ONE problem. I will continue to fight and vote against increased density that impacts our already over-crowded roads. I believe that is in our best interest. I also believe most of the residents in other communities would disagree with their land use representatives who support higher density if they knew what is going on.

Odds and Ends

The Edison High School Tag Day, originally scheduled for March 8, was postponed to Saturday, April 5, with a weather date of Sunday, April 6. Rain and high winds caused the postponement. Hopefully, things will be calmer and brighter on April 5. Students will be knocking on doors asking for donations for the many programs at Edison. Just so you know, athletic teams, the band, and clubs do NOT receive funding from the County for uniforms and equipment so your support would be greatly appreciated.

We reported in the February Rambler that your cell phone could open locked car doors from a distance. All you had to do is call someone who would hold the phone next to the lock, push the remote into your cell phone and like magic, the door would open. Not so, said several readers. I haven’t tried it because I don’t have a remote to lock and unlock my car. I do it the old-fashioned way!

The Fairfax County Animal Shelter will hold a low-cost clinic for rabies shots on Sunday, April 6, at the Mount Vernon Recreation Center. Shots will be only $10. The Mount Vernon Recreation Center is located at the corner of Belle View Boulevard and Fort Hunt Road. The clinic is held for dogs, cats, and ferrets. Dogs must be on a leash and cats and ferrets in carriers. If you miss that clinic, others are being held May 18, July 13, September 14, and November 16 at the Animal Shelter headquarters at 4500 West Ox Road in Fairfax. The hours are from 2-4. The clinics are sponsored by the Animal Shelter and Deepwood Veterinary Hospital.

—Carl Sell

Thank a Member, Rambler Readers

Thanks to your neighbors listed below, you receive The Rambler nine times a year. And, pat yourself on the back if your name is listed! An average edition of our newsletter costs approximately $300 and is delivered to all of the 700+ homes in our community, regardless of whether they are members or not. We believe everyone should be informed about what is going on in their community. Won’t you join your neighbors in supporting RHCA?  A membership form is on-line. Thanks to our dedicated volunteers, The Rambler is delivered to your door nine times a year at no cost to the Association. As you can see, membership dues alone don’t keep RHCA afloat. Contributions, in addition to membership fees, help keep The Rambler in print and also pay for the landscaping at our entrance sign on Rose Hill Drive at Franconia Road. Most important, a large and active membership is very helpful as we deal with the County regarding community issues. Please include your e-mail address so we can communicate quickly on community issues. We will NEVER give your e-mail address to a third party!

2008 Members as of March 12, 2008

Nouri & Suham Abbou, 6115 Rose Hill Drive

Josephine & Margy Alston, 6118 Leewood Drive

Norma & Augusto V. Alvarez, Sr. 6507 Carriage Drive

Hafiz Ahmed, 6630 Telegraph Road

Nancy & Wilmer Anderson, 4500 Rose Hill Drive

Rebecca Bagdasarian

Frank & Rayma Bale, 6315 Willowood Lane

M. Nour Barakat, 6609 Cottonwood Drive

JoAnn Barney, 5000 Treetop Lane

P.G. Bauserman, 4531 Roundhill Road

Vicki S. Beaty, 4415 Roundhill Road

Daniel Bearth, 6417 Rose Hill Drive

Sandra Benarick, 6270 Rose Hill Drive

Woody & Tammie Betts, 6306 Saddle Tree Drive

Phillip & Carol Bishop, 6310 Climbhill Road

Chris, Ann & Trent Borchevsky, 4511 Bee Street

Pearl A. Butler, 6401 Cottonwood Drive

Tracy Campbell, 6402 Cottonwood Drive

Sally Coler, 6401 Hayfield Place

Gary Bravy, 6214 Climbhill Road

Bill Braswell, 6307 Climbhill Road

Mark & Loraine Broxterman, 6424 Haystack Road

Margie Beach, 4429 Roundhill Road

Jeannette Bottomley, 5003 Eastchester Circle

Ruth Connie Beatty, 6428 Rose Hill Drive

Bob Brown, 4526 Apple Tree Drive

Ralph & Pauline Carico, 6112 Leewood Drive

John & Penny Cashmire, 4907 Silo Road

Roger & Carol Christiansen, 6409 Maryview Street

Raul & Kelly Castillo, 6413 Willowood Lane

Bob Ciccotelli, 6511 Haystack Road

Helen Cofer, 6218 Saddle Tree Drive

Shirley Mae Collins, 6103 Leewood Drive

Lois Corbin, 6221 Blossom Lane

Steve Corbin, 4512 Lark Lane

Sam Covington, 6302 Saddle Tree Drive

Cynthia Johnson-Dailey, 5009 Eastchester Circle

Virginia Dahlgren, 6611 Cottonwood Drive

Sally & Bill Dankers & Marjorie Parkyn, 6511 Carriage Dr.

Lee & Carol Davis, 6314 Climbhill Road

E&K Davidson, 4608 Roundhill Road

Barbara Digman, 6217 Blosson Lane

Harry L. Dodson, 6319 May Boulevard

Steve & Holly Dougherty, 4522 Roundhill Road

Myrna Downey, 6516 Telegraph Road

Ron & Donna Dillon, 4618 Winston Place

Dennis Dzierzawski, 6210 Thornwood Drive

Betty Elliot, 6411 Maryview Street

Mike & Bea Evans, 6411 Willowood Lane

Susan Feagley, 4705 Split Rock Road

Tom Felleisen, 6406 Hayfield Place

Joseph Finnegan, 6409 Hayfield Place

Anna Fish, 6301 Cottonwood Drive

Helen Flahive, 6416 Cottonwood Drive

Trigg & Beverly Flannagan, 6514 Haystack Road

Larry & Jane Fowler, 6320  Maryview Street

Barry & Zoe-Ann Freitag, 6303 May Boulevard

Larry & Connie Fulk, 6410 Cottonwood Drive

Ed Funk, 4428 Roundhill Road

Kae Furneisen, 4912 Treetop Lane

Edward & Shirley Galliott, 4801 Apple Tree Drive

Elias & Karent Gates, 6508 Carriage Drive

Dan & Doris Gearing, 4827 Tabard Place, Annandale

Erika & John Good, 4604 Roundhill Road

Mike & Bonnie Greek, 6330 Willowood Drive

Kathy Gregson, 6411 Rose Hill Drive

Johanna  Guccione, 6013 Leewood Drive

Jesua Moreno Guinto & Crisencio Guinto, 6515 Haystack Road.

Elmer & Alice Haupt, 6208 Thornwood Drive

Ed & Juanita Holloman, 4518 Sturbridge Place

L.M. Hestvik, 4515 Sturbridge Place

Emilie Hood, 5012 Treetop Lane

Douglas Hoey, 6208 Redwood Lane

Donald Hoffman, 5002 Treetop Lane

Yancy & Patricia Hull, 6113 Leewood Drive

Chris Hunter, 6410 Maryview Street

Barbara & Clifford James, 6412 May Boulevard

Anna L. Jeffries, 5003 Greenhaven Place

F.E. Jencks, 6416 Willowood Lane

Marvin & Frances Justice, 6402 Rose Hill Drive

James & Linda Kandul, 6218 Blossom Lane

Edwin & Lilian Kesler, 4405 Roundhill Road

Audrey Kick, 4517 Sturbridge Place

Jung Kim, 6205 Thornwood Drive

Y. S. Kim, 6211 Thornwood Drive

D. Kraus, 6300 Rose Hill Drive

Robert & Elizabeth Kohm, 6429 Carriage Drive

John & Patricia Lawrence, 6330 Maryview Street

June & Steve Lefler, 6424 Carriage Drive

J.K. Letsche, 6502 Cottonwood Drive

Jacqueline Lewis, 6206 Thornwood Drive

Edward & Anna Lewis, 6117 Leewood Drive

O. Randolph Lewis, 4501 Bee Street

James R. Lockwood, 6114 Clovergrass Drive

Charles Long, 4602 Apple Tree Drive

Wellington & Anna Machmer, 6200 Willowood Lane

Raymond & Evelyn Market, 4608 Mayor Place

Melvin Martin, 6311 Redwood Lane

Kenneth & Mary Mann, 6107 Leewood Drive

Mary Mayo, 6122 Leewood Drive

Lea McCaw & Richard Sandoval, 6402 Rye Court

Madge McKay, 6402 Wayside Place

George & Susan McKittrick, 6113 Clovergrass Drive

Donald & Nancy McMinn, 4804 Apple Tree Drive

Marnie Messinger, 6603 Cottonwood Drive

Marlene Minarik, 6518 Telegraph Road

Edna G. Mitchell, 6305 May Boulevard

Hal & LaVera Murray, 5003 Treetop Lane

Jorge Navarro & Amy Christianson, 6426 Carriage Drive

But Nguyen, 6512 Rose Hill Drive

J. Neidermeyer, 6500 Haystack Road

Herbert & Grace Newman, 4910 Silo Road

David & Linda Nichols, 6416 Rose Hill Drive

Sam & Kim Nimjareansuk, 4507 Apple Tree Drive

Teal Norris & Fred Obermeyer, 6012 Leewood Drive

Conrad & Haydee Oroc, 4703 Split Rock Road

William & Janelle Parker, 6417 Willowood Lane

Anthony & Stella Peters, 4610 Mayor Place

Lucy & Larry Pettit, 6501 Carriage Drive

Charles & Jeska Pfefferle, 6503 Haystack Road

Brenda & Stephen Phillips, 6408 Maryview Street

Robert C. Pinkham, 6514 Carriage Drive

Jo Ann Ponce, 6203 Willowood Lane

Orlando & Christy Ramos, 6303 Willowood Lane

Nick & Vivian Rashidi, 6506 Rose Hill Drive

Gopal & Krishna Ray, 6412 Willowood  Lane

Monica Reed, 6422 Rose Hill Drive

Adam & Rita Rice, 6431 Carriage Drive

James M. Ridgell, 6513 Cottonwood Drive

David & Nancy Ridgway, 4609 Cottonwood Place

Sylvia & Dennie Robison, 4514 Sturbridge Place

Carlos Rolon & Judy Taylor, 6503 Rose Hill Drive

Lori Scheibe, 5010 Treetop Lane

Frank Schoenle, 6303 Climbhill Road

Dennis Scott, 4509 Bee Street

Marie Sherfey, 6415 Rose Hill Drive

Diane & Marty Shupak, 6419 Haystack Road

Chris & Sara Sicks, 6606 Cottonwood Drive

Carolyn Slenska, 6308 Climbhill Road

Marlene Hass Smith, 6304 Cottonwod Drive

Michael Smith/Ratri Friend, 6111 Leewood Drive

Donald & Juanita Stallings, 6407 Willowood Lane

Jean & William Stemple, 6306 Cottonwood Drive

M. C. Stinnette, 4520 Apple Tree Drive

Ray Stone, 4528 Roundhill Road

Terry Stone, 4522 Apple Tree Drive

Tom Strah, 6121 Rose Hill Drive

Tinker & Don Szamborski, 4615 Winston Place

Alberta J. Taylor, 6308 Cottonwood Drive

Rex & Linda Taylor, 6505 Haystack Road

Joh  Thibeau, 6216 Saddle Tree Drive

Grace Jean H. Thomson, 6302 Cottonwood Drive

Joanne Thompson

Nina Tisara, 6408 Hayfield Place

James W. Troy, 5004 Eastchester Circle

Paul Turner, 4414 Roundhill Road

E.A. Lynch-Upchurch, 4701 Flower Lane

Stien Von Egmond, 6508 Cottonwood Drive

M.G. & H.E. Varney, 4520 Roundhill Road

Connie Vincenzes, 6610 Cottonwood Drive

Wanda Violette, 6408 May Boulevard

Linda & Morgan Walton, 4900 Silo Road

Macy Watts, 6008 Leewood Drive

Fran Watts, 6508 Haystack Road

Don & Nina Weber, 6120 Dew Grass Drive

John & Janelle Welch, 4516 Sturbridge Place

Louise Westgate, 6708 Greendale Road

Karen Wheeless, 6709 Greendale Road

Kenneth White & Crystal Simpkins, 6422 Haystack Road

Alice Wilder, 6413 Rose Hill Drive

Charles & Patricia Wimberly, 6506 Haystack Road

Jeffrey Williams, 6121 Dew Grass Drive

Micahel & Lisa Wolfe, 6411 Cottonwood Drive

Charlie Worley, 4513 Roundhill Road

Jamie & Pam Yereb, 4617 Winston Place

Norma Youmans, 6303 Climbhill Road

Walter M. Zalatoris, Jr., 6609 Cottonwood Drive

Rose Hill Raid - January 22, 2008

This canvas reproduction of the painting by famed Civil War artist John Paul Strain depicts his interpretation of the raid on Rose Hill on September 28, 1863, by legendary Confederate Col. John Singleton Mosby and his rangers. Mosby, operating behind Union lines, raided the Rose Hill house that was located at the end of May Boulevard on a hill overlooking the valley and the Potomac River beyond. Mosby came into Alexandria to attempt to capture Francis H. Pierpont, who had been appointed provisional Governor of Virginia by President Abraham Lincoln; however, the good governor had been called into Washington City so Mosby had to change his plans. Mosby decided to destroy a trestle at Cameron Run and then found out that Pierpont’s aide, Col. Daniel F. Dulany, was staying at the Rose Hill house. Mosby captured Col. Dulany and took him away for shipment to prison in Richmond. One of Mosby’s raiders was Dulany’s son, French, who was later killed during a raid near Herndon. Col. Dulany survived the war. The Dulanys were descendants of Daniel French, the original owner of the house who was involved in the construction of Pohick Church. In the painting, Mosby stands in the foreground with Col. Dulany on horseback with his son over his left shoulder. Can you find the red fox the artist included in the painting? Additional history about Rose Hill can be found on More information concerning the raid can be found at This signed and numbered reproduction is presented to John Marshall Library by the Rose Hill Civic Association and members listed below.


In Memory of Donna Joy & Joseph Myron Beaty

In Memory of Dominic & Mildred Ciccotelli

In Memory of Twila & Essie Noble

In Memory of Molly Whitt Stone

Hafiz Ahmed

Josephine & Margy Alston

Ruth Connie Beatty

Vikki Beaty

Sandra Benarick

Woody & Tammie Betts

Chris, Ann & Trent Borchevsky

Robert D. Brown

Pearl Butler

Mark & Lorraine Broxterman

Ralph & Pauline Carico

John & Penny Casmire

Raul & Kelly Castillo

Sam Covington

Steve & Holly Dougherty

Will & Myrna Downey

Tom Felleisen

Helen Flahive

Larry & Jane Fowler

Barry & Zoe-Ann Freitag

Kae Furneisen

Barbara & Clifford James

Anna L. Jefferies

Marvin & Frances Justice

Raymond & Evelyn Market

Wellington & Anna Machmer

Nancy & Donald McMinn

Edna G. Mitchell

J.M. Neidermeyer

David & Linda Nichols

Monica Reed

Jim & Pat Sapp

Carl & Marti Sell

Marie Sherfey

Carolyn Slenska

John Thibeau

Monroe & Helena Varney

John & Janelle Welch

Charles & Patricia Wimberly

Jeffrey F. Williams

Marty Williams


Your Association Needs Volunteers!!

If you can spare a couple of hours a month, have transportation to Kingstowne and around the neighborhood, and can count, RHCA could use you. The distributor position that is vacant is currently being filled by our President and we need you to step up and help!

Marty Williams has moved and is looking to step down from The Rambler Editor position. If you have experience proofreading, editing, and using Microsoft Word or Publisher or another layout software program, please contact Marty for further information at or 703.910.6316.

Jim Sapp does such a great job with our website you can’t tell that he seamlessly maintains the site remotely from Colorado. If you have experience with website design, development, and maintenance, and are willing to volunteer to take Jim’s job, please contact him for specifics at

RHCA loves its volunteers ... it wouldn’t BE without them.

Get Involved ... Your Community Needs You!

Advertising in the Rambler

We have recently received several inquiries concerning advertising in the Rambler. While a listing in the Business Directory is free to Rose Hill residents who own their business, placing an actual advertisement is open to all with rates as follows per month:

Business Card size

3 1/2" x 2"


Quarter page size

3 1/2" x 4 3/4"


Half page size

7 1/2" x 4 3/4"


Full page size

7 1/2" x 9 3/4"


Ads may be bought for either one month only, month-to-month, or as many months in advance as desired. Our newsletter is published nine times a year, excluding July, August and December.

Advertising in the Rambler is an excellent way to reach the 700+ homes in our community. In addition, the ads each month are placed on our website. for the world to see.

Anyone interested in placing an ad may call the editor (me) at 703.910.6316. I will need the artwork sent to me either electronically in a .tiff or .jpg format or as a hard copy through the mail. Checks made out to RHCA may be included with ads mailed to me, or sent to our PO Box 10891 for quick access to the treasurer.

Marty Williams

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