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Newsletter of the Rose Hill Civic Association
January 2002

New Librarian to be Introduced at the January 22 RHCA Meeting

What goes around comes around!

When Jean Johnston was first married, she and her husband Steve started their lives together at the Rose Hill Apartments. Now, Jean has returned to Rose Hill as manager of the John Marshall Library.

Jean will be the guest of the RHCA at the Tuesday, January 22 meeting beginning at 7 p.m. in, where else, the John Marshall Library. Instead of us questioning her, Jean would like to question Rose Hill as to what new or expanded programs Rose Hill citizens would like to see at the library. She knows that by and large we are extremely pleased with the library and think the current programs are excellent. However, that doesn't mean there aren't some good ideas in our mind. Come and share your thoughts with our new librarian.

Jean and Steve have raised two daughters, one who works for AT&T and another who will graduate from James Madison University this year. She has worked for the library system for 12 years and most recently was the assistant manager at the Pohick Regional Library.

She also has worked at libraries in Reston, Fairfax City, Tysons-Pimmit and McLean and has served as the system's children's librarian.

President's Message

More Rose Hill Homes Display Holiday, Patriotic Spirit Than Ever

If you thought patriotism was strong in Rose Hill in the aftermath of the September 11 terror attacks on our country, I'm sure you noticed the extra red, white and blue lights, flags and other symbols of our national pride during the holidays.

The Holiday Decoration Contest judges didn't miss a street during their drive around Rose Hill and it was an awesome experience to see so many lights, decorations, flags and other symbols of the holidays and our country. We hope you took the time to enjoy the tremendous display put on by a large number of our residents.

There were many more displays in 2001, therefore our list has almost doubled over last year. We applaud all of you who took the time to decorate your property. The full list of those being honored appears on page 4. If we inadvertently misspelled your name, or you think we missed someone, please let us know.

Once again, the Downeys on Telegraph Road were at the top of the list. They are there every year, so we decided to create a Hall of Fame award and name the Downeys as the first recipients.

The Mayos at the corner of Leewood and Rose Hill Drive walked off with the best overall award. The Dillons on Winston Place had the best house and their neighbors, the Szamborskis, the best yard. Winston Place is small, but it was ablaze with lights for the 2001 holidays.

The Luginvills on Rose Hill Drive had the best tree (I still can't figure how they get up that high) The Lewises on Bee Street won for the best door and Cynthia Johnson-Carey on Westchester again had the prettiest windows. The combination of decorations at the Yules, Harries and Calunguis on Roundhill Road earned them a best neighbors award.

And, did you notice that the sign at the Nguyens on Rose Hill Drive near Telegraph changed from "Merry Christmas" to "Happy New Year"?

There were a number of other outstanding properties, and they all are listed elsewhere in the Rambler. Again, thanks to all of you for making 2001 a great holiday season in Rose Hill

The Rose Hill directory has been completed and will be available for distribution to RHCA members ONLY at the January 22 meeting. It includes separate breakdowns by street AND the alphabet. Thanks to Sandy Benarick for providing much of the listing and Norm Cherkis for compiling it on the computer. If you spot a mistake (heaven forbid!) call me at 703-971-4716 or e-mail me at so we can correct our records.

If you are not a member and wish a copy, all you have to do is sign up on the handy RHCA membership form. Copies of the directory also will be available at subsequent meetings of the RHCA. We will be printing the revised Constitution and Bylaws in next month's Rambler. The covenants will be reprinted in the March Rambler. We want everyone to be able to see those two important documents.

Development Update

Carr Homes continues to evaluate the area known as Rose Hill Section III. In early December, the company confirmed it had been granted a 60-day extension on its study period. That period will expire in early February. Carr did extensive drilling in December as part of a soil-testing program. If you live in the area, you may have noticed the equipment and survey teams in action. All of those orange numbers on the street and curbs are the survey marks. Carr has promised to inform the Association of its decision on whether it will pursue approval to build. If they do, a site plan will have to be submitted to the county. Review of the proposed plan will take months. We'll keep you informed.

And, although no plan has been submitted to the county for the Highland Park pool property, Morris Construction says it is getting close. The company is awaiting a finished product from its soils engineer before a plan can be designed. That should happen within a few weeks. Morris has promised to provide a copy of the site plan to the Association as soon as it is presented to the county for review.

On another front, Supervisor Kauffman has asked the county staff to review the zoning ordinance and public facilities manual with the purpose of strengthening the regulations for building on problem soils and steep slopes. The action is the direct result of a request by your Association. We will monitor the progress of this request and insist that it be acted upon prior to the approval of any site plan for either Rose Hill Section III or the Highland Park pool site.

The ongoing Telegraph Road planning study will have little effect on the development of either Rose Hill site. Both sites are zoned R-3, the same as the developed portion of our community. Zoned property can be developed by right, as long as all ordinance requirements are met.

We will have copies of the county map depicting the approximate limits of marine clay for both Rose Hill Section III and the Highland Park pool site available at the Jan. 22 meeting.

A Great Deal!

If you can spare four hours a week to volunteer at Lee District Park, the reward will be more than worthwhile. In exchange for your time, you can will have unlimited use of the recreation center with its pool, hot tub, fitness center, indoor track and gymnasium. Call the Lee District Park and RECenter at 703-922-9841 for more information. The hours at the RECenter have been expanded to opening at 5 a.m. Monday though Friday and 8 a.m. on Saturday. The pool will open at 6 a.m. Monday through Fridays and 9 a.m. on Saturdays. Please be advised that the pool is closed from 3:30-5:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday for high school swim team practice. It also is closed Friday nights for swim meets. This schedule will be in effect though February 14. If you are not familiar with Lee District Park, you owe it to yourself to check out this magnificent facility at our doorstep. The facilities are first rate and the staff is outstanding.

Springfield Senior Center

The Springfield Senior Center is located in Springfield Estates Elementary School on Thomas Drive off Franconia Road. The center serves active Fairfax County residents age 60 and older. It operates from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. Joining the center is free, as are almost all programs and activities. There is limited transportation available for a fee of $1 per day. The lunch donation is a sliding scale based on income and is anywhere from $12 to $5. There is a small fee for craft projects and a $5 donation is requested of those in the computer class. The center also is seeking volunteers to teach or lead programs. If you are interested in participating or becoming a volunteer, call the Springfield Senior Center at 703-971-5248. Lynne Lott, the Director, also can be reached on the lnternet at Lynne. Lott@fairfax. The center is sponsored by the county Department of Community and Recreation Services.

General Assembly

The Virginia General Assembly currently is in session at the state capitol in Richmond. If you have questions or are interested in keeping up with items that affect our area, call or e-mail our Delegate in the House of Delegates, Tom Bolvin. Tom can be reached in Richmond at 804-698-1043. His web site can be accessed via and you can e-mail him at His local office number is 703-719-7301. A new Senate seat for the area including Rose Hill will be on the ballot in 2003. Until that time, we continue to be represented by Linda (Toddy) Puller in the State Senate. Senator Puller can be reached in Richmond at 804-698-7536 and via e-mail at Her local office number is 703-765-1150.

Sales Tax Increase

The current Virginia General Assembly session likely will produce a bill authorizing a referendum on a sales tax increase of one percent in Northern Virginia, half for education and half for transportation. The new governor has indicated he will sign it into law. The issue could be on the ballot this fall along with the congressional election. While I have no problem with increased spending for education or transportation, I am concerned that a sales tax increase disproportionately affects those on fixed incomes and the less fortunate among us. The increased tax will be a far larger percentage of their income than those making the average salary in Fairfax County. Along with the sales tax increase, there should be a state tax credit for those on fixed income or at the lower end of the wage scale. Remember the days when this argument about equity was the main reason given for repealing the sales tax on food? I have asked Delegate Bolvin to pass on my thoughts to the General Assembly. If you agree, you might want to let him know.


This is to remind everyone that your association will continue to monitor the community to make sure we retain our positive appearance. Commercial and/or oversize vehicles, junk cars, multiple occupancy, health and welfare or criminal violations will be reported to the proper authorities. If you think you have a violation in your neighborhood, pass it on to any of the officers. -- Carl Sell

Meeting Minutes
November 27, 2001

Lee District Park has many holiday activities during December including Lunch with Santa, Arts and Crafts Show. There is an ongoing preschool and playgroup. Volunteers are still needed at the RECenter. Volunteer for four hours a week and you receive free use of the facility. Call 703-922-9841 for more information.

Springfield Senior Center, located at Springfield Estates Elementary is open from 8 a.m.-3 p.m. daily. They currently offer exercise programs, card playing, wellness programs, and lunch programs. They are also looking for volunteers.

The Graffiti Abatement Program is coming along! Please report any graffiti in the neighborhood to the Fairfax County Police non-emergency line: 703-691-2131. As always, remember to report anything unusual as well.

Carr Homes in Section III

There is a study period underway along Split Rock & Cottonwood. Carr Homes is currently surveying the property owned by the Bosch's. There was a contingency contract in place. They have hired engineers, surveyors, soil scientists. Edgemore was under a study period this past summer, which it failed.

A request has been made by our president for any pictures, information, surveys, evidence of structural or engineering damage to homes from marine clay soil for the following streets: Haystack, Split Rock, Cottonwood, Carriage, and Silo.

Neighborhood Watch

Special thanks to Donna for recruiting members to our neighborhood watch team. We currently have 25 teams and two prospect teams which makes teams only patrol two weeks a year! WAY TO GO! We ask that teams take an hour and a half to two hours a day to go through the neighborhood at any time during the day to look for anything suspicious. Our neighborhood watch teams are trained by Crime Prevention Officers. Daytime patrols are encouraged. Orientation programs are held at the Franconia Police Station. There has been a slight increase in crime in the area. Moped bikes were stolen and there were vehicle tamperings reported. Woody has requested for neighbors to get more involved in the community.


RHCA membership fees go to donations for things like: Police Christmas Dinner Fund, Koinonia, 4th of July Fireworks at Lee District, awards for the Holiday Decoration Contest, Rose Hill Beauty signs, and of course the cell phone for the Neighborhood Watch. -- Chrissy Blackwell

Strong Membership Strengthens Our Community

Thanks to the folks listed below who already have joined RHCA for 2002. And, particular thanks to those of you who contributed to the maintenance of the flowers at the entrance sign at Rose Hill and Franconia Road.

Our membership drive will continue through the first quarter of 2002. However, the sooner you join the sooner you'll see your name in the Rambler! Print the RHCA Application Form and return it, along with your check to RHCA, Box 10891, Franconia, VA 22310.

Your membership helps pay for the cost of printing the Rambler and the Directory, supports the Rose Hill Beauty and Holiday Decoration contests, pays for the cell phone used by Neighborhood Watch and helps support several worthy causes that directly affect our neighborhood.

Perhaps most important, your membership in RHCA increases our clout as we deal with county and state government. We have several land use issues pending that could adversely affect our community if we don't stand together. The most important way is through membership in your Association.

Together, we have made great strides lately in making Rose Hill a better place in which to live. The biggest reason is the fact that we have a community that is respected by local and state officials. Our membership commands respect. It will slip away if we don't continue to support the Association!

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