Newsletter of the Rose Hill Civic Association
February 2004

President's Message

Section III Hearing is Delayed --- New Rule Could Exclude Input

The County has delayed the public hearing on the special Exception application to allow a cluster development on the undeveloped 22+ acres known as Rose Hill Section III located west of Rose Hill Drive and Cottonwood Drive and north of Carriage Drive. Homes on Haystack Road, Silo Road, Split Rock Road, and Winston Place also border the property.

The public hearing before the Planning Commission, originally scheduled for March 11, has been delayed until April 29. The Board of Supervisors public hearing will be held approximately 6 weeks later. The Lee District Land Use Committee will discuss the case on April 19.

Meanwhile, the County is working on a change to the subdivision ordinance that could allow cluster development by right rather than by Special Exception in cases where bonus density is not requested. The change is mandated by a revision to the Code of Virginia approved by the legislature in 2002 and signed by the governor.

To refresh everyone's memory, Rose Hill Park Section III is zoned R-3 and platted for 59 lots. The potential developer first proposed an R-3 cluster development to include all 59 lots. After hearing RHCA's protests, the developer revised the plan to include 45 lots with a buffer between existing homes and the new lots.

A special committee appointed by RHCA has been working with the developer to provide an insurance policy or bond to protect neighboring properties and increase the buffer in specific areas. Those discussions are continuing. Up-to-date information will be available at the February 24 RHCA meeting.

RoseHill_SectionIII_PhotoMap.jpg (164468 bytes)At present, the plan offered by the developer avoids the steep slopes behind Silo Road and Winston Place. Access is limited to Wayside Place off Rose Hill Drive. Almost 50 percent of the site will be maintained as open space with a conservation easement to preclude and future encroachment of any kind, including development. Storm water runoff continues to be a concern for residents on Carriage Drive.

The developer has pledged to continue to work with RHCA under the present rules. However, a change by the County could allow development by right and put us back to square one. The committee thinks the changes to the plan already negotiated, with the fine-tuning of the protection document and increases in the buffer are in Rose Hill's best interests.

The legislature has given the County until July 1, 2004, to amend its subdivision ordinance to conform to the new rules. Any further delay in the present case involving Rose Hill Park Section III could negate the need for the special exception and allow development by right. That means no public hearings and no conditions to protect Rose Hill.

Specifically, the regulations adopted by the state are contained in Paragraph 12 of Section 15.2-2286 of the Code of Virginia. It states that in the event a locality elects to permit a residential cluster development option as a means of preserving open space then, 1) approval of the cluster subdivision shall be an administrative process if density above the conventional district is not provided, or 2) approval of a cluster division may occur through the special exception process, provided a bonus density above that of the applicable conventional district is provided. Since Fairfax County already has a special exception process for cluster development, and there is no request for additional density in the case of Rose Hill Park Section III, RHCA has been advised that any future cluster development of the site could be by right as long as the density is not increased above the 59 lots already approved.

The development team will be at our February 24 meeting to further discuss the proposed development conditions that will govern the process for building the new houses. RHCA has asked the County to move ahead as expeditiously as possible to ensure that the safeguards negotiated by the committee are in place during development.

January Carryovers

As the January meeting was snowed out, we have rescheduled the report on the Rose Hill Apartments for the March 23 meeting. Mona Williams, the manager of the apartments, will be with us at that time. Winners of the 2003 Holiday Lighting Contest can pick up their certificates at the February 24 meeting. Although the meeting is scheduled to begin at 7 pm, certificates will be available starting at 6:30 pm. Because the agenda includes an update on the Section III development, we would like to get the certificates distributed early. Please try to come by early to pick up your certificate.

Anniversary Plans

Thanks to those of you who have made contributions, we are about to order the signs and banners celebrating Rose Hill's 50th anniversary. Construction of the first houses started in 1954 and some folks moved in just before Christmas of that year. Many others followed in early 1955. Therefore, we're going to start our celebration to coincide with the start of construction in the spring of 1954 and extend it to include those who moved in early 1955. We're still looking for help to stage a community celebration later this year.

Any ideas are welcome, but mostly we need people who will help organize an anniversary party!

Cars, Cars, Cars

Rose Hill residents are reminded that junk and/or inoperable cars are prohibited on both private property and public streets. The Board of Supervisors has ordered an amendment to the code that will allow police to ticket such cars on private property. At present, only the impoundment officer can remove cars from private property. Any member of the police force can ticket cars on public streets. Inoperable cars include those without valid licenses, inspection stickers, or county stickers. Residents are advised to move such cars in order to prevent impoundment or a ticket. Also, residents on Rose Hill Drive are reminded that the strip of land between the sidewalk and the street belongs to VDOT, not the individual property owners. RHCA discourages parking on the strip because it detracts from our 'main street' and could result in a ticket for the violators.

Numbers Are Very Important When Representing Rose Hill

During the next few months, RHCA will be representing your community in various meetings with County officials concerning the potential development of Rose Hill Park Section III. Often, the question of how many members an organization really has surfaces at these meetings.

We would like to be able to say we represent a majority of our community. As you can see from the list to the right, we have a long way to go to reach that goal. Please fill out the membership form on the next page and mail it to RHCA as soon as possible, or better yet, bring it to the February 24 meeting!

Without your support, we can't be as effective a voice for the community as we would like. The development of Rose Hill Section III will affect the entire community. And, there may be subsequent issues on your block that needs the support of RHCA. The more people we represent, the more 'clout' we have with the County and the State.

Your membership and contributions pay for the printing of The Rambler, the Rose Hill Beauty contest signs (available to members only), the cell phone for neighborhood watch, the post office box, and supports several area charities and community organizations. We save money by using volunteers to deliver The Rambler. And our excellent website,, is maintained at no cost to the Association.

This year, we are asking for contributions to provide funds for a 50th anniversary program and continued maintenance of the plantings at the entrance sign at Rose Hill Drive and Franconia Road. Because the stonework on the sign was damaged last year, we are going to incur a major expense for that repair. The owners of the Rose Hill apartments have offered to make a contribution toward the repair and we hope that, combined with your contributions, it will be enough to complete the job.

The membership form can also be found on While you are there, take a look at all the interesting information about your community. You'll also find links to State and County websites along with other informative sites.

We can't be effective without the support of the community!

--Carl Sell

RHCA Members as of February 17, 2004

Nouri & Suham Abbou 6115 Rose Hill Drive Jack & Terry Kannofsky 6512 Carriage Drive
Beatrice W. Adcock 6500 Carriage Drive Audrey S. Kick 4517 Sturbridge Place
Nida & Jerry Antonio 6406 May Boulevard Yun S. Kim 6205 Thornwood Drive
Dave & Para Applegate 6307 Willowood Lane Yong Kim 6211 Thornwood Drive
Frank & Rayma Bale 6315 Willowood Lane Randy & Eloise Lewis 4501 Bee Street
J. E. Bauserman 4531 Roundhill Road John & Jackie Lewis 6206 Thornwood Drive
Margie Beach 4429 Roundhill Road Ulrike Barbara Maedler 4506 Apple Tree Drive
Woody & Tammy Betts 6306 Saddletree Drive Robert & Ann Marshall 4421 Roundhill Road
Donald E. Bise 4423 Roundhill Road Bobby & Betty Matney 6518 Carriage Drive
Philip & Carol Bishop 6310 Roundhill Road Chris & Melissa McCay 6406 Willowood Lane
Ann & Chris Borchevsky 4511 Bee Street Lou & Marnie Messinger 6603 Cottonwood Drive
Jeannette Bottomley 5003 Eastchester Circle Charlie & Mimi Minarik 6518 Telegraph Road
James & Edith Bradbury 6427 Carriage Drive Edna Mitchell 6305 May Boulevar
Bill Braswell 6307 Climbhill Road Twila Noble 6316 Rose Hill Drive
Gary J. Bravy 6214 Climbhill Road Songdade & Naparat Nimjareansuk 4507 Apple Tree Drive
Bob Brown 4526 Apple Tree Drive Thakor & Parvati Patel 6401 Maryview Street
Pearl Butler 6401 Cottonwood Drive Mr. & Mrs. R.C. Pinkham 6514 Carriage Drive
Raul & Kelly Castillo 6413 Willowood Lane Larry & Lucy Petitt 6501 Carriage Drive
Bev & Norm Cherkis 6300 Saddle Tree Drive Jeska & Charles Pfefferle 6503 Haystack Road
Roger & Carol Christiansen 6409 Maryview Street Anna Pulman 6510 Haystack Road
Robert G. Ciccotelli 6511 Haystack Lane Gopal & Krishna Ray 6412 Willowood Lane
Sally Coler 6401 Hayfield Place Nancy & Jim Richey 4402 Roundhill Road
E. & K. Davidson 4607 Roundhill Road James Ridgell 6513 Cottonwood Drive
Francis Dugan 6118 Driftwood Drive Jim & Pat Sapp 6422 Haystack Road
Wahed Faraz 4608 Roundhill Road Kathleen Schaefer 5912 Ewing Place
Helen Flahive 6416 Cottonwood Drive Carl & Marti Sell 6601 Cottonwood Drive
Trigg & Beverly Flannagan 6514 Haystack Road Chris & Sara Sicks 6606 Cottonwood Drive
Larry & Connie Fulk 6410 Cottonwood Drive Ray M. Stone 4528 Roundhill Road
Marlene Garlick 6404 Haystack Road Terry Stone 4522 Apple Tree Drive
John & Erika Good 4604 Roundhill Road Thomas M. Strah 6421 Rose Hill Drive
Johanna Guccione 6013 Leewood Drive Rex & Linda Taylor 6505 Haystack Road
Helen Hass 6304 Cottonwood Drive Jenn & Robert Thomson 6302 Cottonwood Drive
Joe & Lorraine Hatcher 6102 Leewood Drive Monroe & Helen Varney 4520 Roundhill Road
Elmer & Alice Haupt 6208 Thornwood Drive Connie Vincenzes 6610 Cottonwood Drive
L.M. Hestvik 4515 Sturbridge Place Louise & Rick Westgate 6708 Greendale Road
Maxine & Fredy Heyer 4704 Flower Lane Karen Wheeless 6709 Greendale Road
L.M. Holman 4611 Roundhill Road Jeff& Anita Williams 6121 Dew Grass Drive
Edward & Juanita Holloman 4518 Sturbridge Place Michael & Lisa Wolfe 6411 Cottonwood Drive
Rick & Karen Jones 6420 Willowood Lane Charlie Worley 4513 Roundhill Road
Frank & Patricia Jencks 6416 Willowood Lane Norma Jean Youmans 6303 Climbhill Road
James & Lynda Kandul 6218 Blossom Lane

Original Ramblers

If you are one of Rose Hill's original owners, we'd love to print your story about how you came to live in Rose Hill. In connection with our 50th anniversary, we are trying to collect stories from all those who bought their houses in 1954-55. It doesn't have to be long and wordy or perfect English (1'11 help you with that), just as long as it comes from you. Even if you're not an original owner and have a stow to tell, we'd love to include it in the next Rambler. eMail me with your thoughts, notes, and stories (, and put Rose Hill or The Rambler the subject line so I won't delete it. If you don't have access to eMail, you can mail it to the Association's P.O. Box 10891, Alexandria, VA 22310.

Hope to hear from you soon!
Marty Williams

RCHA Positions Available (Volunteer, of course!)

Only 1 RHCA Position Left!

We're still seeking an individual who will volunteer to sell ads for The Rambler. Spending just a few hours a month can yield big returns for your Civic Association. The rates are so reasonable, many businesses can't resist. For more information, contact Marty Williams (703.924.7192) or Carl Sell (703.971.4716).

The next Rambler deadline is March 12, 2004
The next delivery weekend is March 19-20, 200

Advertising in the Rambler

We have recently received several inquiries concerning advertising in the Rambler. While a listing in the Business Directory is free to Rose Hill residents who own their business, placing an actual advertisement is open to all with rates as follows per month:

Business Card size 3 1/2" x 2" $10
Quarter page size 3 1/2" x 4 3/4" $25
Half page size 7 1/2" x 4 3/4" $50
Full page size 7 1/2" x 9 3/4" $100

Ads may be bought for either one month only, month-to-month, or as many months in advance as desired. Our newsletter is published nine times a year, excluding July, August and December.

Advertising in the Rambler is an excellent way to reach the 700+ homes in our community. In addition, the ads each month are placed on our website for the world to see.

Anyone interested in placing an ad may call me at 703-924-7192. Artwork can be sent to in tiff or jpeg format or hardcopy mailed to P.O. Box 10891, Alexandria, VA 22310. Checks made out to RHCA should be included with ads and sent to the P.O. Box.

Marty Williams

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