Newsletter of the Rose Hill Civic Association
April 2009

Rose Hill Civic Association Meeting
Tuesday, May 26, 7pm
John Marshall Library

RHCA Officers and Volunteers


Carl Sell


Vice President

Linda Nichols



Beth Kohm



Carolyn Slenska


Editor, The Rambler

Marty Williams


Neighborhood Watch

Woody Betts



Jim Sapp


RHCA, P.O. Box 10891, Alexandria, VA 22310

President’s Message

Crime Statistics, Fireworks, Parking, and Church on April 28 RHCA Agenda

If you follow the weekly crime reports issued by the Franconia Station, you may have noticed the staggering increase in reports of property stolen from vehicles. During 2008, there was a 48 percent increase in such crimes. (There’s a related Countywide Crime Statistics article from the Fairfax County Police Department on the next page.) Global positioning devices (GPS) are most likely to be stolen, although license plates, telephones, laptops, tires, catalytic converters, and air bags are on the thieves’ list of favorite items.

There have been several cases of vehicle theft reported in Rose Hill in recent months. Most involved items taken from vehicles, such as GPSs, laptops, etc. There were several cases of license plates being stolen. A thief can run two cars off one set of plates (one on the back of one car and the other on the front of a second car until they are noticed by the police). It’s a lucrative practice, given the costs associated in registering with DMV.

In the case of GPSs, the police already have recovered a number of them. If yours was stolen, they may have it. Call the non-emergency number 703.691.2131 for information.

Of course, the police and RHCA urge you to remove portable GPS units when they are not in use. Please keep a supply of moist towelettes on hand to wipe the area where it was affixed to the windshield. That way, the crooks won’t see that you have one and then wait for their chance. Always register the serial number with the manufacturer so the police can check ownership.

Rose Hill has a very low rate of crime. We like to think it is because we have a large number of active residents looking out for their block and the entire community. Little happens in Rose Hill that escapes our notice.

We still have a few areas that are in need of watchers. All we ask is that you keep your eye on a small area around your residence and know how and to whom to report suspicious activity (we’ll provide you with the information). We also ask that you keep an eye on the seniors who live nearby and make sure they have someone to call upon if they need assistance. Most often, it’s just a matter of telling them whom to call. Give me a call at 703.971.4716 or email me at We ask that you take only a small area and keep your eye on it as you and your family come and go. It’s a very important step toward keeping Rose Hill crime free.

Fireworks Fizzle

The annual fireworks display at Lee District Park, which began in 1976 to celebrate our nation’s 200th birthday, are no more! Supervisor McKay reports that budget cutbacks as well as construction of new synthetic fields have made the park unsuitable for a fireworks display. The funds for the synthetic turf were approved in the recent park bond. I don’t recall the Park Authority mentioning that the new fields would come at the expense of our patriotic celebration. The fireworks have a long history. The display started with the all-volunteer Virginia Hills Bomb Squad in the 1960s. The program outgrew Virginia Hills Elementary and was moved to Lee District Park. In the early days, the program was funded by area civic associations, including Rose Hill. However, the increased cost of the fireworks overwhelmed the groups’ finances and was then funded by park revenues. Estimated attendance has been in the 12,000-15,000 range yearly. No doubt some will be happy to have a quiet July 4, 2009, without the hundreds of cars that clog our streets for a few hours. Others will lament the passing of yet another tradition and symbol of our freedom.

In place of the fireworks, Lee District Park will hold a musical program from 3-5pm at the park amphitheatre. It is being billed as a program designed as a time for friends and families to come together and celebrate not only our nation’s birthday but also to strengthen community ties, according to Supervisor McKay. Details will be available later at or by calling the Supervisor’s office at 703.971.6262.

Church Proposal

At our March meeting, we heard a presentation from the pastor of Agape Embassy Ministries and the representative of the engineering firm preparing the case for the proposed church on May Boulevard on what is now the Kindercare site. The pastor has a long-term vision that could bring greatly increased activity to the site. As of this writing, no final decision has been made to locate on May Boulevard and no request for a zoning action has been presented to the County. The church has the option of choosing either the conventional Special Exception process, which includes public hearings before both the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors, or the Special Permit process that mandates only a public hearing before the court-appointed Board of Zoning Appeals. In either case, the underlying zoning would not change. Churches are a special use in the R-3 category, the zoning classification for Rose Hill. Given the location of this project within our community, we need to pay particular attention to the intensity of use. Like in the case of the residential development in Rose Hill Section III, conditions can be used to mitigate intensity and/or concerns. We need to first decide if the proposed use at the specific site is in our best interest, using the comprehensive plan and the zoning ordinance as our benchmarks. It will interest you to know that the County has a coordinator for church zoning applications on its staff. The position was created by the Board of Supervisors in order to help churches work their way through the land use and zoning process. Residents who live in proximity to the property are invited to serve on a committee to evaluate the church’s proposal. We will meet again with the church representatives when and if they decide to move ahead with plans to locate on May Boulevard.

Upcoming Events of Interest

The following items may be of interest to Rose Hill residents:

  • The Franconia Museum celebration of Franconia’s unbeaten 1947 baseball team on May 2,

  • The Rose Hill Elementary 5K Rocket Run for Autism on May 9, and

  • The Edison High School EagleFest, also on May 9.

The baseball program, featuring several players from the unbeaten team, will be held between 11am and 1pm in the Community Room of the Franconia Government Center, 6121 Franconia Road. There will be free hot dogs, popcorn, and soft drinks. Donations are encouraged. The museum will be open before and after the program. The 5K Rocket Run begins at 8:30am at Rose Hill Elementary of May 9. Registrations mailed by May 1 are $20. After May 1 and day of race, registration will be $25. Participants will receive a t-shirt and the satisfaction of supporting a very, very worthy cause. See the flyer on page 7 for more information. After the 5K, head on over to Edison for the class of 2010’s EagleFest carnival. Admission is free and the program will be moved indoors in case of rain. Buy some tickets and exchange them for food and games from 10am to 4pm. A flyer on this event is also included on page 8.

Community Parking District

Supervisor McKay is surveying civic and home-owner associations in Lee District to determine whether to move ahead with a Community Parking District that would prohibit large trucks, boats, and RVs from parking on neighborhood streets. It does not restrict small trucks like vans and ladder trucks. Last fall, Rose Hill voted to support the prohibition of large trucks on the community’s narrow streets. Specifically, vehicles to be prohibited include boat trailers, watercraft, motor homes, camping trailers, trailer or semi-trailer, even if attached to a vehicle, vehicles with three axels and vehicles with a gross weight of 12,000 pounds or more. Vehicles parked for up to 48 hours for the purpose of loading, unloading, or preparing for a trip are exempt. This prohibition applies to streets only. Of course, vehicles of any size parked either on the street or on private property must be in operating condition and have valid license and inspection.

Membership List

We are printing the membership list for 2009 for the last time in this issue of The Rambler. If your name is not included, we encourage you to join. We will acknowledge it in the May Rambler. Membership forms are available on our website, Please send your $10 membership fee and any contribution you wish to add to RHCA, P.O. Box 19891, Franconia, VA 22310. Thanks to all of you who are members. Without your support, there would be NO Rambler, NO website, NO Rose Hill Beauties, NO plantings at our entrance sign, etc., etc. If you haven’t joined as yet, please do so. We can’t do it without your financial support.

—Carl Sell

Countywide Crime Statistics for 2008

Violent crimes decreased by nearly nine percent in 2008 compared to 2007 while overall index crime increased by nearly 10 percent. Index crimes, reported monthly to the FBI, include murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny, and motor vehicle theft. A breakdown of individual crimes finds the number of robberies and motor vehicle thefts dropped, reported rape numbers were unchanged, and homicides, aggravated assaults, burglaries, and larcenies increased compared to 2007. Violent crimes (murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault) decreased by 8.9 percent while property crimes (burglary, larceny, and motor vehicle theft) largely fueled by larcenies, increased by 10.9 percent.

The following is a breakdown of the index crime reported in the fourth quarter 2008 by month.





















Aggravated Assault















Motor Vehicle Theft











The Fairfax County Police Department releases reported crimes using the FBI’s “Uniform Crime Report” criteria. The year-to-date data contained in this release is subject to change due to data revision and updating. These statistics are used in making decisions about deployment of police resources to better respond to the needs of the community, to identify trends and to implement new and continuing strategies to enhance public safety.



January – December 2007

January – December 2008










Aggravated Assault









Motor Vehicle Theft







Sapp Joins Park County Planning Commission

Pine, Colorado. — Jim Sapp,’s webmaster, following in the footsteps on long-time friend and President of the Rose Hill Civic Association, Carl Sell, has joined his local planning commission in Colorado. Sell’s influence and long career in planning and other County departments, along with the Rose Hill Section III development, apparently whetted Sapp’s interest in the future of land development in his (relatively) new home of Park County, Colorado. Sapp states, “Sometimes retired people don’t know when to quit.”

—Marty Williams

Remembering Larry Fowler

The Rose Hill Civic Association lost another good friend on April 10 with the death of Larry Fowler, who had lived on Maryview Street since the houses were built in 1964. He was 87.

A World War II veteran with the Navy, Larry served for 41 years as the Lee District representative on the Fairfax County Consumer Protection Commission, including 12 years as chairman. 

Larry, Jane, and their three children moved to Rose Hill from Virginia Hills where he was president of the civic association, founded a teen club, and coached youth sports teams. He remained active in Rose Hill with the Neighborhood Watch and delivered The Rambler to his neighbors until poor health slowed him in recent years.

A true public servant, Larry shunned the spotlight in favor of getting the job done. The County recognized his efforts several years ago by naming an award for public service on various boards, commissions, authorities, and committees in his honor.

A more complete tribute to Larry is being compiled and will be featured on our website, We will observe a moment of silence in Larry’s honor at our April 28 meeting. 

—Carl Sell


2009 RHCA Members as of April 10, 2009

Nouria & Suham Abbou, 6115 Rose Hill Drive

Jayne K. Letsche, 6502 Cottonwood Drive

Hafiz Ahmed, 6630 Telegraph Road

Edward & Anna Lewis, 6117 Leewood Drive

Wilmer & Nancy Anderson, 4500 Apple Tree Drive

James Lockwood, 6114 Clovergrass Drive

Josephine & Margie Alston, 6118 Leewood Drive

Charles Long, 4602 Apple Tree Drive

Augusto Alvarez, 6507 Carriage Drive

Jamey & David Lord, 6208 Redwood Lane

Nida & Jerry Antonio, 6406 May Boulevard

Wellington & Ann Machmer, 6200 Willowood Lane

Rebecca Bagdasarian, 6214 Driftwood Drive

Tom & Alice Mangum, 6413 Rose Hill Drive

Frank & Rayma Bale, 6315 Willowood Lane

Paulette & Stanley Martin, 4517 Lark Lane

Rick & Pat Ballard, 4519 Lark Lane

Raymond & Evelyn Market, 4608 Mayor Place

Nicholas & Tiffany Basham, 6401 Rose Hill Drive

M. Mayo, 6122 Leewood Drive

P.G. Bauserman, 4531 Roundhill Road

K. McClain, 6313 May Boulevard

Margie Beach, 4429 Roundhill Road

Mark & Natalie McBride, 4421 Roundhill Road

Connie Beatty, 6428 Rose Hill Drive

Frank & Marge Mc Connell, 6220 Thornwood Drive

Daniel Bearth, 6417 Rose Hill Drive

Madge McKay, 6402 Wayside Place

Sandra Benarick, 6270 Rose Hill Drive

George & Susan McKittrick, 6113 Clovergrass Drive

Woody & Tammie Betts, 6306 Saddle Tree Drive

Donald & Nancy McMinn, 4804 Apple Tree Drive

Philip & Carol Bishop, 6310 Climbhill Road

Marnie Mesinger, 6603 Cottonwood Drive

Carl & Margaret Bon, 5001 Eastchester Circle

Donez Miller, 6703 Greendale Road

Shirley Bennington, 6405 May Boulevard

Mimi Minarik, 6518 Telegraph Road

Jeannette Bottomley, 5003 Eastchester Circle

Edna Mitchell, 6305 May Boulevard

K. Boutilier, 4408 Roundhill Road

Hal & Lavera Murray, 5003 Treetop Lane

Bill Braswell, 6307 Climbhill Road

J.M. Neidermeyer, 6500 Haystack Road

Gary Bravy, 6214 Climbhill Road

H. & G. Newman, 4910 Silo Road

Bob Brown, 4526 Apple Tree Drive

Sam & Kim Nimjareansuk, 4507 Apple Tree Drive

Mark & Lorraine Broxterman, 6424 Haystack Road

Dave & Linda Nichols, 6416 Rose Hill Drive

Ron & Nancy Buzalsky, 4434 Roundhill Road

Kimbinh Nguyen, 6711 Greendale Road

Calhoun Family, 4523 Apple Tree Drive

But Nguyen, 6512 Rose Hill Drive

Jason & Maureen Cardone, 6418 Willowood Lane

Teal Norris & Fred Obermeyer, 6012 Leewood Drive

Ralph Carico, 6112 Leewood Drive

Conrad & Haydee Oroc, 4703 Split Rock Road

John & Penny Casmire, 4907 Silo Road

Rodney & Kathy Palmer, 6101 Leewood Drive

Raul & Kelly Castillo, 6413 Willowood Lane

William & Janelle Parker, 6417 Willowood Lane

Roger & Carol Christiansen, 6409 Maryview Street

Thakor & Prasanna Patel, 6301 Maryview Street

Bob Ciccotelli, 6511 Haystack Road

Lucy & Larry Pettit, 6501 Carriage Drive

Helen Cofer, 6218 Saddle Tree Drive

Charles & Jeska Pfefferele, 6503 Haystack Road

Sally Coler, 6401 Hayfield Place

Brenda & Stephen Phillips, 6408 Maryview Street

Shirley Mae Collins, 6103 Leewood Drive

Robert Pinkham, 6614 Carriage Drive

Lois Corbin, 6221 Blossom Lane

C. Roy & Susan Poff, 6328 Maryview Street

Steve Corbin, 4512 Lark Lane

Jo Ann Ponce, 6203 Willowood Lane

Sam Covington, 6302 Saddletree Drive

Orlando & Cristy Ramos, 6303 Willowood Lane

Jane & Margo Cunniffe, 4609 Mayor Place

Nick & Vivian Rashidi, 6506 Rose Hill Drive

Matthew & Cynthia Dailey, 5009 Eastchester Circle

Monica Reed, 6422 Rose Hill Drive

Virginia Dahlgren, 6611 Cottonwood Drive

Adam & Rita Rice, 6431 Carriage Drive

Dankers/Parkyn, 6511 Carriage Drive

James & Nancy Richey, 4402 Roundhill Road

Elaine Davidson, 4609 Roundhill Road

James Ridgell, 6513 Cottonwood Drive

B. Digman, 6217 Blossom Lane

David Ridgway, 4609 Cottonwood Place

Ron & Donna Dillon, 4618 Winston Place

A. Renee Rogers & Ev. M. Torres, 4901 Silo Road

Peg Dockery, 6430 Carriage Drive

Joe & Joyce Ruggero, 6310 Saddle Tree Drive

Robin & David Dodson, 6400 Wayside Place

Eric & Debbie Rumph, 6409 May Boulevard

Steve & Holly Dougherty, 4522 Roundhill Road

Ann Schappi, 4914 Treetop Lane

Brian & Mary Ellen Duy, 6309 Climbhill Road

Frank Schoenle, 6302 Climbhill Road

Dennis Dzierzewski, 6210 Thornwood Drive 

Dennis & Barbara Scott, 4509 Bee Street

Brenda Edleson, 4619 Winston Placre

G. Miller & L. Seiss, 6415 Willowood Lane

Betty Elliott, 6411 Maryview Street

Carl & Marti Sell, 6601 Cottonwood Drive

Beverly Eppolito, 6217 Driftwood Drive

James & Marie Sherfey, 6415 Rose Hill Drive

Bernice Evans, 6411 Willowood Lane

Lori Scheibe, 5010 Treetop Lane

Dawit Eyob & Kongit Eyassu, 6206 Redwood lane

William & Patricia Schools, 5007 Treetop Lane

Susan Feagley, 4705 Split Rock Road

Diana & Marty Shupack, 6419 Haystack Road

Tom Felleisen, 6406 Hayfield Place

Chris & Sara Sicks, 6606 Cottonwood Drive

Joseph Finnegan, 6409 Hayfield Place

J.S. & G.J. Simms, 6434 Carriage Drive

Anna Fish, 6301 Cottonwood Drive

Burton & Debbie Slack, 4803 Apple Tree Drive

Helen Flahive, 6416 Cottonwood Drive

Carolyn Slenska, 6308 Climbhill Road

Trigg & Beverly Flannagan, 6514 Haystack Road

Michael Smith/Ratri Friend, 6111 Leewood Drive

Barry & Zoe-Ann Freitag, 6303 May Boulevard

William & Jean Stemple, 6306 Cottonwood Drive

Larry & Connie Fulk, 6410 Cottonwood Drive

Mary Stinnette, 4520 Apple Tree Drive

Ed Funk, 4428 Roundhill Road

Marlene Hass Smith, 6304 Cottonwood Drive

Kae Furneisen, 4912 Treetop Lane

Terry Stone, 4522 Apple Tree Drive

Ed & Shirley Gailliot, 4801 Apple Tree Drive

Ray Stone, 4528 Roundhill Road

Marlene Garlick, 6404 Hayfield Place

Thomas Strah, 6421 Rose Hill Drive

John & Erica Good, 4604 Roundhill Road

Tinker & Don Szamborski, 4615 Winston Place

Mike & Bonnie Greek, 6330 Willowood Lane

Jean Thomson, 6302 Cottonwood Drive

Johanna Guccione, 8013 Leewood Drive

Paul Turner, 4414 Roundhill Road

Chris & Susie Guinto, 6515 Haystack Road

Rex & Linda Taylor, 6505 Haystack Road

Carole, Sal & Joanna Guzzetta, 6407 May Boulevard

Judy Taylor & Carlos Rolon, 6503 Rose Hill Drive

Joe & Lorraine Hatcher, 6102 Leewood Drive

Joanne Thompson

Elmer & Alice Haupt, 6208 Thornwood Drive

Stan & Cynthia Thomas, 4701 Split Rock Road

Lucio Herrera, 4525 Apple Tree Drive

Nina Tisara, 6408 Hayfield Court

L. M. Hestvik, 4515 Sturbridge Place

James Troy, 5004 Eastchester Circle

Emilie Hood, 5012 Treetop Lane

Stein Van Egmond, 6508 Cottonwood Drive

Kevin & Kelli Hoover, 6314 Saddle Tree Drive

H.E. Varney, 4520 Roundhill Road

Juanita & Edward Ho1loman, 4518 Sturbridge Place

Wanda Violette, 6408 May Boulevard

Yancy & Patty Hull, 6113 Leewood Drive

Connie Vincenzes, 6610 Cottonwood Drive

D.J. Jamison, 4707 Split Rock Road

Linda & Morgan Walton, 4900 Silo Road

Clifford & Barbara James, 6412 May Boulevard

Fran Watts, 6508 Haystack Road

F.E. Jencks, 6416 Willowood Lane

Macy Watts, 6008 Leewood Drive

Marvin & Frances Justice, 6402 Rose Hill Drive

Don & Nina Weber, 6120 Dew Grass Court

Jim & Lynda Kandul, 6218 Blossom Lane

Louise Westgate, 6708 Greendale Road

Audrey Kick, 4517 Sturbridge Lane

Karen Wheeless, 6709 Greendale Road

Ana & Charles Kimberly, 6504 Cottonwood Drive

Jeff & Kate Whitney, 6705 Greendale Road

Marty & Judy Kowalik, 6115 Leewood Drive

Jeff Williams, 6121 Dew Grass Drive

Mildred Lane, 6410 May Boulevard

Charles & Patricia Wimberly, 6506 Haystack Place

Michael & Elizabeth Lambertson, 6310 May Boulevard

Charlie Worley, 4513 Roundhill Road

John & Patricia Lawrence, 6330 Maryview Street

Norma Youmans, 6303 Climbhill Road

Steve & Jane Lefler, 6424 Carriage Drive

Stephanie Young/Darren Springer, 6402 Willowood Lane

Ronald & Katherine Lender, 6406 Rose Hill Drive

Mike Zalatoris/Nour Barakat, 6609 Cottonwood Drive


Slight Changes to the Rose Hill Business Directory

Residents who own or operate a company are eligible to have their business listed monthly in The Rambler free of charge. Businesses are encouraged to provide Rose Hill residents with quality service and products at a fair price. The Rambler reserves the right to print recommendations from consumers, both pro and con. To have your business listed or to provide updates, call Marty Williams at 703.910.6316.

Child Care

Mama High’s Pre-School and Day Care. Mrs. Carola High has 16 years of experience in training and caring for children ages 3 weeks through 5 years old. Excellent preparation for those starting kindergarten. We talk with babies and toddlers in simple language. State Licensed, Former Teacher. Full- or part-time. 4613 Cottonwood Place, 703.971.0741.

Llewellyn Family Daycare. 14 years experience providing care for children of all ages. State Licensed, CPR- and First Aid-Certified. Accepting applications for full-time and part-time care. Before and after school care. Transportation provided for Rose Hill Elementary School. Hours of operation are Monday - Friday 6:30 am-6:30 pm. Weekend and evening care available upon request.  Year-round preschool curriculum. Fun-filled days of learning and exploring. Every month a different theme. Daily activities include reading, arts and crafts, circle time, letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and outdoor play. Plenty of space for activities! Excellent references. Fairfax County Child Care Assistance Program accepted. To schedule an appointment, call Jessica at 703.765.1661.

Deck and Fence

B&B Deck & Fence, Inc. Cliff James, Owner, 6412 May Boulevard, T-703.719.7015, F-703.922.3779.

Digital Design

DG Designs.  Web pages, registration, scanning services, hosting, and custom graphic art work. Ronald G. Dillon, 1.877.233.2224, 703.971.2125 or Ron, Donna, and their daughters live on Winston Place.


Electrical Solutions. 703.922.2040. Electrical service upgrades, whole house surge protection, troubleshooting, repairs, additions, & remodeling. Audio/video sales and professional installation (high definition TV calibration), and much, much more! Same day service, FREE phone estimates, Class “A” contractor, licensed (VA, MD, DC), bonded, insured. 24 hour emergency service. Your friendly neighborhood electrician for your home or office.

Graphic Design

Fabrications. Invitations, flyers, announcements, menus, business cards, brochures, newsletters, mailers, books, proposals, journals, and all your editing, printing, and paper needs. Marty Williams, Desktop Specialist, has more than 13 years experience and can be reached at 703.910.6316, or  She is the Editor of The Rambler.

Heating and Air Conditioning

Dove Heating and Air Conditioning. We service and install heat pumps, air conditioners, furnaces, hot water heaters, and humidifiers. David and Linda Nichols, 703.971.8897. The Nichols have been in business for 19 years and have lived in Rose Hill for 31 years.

House Cleaning

Ingrid. 703.362.5672. I’ve lived in the Rose Hill area for 13 years. I clean houses in the general area and also do move-outs.

Invitations/Personalized Stationery

Sicks-Pack Productions. Sara Sicks, 703.922.6299. Sara offers personalized stationery and invitations for every occasion—from weddings to birth announcements to parties—all at 10 to 20% less than what you would pay if you bought the same item at a stationery store. Come by to browse the selection with no obligation. Sara lives on Cottonwood Drive.

Kitchen Remodeling

Southern Kitchens. Bill York, 703.548.4459. Complete kitchen remodeling. Our showroom is in Alexandria on Mt. Vernon Avenue. Please call for an appointment. Bill lives on Clovergrass Drive.

Lawn Services

Fortney Lawn & Garden. David and Jimmy Fortney, 703.960.8869. Although they live in Virginia Hills, the Fortneys work closely with RHCA to maintain the median landscaping on Rose Hill Drive.

Dan’s Lawn & Leaf Service. Daniel P. Bishop, 703.719.7806. We guarantee fast, friendly, and affordable service. Located in the Rose Hill subdivision and serving its residents for 4 years.

Independence Landscape and Lawn Care. For all your landscape and lawn care needs please call Curt Greene at 703.967.7639. Our services range from mowing, lawn care, leaf removal, and snow removal to patios, landscape design, and construction. Using the latest most efficient methods and equipment gives us the advantage to effectively service our customers at a competitive price. Discounts offered to all Rose Hill residents. Check us out on the web at Curt lives on Thornwood Drive. 


Sherry and Cindy’s Painting. Sherry Matey, 703.921.9422. Exterior/interior, drywall repair, deck staining, pressure washing. Sherry has lived in Rose Hill for more than 20 years and has received well-deserved referrals from many residents [including your editor].

Pet Sitting

Welcome Waggin’ Professional Pet Sitting. www.welcomewaggin .com, 703.819.0809. Welcome Waggin’ is a small company offering extremely personalized service. We do mid-day dog walking as well as pet sitting visits to the home for people who are away on business or vacation. Bonded, insured, and references available. Proud members of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters and The Northern Virginia Professional Pet Sitters Network. Janelle Welch lives on Sturbridge Place.


Tisara Photography. Nina Tisara, 703.838.8098. Tisara Photography is a family business with a full-service studio in Old Town, Alexandria, since 1990. They specialize in portraits and special events. Nina lives on Hayfield Place.


Chris McCay. Chris McCay teaches piano/keyboard in your home. Special discount for Rose Hill residents is $25 for a half hour lesson. Chris lives with his family on Willowood Lane, two doors down from where his wife, formerly Melissa Anderson, grew up. 571.237.5559.


Hand-Made Quilts. Sally Dankers and her mother, Marjorie Parkyn, make quilts for sale. They are one of a kind and very beautiful. If interested, please call 703.971.8064 or email

Real Estate

Exit Metro Realty. Angelique Vereen can be reached at 703.740.2260 (business) or 571.233.6395 (direct). Her office is located at 114 S. Pitt St., Alexandria 22314. She and her family have lived on Thornwood Dr. for many years. The Vereen house always sparkles with holiday lights!

Re/Max Allegiance.  Karen Davidson, 703.927.4448.,, email: Karen lives on Roundhill Road.

Re/Max Metro 100.  Steve Dougherty, 703.971.3886 (home) or 642.3380 (office). Steve, his wife Holly, and their 6 children live on Roundhill Road.


Timothy’s Roofing Company, Inc. Timothy Jenkins, 703.820.6065. Timothy has installed several roofs in Rose Hill since moving to our neighborhood (Appletree Drive) in 2002. He has a Class A Contractors License and has been in business for 24 years. Free estimates.

Tree Service

Arbor Experts.  Brad Campbell, 703.339.6451. Removal, trimming, pruning, etc. Brad lives on Roundhill Road and wants to serve his home neighborhood in Rose Hill. Local references available.

Advertising in the Rambler

We have recently received several inquiries concerning advertising in the Rambler. While a listing in the Business Directory is free to Rose Hill residents who own their business, placing an actual advertisement is open to all with rates as follows per month:

Business Card size

3 1/2" x 2"


Quarter page size

3 1/2" x 4 3/4"


Half page size

7 1/2" x 4 3/4"


Full page size

7 1/2" x 9 3/4"


Ads may be bought for either one month only, month-to-month, or as many months in advance as desired. Our newsletter is published nine times a year, excluding July, August and December.

Advertising in the Rambler is an excellent way to reach the 700+ homes in our community. In addition, the ads each month are placed on our website for the world to see.

Anyone interested in placing an ad may call the editor (me) at 703.910.6316. I will need the artwork sent to me either electronically in a .tiff or .jpg format or as a hard copy through the mail. Checks made out to RHCA may be included with ads mailed to me, or sent to our PO Box 10891 for quick access to the treasurer.

Marty Williams

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