Newsletter of the Rose Hill Civic Association
March 2004

President's Message

Main Sign for 50th Ordered, Others Depend on Finances

A large sign commemorating Rose Hill's 50th anniversary has been ordered and will be installed atop the entrance sign on Rose Hill Drive on Franconia Road. A rendering of the sign is below and in color online at

Rose_Hill_Banner_Mod_01_small.gif (40402 bytes)

Rendering of the 50th Anniversary Sign at Rose Hill Drive and Franconia Road

The sign will cost $400 installed. It is made of wood with vinyl letters and graphics and should last for quite awhile. RHCA also is working on having the stone work on the main sign repaired. The overall sign is in good shape structurally, so the addition of another panel should not be a problem.

50th_Sign_Mod_small.gif (10043 bytes)RHCA also would like to place smaller signs at other entrance points to the community. They will cost approximately $100 each. Placement will be on Split Rock Road, Rose Hill Drive, Willowood Lane, and Climbhill Road near the intersections with Telegraph Road. Also, in the median on Leewood Drive closest to Franconia Road.

The total contributions for the 50th anniversary at present do not quite allow us to order the smaller signs. We either have to cut back on the locations or transfer funds from the general fund of the association. We will discuss the issue and take a vote on a course of action at the March 23rd meeting.

We have not given up on a community party this fall to celebrate the birthday and meet all our new neighbors. So far, only a few people have volunteered to work on the committee to plan an event and we need more help. We need your ideas and some of your time to help set up the event. Without it, we will not be able to make anything happen.

This is a great opportunity for some of our new neighbors to get involved in helping continue making Rose Hill a great place to live. Something like a block party with numerous residents providing their favorite dessert dishes might be a good idea. That way I can go to the back of the closet and bring out some of those old wide ties from the 50s to wear to the party! Give me a call at 703.971.4716 or email me at if you would like to help. Better yet, come to the March 23rd meeting and introduce yourself as wanting to help.

Apartment Manager to Speak

Mona Williams, manager of the Rose Hill Apartments, will be our speaker at the March 23rd meeting. Mona was schedule to talk to us is January, but the snowstorm interfered. Mona grew up in Springfield and once worked at Lee District Park, so she really knows the area. There have been a number of positive changes at the apartments in the last few years and the management company wants to do more. For example, the median strip in the middle of Rose Hill Drive is maintained by the apartment personnel and the management has offered to make a contribution toward repair of the stone work on the entrance sign. Do not miss this chance to learn more about the apartments and get your questions answered.

Section Ill Update

At its February meeting, a large number of RHCA members in attendance voted unanimously to support the conditions for development of Rose Hill Section III that had been negotiated over the previous six months. The development team agreed to abide by those conditions as it moved forward toward approval by Fairfax County. In a nutshell, the conditions included a reduction in density to 45 new homes, buffers between the existing homes in Rose Hill and the back yards of the new homes, and a 5-year protection plan for existing homes in case of damage caused by the new construction.

More important, the developer has agreed NOT to wait seek development by right under a new subdivision ordinance mandated by the Virginia Legislature and signed by the Governor last year. That change, which allows by right cluster development as long as there is not an increase in density, will take effect July 1. The original approved zoning for Rose Hill Section III allowed 59 lots. We do not want to go back to that plan.

The Planning Commission public hearing on Rose Hill Section III is scheduled for April 29. Under normal circumstances, the Board of Supervisors would hear the case six weeks later. That would be in June, cutting the time before a new ordinance must take effect dangerously close. Any delay would not be in Rose Hill's best interests. RHCA has asked Supervisor Kauffman to expedite the Board of Supervisors' hearing to ensure Rose Hill's conditions are enacted.

A long line of Rose Hill residents fought off development on Section III for almost 40 years. However, as we learned in the case of the Highland Park pool site, technology and land value have combined to make development possible in cases where it once was thought not feasible. As one who was closely involved in earlier successful battles against development of the tract, I am convinced we have done the best we can under the circumstances. Unfortunately, sometimes change is not a good thing!

If you would like to see the plans and read the conditions for Rose Hill Section III, go on the web to and click on 'Rose Hill Reserve.' Jim Sapp has put together an outstanding display of pictures, maps, and copies of the conditions. If there is any new information over the next few months, it will be available on

Approval of the plan by the Board of Supervisors is the first step in the process. The developer then will have to submit detailed plans to the County staff for approval before any construction can begin. Because of development on marine clay, the plans will have to be approved by an independent Geotechnical Review Board commissioned by the County. Any house sites that are lost during this process cannot be relocated elsewhere. RHCA will monitor the site plan approval process and keep you advised through The Rambler and

Election of Officers

In accordance with our bylaws, there will be an election of RHCA officers for the 2004-05 term at t March meeting. The position of secretary is vacant and a volunteer is needed. The secretary keeps minutes of all meetings and provides an account for publication in The Rambler. We have been missing getting the minutes to the members and the other officers would like to get this omission resolved. Also as important, the secretary serves as a member of the Board of Directors and has a voice in all matters that come before the Board. If the membership agrees, the other current office holders are willing to serve another year. Speaking for myself, I would like to step down in March 2005 and, therefore, would like to begin a transition period this year. I feel it is time for a fresh voice to represent our community. We have had a tremendous changeover in residents and it is time for more of the newer folks to become involved. There always will be 'old hands' around to help, but we need new leadership. If you would like to involved, let us work together for a year to provide a smooth transition!

Lee District Park News

The Park Authority currently is seeking ideas for revising the current park master plan. Although the park is largely developed, there is room for expansion and new facilities. Under consideration is a proposal to light one or more of the existing athletic fields. At a recent forum, RHCA raised the issue of late-hour traffic, particularly if adults are using the facility. Frankly, it is not the lights that are the problem, given today's technology and shielding. It is the users that create the problems by speeding, loud noise when entering and leaving the park, etc.

On behalf of RHCA, I suggested a trail and bridge over South Kings Highway connecting to Huntley Meadows Park. It would be a pleasant bike ride, jog, or hike from Lee District Park to the deck overlooking the wetlands in Huntley Meadows. I also suggested future bond issue funding be dedicated to upgrading and replacing some of the infrastructure at the RECenter. And, since the park depends on user fees for its operations and not our tax dollars, I suggested additional programs and events in order to increase revenue. We want Lee District Park to be a financial success and its location makes that a hard job.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please write to Jenny Pate, Project Manager, Planning and Development Division, Fairfax County Park Authority, 12055 Government Center Parkway, Suite 421, Fairfax, VA 22035. You can also email comments to or pass them on to me and I will make sure they get to Jenny.

LeeDistrictSign02_small.gif (41421 bytes)

On another front, Park Manager Leon Plenty reports that the new electronic sign will be installed within a matter of a few months. This will allow the park staff to present a more current rundown on park activities. Changes will be made by computer from the RECenter rather than by hand at the sign. The new sign will replace the current sign at the intersection of Telegraph Road and Rose Hill Drive.

Finally, plans are being made to rededicate the flag, pole, and area overlooking Rose Hill Drive. As you will recall, Congressman Moran provided RHCA with a flag that has flown over the United States Capitol. We would like to raise the flag in conjunction with Flag Day on June 14, 2004. We are working with Congressman Moran's office to select a day and time when he can join us. The Park Authority staff has refurbished the area and provided a new sign acknowledging RHCA's participation in both the original dedication more than 30 years ago and the upcoming rededication. Additional information on the date and time of the rededication ceremonies will be provided in upcoming Ramblers and on Refreshments appropriate to the time of day will be provided.

As mentioned previously, keep up with any new information about Section III by frequent checks on our outstanding website. Click on 'Rose Hill Reserve.' Also, click on correspondence and read Delegate Mark Sickles weekly reports from the 2004 General Assembly session. The website is chock full of information useful to Rose Hill residents and is particularly helpful in reporting news in between issues of The Rambler. Check it out at least once a week!

--Carl Sell

Original Ramblers

RoseMod_small.gif (2352 bytes)In 1954, my husband and I lived in Barcroft Apartments in Arlington with our (then) 3 daughters. We were interested in buying a house and a friend who had looked at the homes here in Rose Hill told us how nice they were.

When we came out to see the houses we decided to buy one. We bought the one on the west comer of Rose Hill and Apple Tree. The lady who sold it to us said they had not sold any with the power lines overhead on this side of the road. My husband worked on overhead electrification on the Railroad so it was not an issue for us. When we came back a month or so later to take pictures, the lady who sold us our home said they were able to convince people to buy where the power lines were because a man who worked on that had bought one. Our house was not completed until January 1955 and we moved in on January 17, 1955.

Rose Hill Drive from Telegraph Road dead-ended at our lot. When they started building the next section of homes on Apple Tree past Cottonwood and on Round Hill, that is when they built the rest of Rose Hill Drive to Franconia Road.

The Rose Hill Elementary School was not built until 1958 and I can only remember that because my oldest daughter started school September of 1955 and had to attend to Virginia Hills school for 1st grade then Bush Hill for 2nd grade, and finally 3rd grade and on at Rose Hill.  --Twila Noble

RoseMod_small.gif (2352 bytes)My name is Brenda (Sovonick) Perry and I live at 4515 Lark Lane across the street from the house my parents, Louis Sovonick, Jr. and Katherine (Kay) Sovonick, purchased in August of 1954 (4516 Lark Lane). My sister, two brothers, and I grew up in that home and we attended all the local schools. My mother was also a member of the Rose Hill Civic Association and, for a few years, was the Editor of The Rambler. Of course, my sister, brothers, and I also helped by distributing The Rambler throughout Rose Hill. My mother passed away in 1967, but my father remained at our home on Lark Lane until he passed away in 1994. We had to sell his house in 1996, but I also had purchased my current home on Lark Lane in 1993. So for 50 years the Sovonick's have lived on Lark Lane and to this day the Sovonick blood line continues on Lark Lane.

I have watched this community grow so much over the years and change in so many ways but still remain a good strong community which I love to call home. I remember when all there was in the shopping center was the Safeway and the hardware store, Franconia Hardware, which was owned by Joe Alexander's father.  --Brenda Perry

RoseMod_small.gif (2352 bytes)My family has lived at the top of Climbhill Road as an original owner since around 1957. Other original owners who have since moved on who were wonderful neighborhood residents of Rose Hill for many years were the Camps, the Duvalls, the Herrings, the Kozaks, the Ketchums, the Parks, the Coles, the Phillips, and the Eppilittos. Some of you old-timers may remember those families. Other original and long-time residents of Rose Hill include families named Crouch, Huntington, Brill, Brown, Proctor, Kaldenbach, Houck, Brogan, Dent, Harris, Ludwig, Daniels, Shifflett, King, and of course, Noble.

Back in the late 1950s and well into the 1970s, Rose Hill was a very "small town" and almost everyone knew everyone on most of the streets throughout the community. Summer days were spent either at Highland Park pool or the other rival neighborhood pool known as Meadowview swim club. You were either a Highland Park family or a Meadowview family and there was a friendly rivalry between the two. Both clubs had huge weekend swim meets, and Friday and Saturday night "Splash Parties" where there would usually be a local band, lots of fun, and dancing by neighborhood teens.

Our little street had a custom whereby all the adults would gather together with lawn chairs in somebody's backyard on hot summer nights and the neighborhood kids would put on a "talent show" loosely based on the format of "The Ed Sullivan Show." It was a great family atmosphere and a wonderful place to grow up.

I attended Rose Hill Elementary from 1960-1966. The first principal of the school was named Miss March and she was a young and beautiful blonde lady whom we all loved. She left in the early 60s (if memory serves me, she and her son Brad moved home to Dallas, TX) and the new principal was Mr. Hucks, who was a jolly sort. The original Librarian at Rose Hill was our beloved Miss Wright. She was an "old-maid" type who devoted her life to sharing her love of books with the children of Rose Hill. I am sure many a child can remember an afternoon spent in the Rose Hill School library mesmerized by her book readings. She had a special gift for making stories come alive as she would read them to us. The original janitor for many years at the school was a gentleman named Mr. Gorham. He quietly roamed the halls of the school with his broom, mop, and bucket and always had a smile for the children. Rose Hill School was always a wonderful family atmosphere and a safe and secure place to play and learn. Almost all of the students walked to and from school in those days. There were a few busses but they were seen mostly when there was a field trip scheduled. It was a big deal when you have to ride the bus into Washington to visit the zoo on a field trip! I imagine that is still the case!

It was the custom back in the 60s at the school to have an afternoon recess when the school bell would ring and all classes would go out to the back and play in organized games on the playground field. Popular games were Dodge Ball, hopscotch, and boys chasing girls. On one such afternoon in November 1963, we were playing at recess when the bell rang early and we were all told to go back to our classrooms. All the teachers and office staff was unusually somber and businesslike as they led all the students back to their desks. Once we had settled back into our assigned seats, we were told that President Kennedy had been shot and we were all to go home and talk to our parents. When I got home, I found my Mother sitting in front of the television watching the news coverage. Somehow all of life seemed a bit less carefree after that day.  --Donna (Youmans) Haber

Original Ramblers

If you are one of Rose Hill's original owners, we'd love to print your story about how you came to live in Rose Hill. In connection with our 50th anniversary, we are trying to collect stories from all those who bought their houses in 1954-55. It doesn't have to be long and wordy or perfect English (I will help you with that), just as long as it comes from you. Even if you're not an original owner and have a stow to tell, we'd love to include it in the next Rambler. eMail me with your thoughts, notes, and stories (, and put Rose Hill or The Rambler the subject line so I won't delete it. If you don't have access to eMail, you can mail it to the Association's P.O. Box 10891, Alexandria, VA 22310.

Hope to hear from you soon!
Marty Williams

Last Call for RCHA Membership

Our Annual membership drive ends this month. if you have already signed up, your name is listed below. If you have not, now is the time to join your friends and neighbors in our exclusive club that is open to everyone in Rose Hill! The final list will be included in the April Rambler.

Thanks to those who already have taken the time to clip the membership form, write a check, and mail it to RHCA. And a special thanks to those who have contributed to our general fund, the 50th anniversary, and the landscaping at the entrance sign. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Your membership and contribution pay for the printing of The Rambler, the Rose Hill Beauty contest signs (available to members only), the cell phone for neighborhood watch, the post office box, and supports several are charities and community organizations. We save money by using volunteers to deliver The Rambler. And, our excellent website,, is maintained at no cost to the Association.

This year, we are asking for contributions to provide funds for a 50th anniversary program and continued maintenance of the plantings at the entrance sign at Rose Hill Drive and Franconia Road. Because the stonework on the sign was damaged last year, we are going to incur a major expense for repair. The owners of the Rose Hill apartments have offered to make a contribution toward the repair and we hope that, combined with your contributions, will be enough to complete the job.

Please fill out the membership form . Mail it the RHCA or better yet, bring it to the March 23rd meeting!

You also can find a form at While you are there, take a look at all the interesting information about your community. You will also find links to State and County websites and other informative sites.

We cannot be effective without the support of the community!

Members as of March 9, 2004 (132)

Nouri & Suham Abbou 6115 Rose Hill Drive L.M. Holman 4611 Roundhill Road
Beatrice W. Adcock 6500 Carriage Drive Edward & Juanita Holloman 4518 Sturbridge Place
Gary Anderson 6406 Willowood Lane Jim & Susie Hudson 6413 Maryview Street
Nida & Jerry Antonio 6406 May Boulevard Rick & Karen Jones 6420 Willowood Lane
Dave & Pam Applegate 6307 Willowood Lane Tri Huynh 6423 Carriage Drive
Frank & Rayma Bale 6315 Willowood Lane Frank & Patricia Jencks 6416 Willowood Lane
JoAnn Barney 5000 Treetop Lane James & Lynda Kandul 6218 Blossom Lane
J. E. Bauserman 4531 Roundhill Road Jack & Terry Kannofsky 6512 Carriage Drive
Margie Beach 4429 Roundhill Road Audrey S. Kick 4517 Sturbridge Place
Sandra Benarick 6270 Rose Hill Drive Yun S. Kim 6205 Thornwood Drive
Shirley Bennington 6405 May Boulevard Yong Kim 6211 Thornwood Drive
Ruth Bernhardt 4803 Flower Lane Susan & Brent Kroetch 4700 Flower Lane
Woody & Tammy Betts 6306 Saddle Tree Drive Mildred Lane 6410 May Boulevard
Donald E. Bise 4423 Roundhill Road Mary LaRock 6303 Cottonwood Drive
Philip & Carol Bishop 6310 Roundhill Road Danny & Maria Lenore 6418 Cottonwood Drive
Ann & Chris Borchevsky 4511 Bee Street J.K. Letsche 6502 Cottonwood Drive
Jeannette Bottomley 5003 Eastchester Circle Charles B. Long 4602 Apple Tree Drive
James & Edith Bradbury 6427 Carriage Drive Randy & Eloise Lewis 4501 Bee Street
Bill Braswell 6307 Climbhill Road John & Jackie Lewis 6206 Thornwood Drive
Gary J. Bravy 6214 Climbhill Road James & Jeanne Lockwood 6114 Clovergrass Drive
Bob Brown 4526 Apple Tree Drive E.A. Lynch-Upchurch 4701 Flower Lane
Mark & Lorraine Broxterman 6424 Haystack Road W. R. Machmer 6200 Willowood Lane
Pearl Butler 6401 Cottonwood Drive Ulrike Barbara Maedler 4506 Apple Tree Drive
Tracy L. Campbell 6402 Cottonwood Drive Robert & Ann Marshall 4421 Roundhill Road
Jason & Maureen Cardone 6418 Willowood Lane Melvin L. Martin 6211 Redwood Lane
Raul & Kelly Castillo 6413 Willowood Lane Bobby & Betty Matney 6518 Carriage Drive
Robert & Karen Cleary 4905 Silo Road Chris & Melissa McCay 6406 Willowood Lane
Bev & Norm Cherkis 6300 Saddle Tree Drive Michael D. McLean 6433 Carriage Drive
Roger & Carol Christiansen 6409 Maryview Street Lou & Marnie Messinger 6603 Cottonwood Drive
Robert G. Ciccotelli 651 ! Haystack Lane Charlie & Mimi Minarik 6518 Telegraph Road
Sally Coler 6401 Hayfield Place Edna Mitchell 6305 May Boulevard
Sam Covington 6302 Saddle Tree Drive Twila Noble 6316 Rose Hill Drive
Virginia Dahlgren 6611 Cottonwood Drive Songdade & Naparat Nimjareansuk 4507 Apple Tree Drive
E. & K. Davidson 4607 Roundhill Road Joe & Margaret Owens 6309 Willowood Lane
Barbara Digman 6217 Blossom Lane William & Janelle Parker 6417 Willowood Lane
Dennis Dzierzawski 6210 Thornwood Drive Thakor & Parvati Patel 6401 Maryview Street
Harry W. Dodson 6319 May Boulevard Jeska & Charles Pfefferle 6503 Haystack Road
M. E. Downey 6516 Telegraph Road Mr. & Mrs. R.C. Pinkham 6514 Carriage Drive
Michael & Shirley Doyle 6410 Willowood Drive Larry & Lucy Petitt 6501 Carriage Drive
Francis Dugan 6118 Driftwood Drive Anna M. Pulman 6510 Haystack Road
Stien van Egmond 6508 Cottonwood Drive Gopal & Krishna Ray 6412 Willowood Lane
John R. Elliott 6411 Maryview Street Nancy & Jim Richey 4402 Roundhill Road
Beverly Eppolito 6217 Driftwood Drive James Ridgell 6513 Cottonwood Drive
Michael & Bernice Evans 641! Willowood Lane Jim & Pat Sapp 6422 Haystack Road
Wahed Faraz 4608 Roundhill Road Kathleen Schaefer 5912 Ewing Place
Susan Feagley 4705 Split Rock Road Carl & Marti Sell 6601 Cottonwood Drive
Anna Fish 6301 Cottonwood Drive Chris & Sara Sicks 6606 Cottonwood Drive
Helen Flahive 6416 Cottonwood Drive Ray M. Stone 4528 Roundhill Road
Trigg & Beverly Flannagan 6514 Haystack Road Terry Stone 4522 Apple Tree Drive
Larry & Jane Fowler 6320 Maryview Street Mary Stinnette & Gladys Head 4520 Apple Tree Drive
Barry & Zoe-Ann Freitag 6303 May Boulevard Thomas M. Strah 6421 Rose Hill Drive
Larry & Connie Fulk 6410 Cottonwood Drive Alberta J. Taylor 6308 Cottonwood Drive
Kae Furneisen 4912 Treetop Lane Rex & Linda Taylor 6505 Haystack Road
Dorothy Furr 6412 Cottonwood Drive Jenn & Robert Thomson 6302 Cottonwood Drive
Edward & Shirley Galliott 4801 Apple Tree Drive Nina Tisara 6408 Hayfield Place
Marlene Garlick 6404 Haystack Road Monroe & Helen Varney 4520 Roundhill Road
William & Christina Gerke 4905 Apple Tree Drive Connie Vincenzes 6610 Cottonwood Drive
ohn & Erika Good 4604 Roundhill Road Ronda & Enid Wagstrom 5004 Eastchester Circle
Alan Goozner & Terry Bradley 6518 Haystack Road Don & Nina Weber 6120 Dew Grass Drive
Mike & Bonnie Greek 6330 Willowood Lane Louise & Rick Westgate 6708 Greendale Road
Johanna Guccione 6013 Leewood Drive Claude & Betty Wheeler 6318 May Boulevard
Helen Hass 6304 Cottonwood Drive Karen Wheeless 6709 Greendale Road
Joe & Lorraine Hatcher 6102 Leewood Drive Jeff & Anita Williams 6121 Dew Grass Drive
Elmer & Alice Haupt 6208 Thornwood Drive Michael & Lisa Wolfe 6411 Cottonwood Drive
L.M. Hestvik 4515 Sturbridge Place Charlie Worley 4513 Roundhill Road
Maxine & Fredy Heyer 4704 Flower Lane Norma Jean Youmans 6303 Climbhill Road

If we have omitted or misspelled your name, please call or email any of the officers and we will correct it in the April edition of The Rambler.

--Carl Sell

Noise Ordinance Reminder

'Tis the season to remind our new neighbors of Fairfax County's Noise Ordinance.

Specific Prohibitions

  • Operating loud speakers & amplifiers (exterior of buildings) 11pm-7am
  • Operating construction equipment (outdoors) 9pm-7am
  • Operating construction equipment (outdoors) on Sundays and federal holidays 9pm-9am
  • Repairing vehicles or equipment (outdoors) 9pm-7am
  • Operating powered model vehicles (outdoors) 9pm-7am
  • Refuse collection in residential neighborhoods 9pm-6am
  • Truck loading or unloading (outdoors) 9pm-6am
  • TV, radio, musical instruments, and animals that howl, bark, meow, or squawk frequently and habitually are declared a noise disturbance any time when plainly audible across property lines or through partitions. To register a complaint, contact the county's Zoning Enforcement Branch during normal business hours, weekdays from 8am to 4:30pm, at 703.324.1300. During non-business hours, call the Public Safety non-emergency line at 703.691.2131.

--Joanne Thompson Update

Just wanted to let you know that I have updated to include:

  • Virginia General Assembly Report from Mark Sickles, State Delegate, 43rd District. You will find this report in the "Correspondence" section of our homepage. I was going to delete the two previous reports from former State Delegate, Tom Bolvin, and State Senator, Jay O'Brian, but decided to leave them online (for now) in case they offer some "historical" significance.
  • Rose Hill Reserve has its own webpage. I have developed a webpage to host all the graphics and relevant documents associated with the proposed development of Rose Hill Section III, also known as "Rose Hill Reserve." You will find the link "Rose Hill Reserve" on our homepage. I am still waiting on additional documents and graphics. When they arrive, I will put them online for you.
  • And, of course, the Franconia Crime Reports are up-to-date. In addition, the March "Eye on Crime" newsletter will arrive soon. When it does, I will put it online for you to review. Keep in mind, however, I do not plan to keep "historical" newsletters online. So, if you have not read the February issue, you had better check it out before I replace it with the March issue.

Well, enough for now. I have to get ready for Spring... Yes, it is coming, ready or not. :-)

--Jim Sapp

RCHA Positions Available (Volunteer, of course!)

Only 1 RHCA Position Left!

We're still seeking an individual who will volunteer to sell ads for The Rambler. Spending just a few hours a month can yield big returns for your Civic Association. The rates are so reasonable, many businesses can't resist. For more information, contact Marty Williams (703.924.7192) or Carl Sell (703.971.4716).

The next Rambler deadline is April 16, 2004
The next delivery weekend is April 24 - 25, 200

Advertising in the Rambler

We have recently received several inquiries concerning advertising in the Rambler. While a listing in the Business Directory is free to Rose Hill residents who own their business, placing an actual advertisement is open to all with rates as follows per month:

Business Card size 3 1/2" x 2" $10
Quarter page size 3 1/2" x 4 3/4" $25
Half page size 7 1/2" x 4 3/4" $50
Full page size 7 1/2" x 9 3/4" $100

Ads may be bought for either one month only, month-to-month, or as many months in advance as desired. Our newsletter is published nine times a year, excluding July, August and December.

Advertising in the Rambler is an excellent way to reach the 700+ homes in our community. In addition, the ads each month are placed on our website for the world to see.

Anyone interested in placing an ad may call me at 703-924-7192. Artwork can be sent to in tiff or jpeg format or hardcopy mailed to P.O. Box 10891, Alexandria, VA 22310. Checks made out to RHCA should be included with ads and sent to the P.O. Box.

Marty Williams

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