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June 2008


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President’s Message

Neighborhood Photographer/Businesswoman Featured At Tuesday, June 24 RHCA Meeting

The Rose Hill Civic Association will welcome neighbor Nina Tisara at its June 24 meeting. She operates Tisara Photography at 1607 King Street in Alexandria, specializing in portraits, wedding pictures and the sensitive portrayal of people and places in Alexandria. Nina will display and discuss some of her photography at the meeting, which begins at 7 p.m. in the community room at the John Marshall Library. Nina Tisara began her photographic career in 1981 as a part-time photojournalist. She opened Tisara Photography in 1985 and soon was joined by her son, Steven Halperson and daughter, Lynn Mills.

Nina served on the Board of Directors of the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce and has received numerous awards for her work in photography, promotion of small business, contributions to the arts and the status of women in business. She has produced a photographic essay on worship in Alexandria. Her stunning work presenting Alexandria in still photographs has earned plaudits nationwide’

Steve Halperson and Lynn Mills each have been with Tisara Photography for more than 15 years and photograph weddings and special events. In addition, they have mounted exhibitions of their work and have won numerous awards. Steven specializes in images of the area at dusk. Lynn uses her artistic talent at weddings and portrait assignments.

Nina and Steven created the photography for Alexandria, ‘Portrait of a City, a coffee table book with over 150 pages of full color photographs showing Alexandria at its loveliest and most productive. Commissioned by the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce, the narrative was written by local author Beth Offenbacker.

Come to the June 24th RHCA meeting and meet Rose Hill neighbor Nina Tisasa, a creative and successful businesswoman. See some of the firm’s work and ask about those excellent note cards featuring scenes from around the city.  You can find out more about Nina and Tisara Photography on the firms web site.   

Rose Hill Beauty Update

We have added Ron and Nancy Buzalsky at 4434 Roundhill Road, Tracy Campbell at 6402 Cottonwood Drive, Jorge Navarro and Amy Christianson at 6426 Carriage Drive and Eric and Debbie Rumph at 6408 May Boulevard  to list of Rose Hill Beauty winners. They obviously all were overlooked the first time around. Clearing up some mistakes in the list printed in the May Rambler: RHCA member Anna Jeffries is the winner at 5003 Greenhaven Place. Sally Coler, a winner at 6401 Hayfield Place, is an RHCA member and Gary Bravy at 6214 Climbhill Road and Lee and Carol Davis at 6314 Climbhill Road both are winners and RHCA members. Hopefully, all of the signs have either been installed or updated by the time you read this.

Rose Hill Raid Painting

As reported in the May Rambler, the Rose Hill Raid painting is on display in the community room of the John Marshall Library. Recently, a separate framed explanation of the painting and a list of the names of all those who contributed to the cost of the painting and its frame was added to the display. The total cost of the painting and framing exceeded $1,000. It is signed and numbered by the artist, famed Civil War painter John Paul Swain. Thanks to all of those who helped make this gift to the library and the community possible. Stop by and see the display. It is located on the wall to the right just as you enter the community room.

National Night Out

On Tuesday, August 5, Rose Hill will join thousands of communities across the nation with a Nation Night Out gathering designed to strengthen neighborhood spirit and police and fire community relations. The gathering will start at 7 p.m. and last until dark or shortly thereafter. Last year’s first gathering was a huge success and we are looking for an even bigger crowd this year. Once again, the Rose Hill National Night Out will be held in the front yard of Dave and Linda Nichols’ home at 6416 Rose Hill Drive. Representatives of the police, fire and sheriff’s office will be on hand to meet Rose Hill residents and answer their questions. RHCA will provide hot dogs, cold drinks and other snacks. Those attending are invited to bring along any snacks, baked goods they would like to add to the food table. Folding chairs will be provided. However, residents are encouraged to bring along their favorite lawn chair. We encourage you to walk to this event. However, if you drive, please park on Hayfield Court or Bee Street across Rose Hill Drive from the Nichols. There will be a police car in front of the Nichols’, so traffic should be at a slow pace and allow you to cross our busy street. We’ll arrange for rides home for those who shouldn’t be crossing streets at dusk or after dark. Reserve Tuesday, August 5 on your calendar for the Rose Hill National Night Out gathering at the Nichols’ residence at 6416 Rose Hill Drive. 7 p.m. until dusk or just after dark. Come and join your neighbors in a show of support for a crime free community. 

Fellowship in July

Although RHCA does not normally meet in July, we are going to try something different this year. We are sponsoring a Fellowship Night with food as an informal opportunity to meet your neighbors. The date is Tuesday, July 22. As usual, we will gather in the community room at the John Marshall Library. RHCA will provide finger sandwiches, lemonade and water and all the cutlery and paper products. Residents are encouraged to bring a side dish to share with their neighbors. Salads, relish trays, chips, dip, cookies are particularly welcome. If you have a favorite side dish, bring it along to share. Serving will begin at 6:30 p.m. So, skip making dinner on Tuesday, July 22 and join your neighbors at the library for food and fellowship. Call vice president Linda Nichols at 703-971-0755 if you plan to bring food or have ideas as to how to make this program a success. We hope to have some attendance prizes to be raffled off (FREE) and could use some help contacting local merchants.

Fire Safety Tips

As a result of recent fires caused by lightning and an electrical malfunction, the Fairfax County and Rescue Department has passed on some tips for avoiding a fire or injury in both instances. When a storm accompanied by lightning approaches, Fire and Rescue recommends you avoid contact with corded phones and electrical equipment or cords. If you plan to unplug any electronic equipment, do so well before the storm arrives. Avoid contact with plumbing. During a lightning storm, do not wash your hands, take a shower, wash dishes or do laundry. Stay away from windows and doors, do not lie on a concrete floor or lean on a contract wall. Electrical safety tips include replacing or repairing loose or frayed cords on electrical equipment. Avoid overloading outlets. Plug only one high wattage appliance into each receptacle outlet at a time. When possible, avoid the use of ‘cube taps’ and other devices that allow the connection of multiple appliances into a single receptacle. Consider adding additional circuits or outlets by a qualified, licensed electrician so you do not have to use extension cords. Follow the manufacturer’s instruction for plugging an appliance into a receptacle outlet.  

Police Report

Although none of the following cases happened in Rose Hill, we report them in an effort to keep you informed and caution you to stay on the alert. If you would like to receive the weekly report for the Franconia precinct, contact the Crime Prevention Officer at or call 703-922-8263. There was an attempted abduction on May 30 in Hayfield. Around 11 p.m., a 19-year-old woman was grabbed by a man as she was jogging. Although he held her in a bear hug, the woman was able to escape and the assailant fled in a green pickup truck with a lawnmower on the back. On Wednesday, June 4 a 64-year-old Springfield woman and her 21-year-old live-in aide were the victims of a home invasion robbery around 10 a.m. Two men, one with a handgun, forced their way in after the woman answered a knock at her apartment door. The assailants bound up the victims and ransacked the apartment, taking cash, jewelry and electronics. The suspects were described as Hispanic in their early 20s and were wearing long-sleeved shirts with ‘Verizon Wireless’ logos. The victims were not injured.

Three people were arrested for robbing a 53-year-old woman on the fifth level of the Franconia-Springfield Metro parking garage on June 3. The incident occurred about 5:30 p.m. A suspect was arrested in the 5800 block of Cannon Lane fro threatening family members with a shotgun on May 26. On May 24, the attendant at a newsstand in Springfield Mall was robbed at gunpoint. And, on May 26 on Keene Mill Road, a man brandishing four tomahawks was arrested after being subdued by a conductive energy device and an officer with a baton. He refused commands to drop the tomahawks and reportedly raising the weapons and approaching the officers. A 1996 Honda Civic was reported stolen in the 6200 block of Rose Hill Drive.  Those are just a few of the incidents that keep our Franconia officers busy.

Parking District Program

The County has approved a large Community Parking District (CDP) as a pilot program in Mount Vernon District. The program prohibits the parking of watercraft, motor homes, campers, trailers, vehicles with three axels, vehicles with a gross weight of 12.000 pounds or more and vehicles transporting 16 passengers of more (except school buses) on public streets in residentially zoned areas. Supervisor McKay of Lee District reports he is awaiting information about the pilot program. He says he does not object to such a program for Lee District if issues involving implementation and enforcement can be worked out. From time to time, we find such vehicles to be a safety issue on our narrow streets. After more information is available, RHCA will take a position on the proposed Community parking District (CAP) and will communicate it to the County. In the meantime, I’d be pleased to hear from any of you on this issue. I have suggested to Supervisor McKay that a parking enforcement arm of the auxiliary police be established to help enforce a CDP in Lee District.

Carl Sell
RHCA, President

Advertising in the Rambler

We have recently received several inquiries concerning advertising in the Rambler. While a listing in the Business Directory is free to Rose Hill residents who own their business, placing an actual advertisement is open to all with rates as follows per month:

Business Card size

3 1/2" x 2"


Quarter page size

3 1/2" x 4 3/4"


Half page size

7 1/2" x 4 3/4"


Full page size

7 1/2" x 9 3/4"


Ads may be bought for either one month only, month-to-month, or as many months in advance as desired. Our newsletter is published nine times a year, excluding July, August and December.

Advertising in the Rambler is an excellent way to reach the 700+ homes in our community. In addition, the ads each month are placed on our website. for the world to see.

Anyone interested in placing an ad may call the editor (me) at 703.910.6316. I will need the artwork sent to me either electronically in a .tiff or .jpg format or as a hard copy through the mail. Checks made out to RHCA may be included with ads mailed to me, or sent to our PO Box 10891 for quick access to the treasurer.

Marty Williams

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