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Newsletter of the Rose Hill Civic Association
April 2006

President’s Message

Last Call for Rose Hill Originals Before We Order the Memorial

Over the last several years, we have been collecting the names of Rose Hill residents who were here at the community’s beginning and continue to live here a half century later. In some cases, one of the spouses has passed away; in other cases, like Twila Noble who just passed away nine months ago, one spouse has left us to be with their late beloved. Twila lived at the corner of Rose Hill Drive and Apple Tree Drive for 50 years.

We have 20 other family names where at least one of the originals continues to live in Rose Hill. In one case, one family moved around the corner. In all the others, they continue to live in the same house.

The plan is to develop a memorial honoring our Rose Hill Originals from the 1950s and place it on or near the Rose Hill historic marker on Rose Hill Drive at the John Marshall Library. We’ll save space to add Originals from the 1960s.

Most important, we want to make sure we haven’t missed anyone. Please check the list below for spelling, correct year, etc. If your name should be on the list, contact us immediately. If you think someone else’s name should be on the list, let us know, and we'll check it out.

After checking our list at least twice, we’ll order the appropriate plaque. A dedication ceremony will also be scheduled.

You can read more about our Originals online at where you’ll also find the history of our community.

RHCA is extremely proud of its long-time residents. They have helped keep the community a great place to live, which in turn attracts a continuous flow of newcomers and allows us to reinvent ourselves without sacrificing any quality of life.

Here is the honor roll of Rose Hill Originals:



Twila and Essie Noble, Connie and Frank Beatty, Well and Ann Machmer, Jean and William Stemple, Jean and Robert Thompson, Helen Wagness, Alice and Edward Holloman, George and Doris Krapf, Pearl Butler, Tom and Wanda Violette


Bev and Tom Eppolito, Ray and Harris Stone, Kae and John Furnisen


Mike and Bea Evans, Helen and Robert Flahive, Jane Letsche, Macy Watts, Mary and Ken Mann, Beatrice Mulvey


Raymond and Evelyn Market


Rose Hill Beauties

It’s time to reward those Rose Hill residents who keep their property in tip-top shape. The judges will be making their rounds in the next few weeks, compiling a list of those that look particularly good. Coveted Rose Hill Beauty signs will be awarded to members of RHCA for display in their yard. Since the membership pays for the signs, it is only proper that signs be awarded to members only. If you haven't joined for 2006, do so this month! The form can be found at Our 2006 list of members is printed on the next page. You can assist the judges by helping make sure no property is overlooked. If you think your property or that of a neighbor deserves consideration, please e-mail or give one of the officers a call. Don’t be bashful about nominating your own property. We want to make sure everyone who deserves to be considered is nominated. There are 700 homes in Rose Hill so the judges could use your help.

County Budget Update

When the Board of Supervisors adopts a budget for the new fiscal year beginning July 1, 2006 and running through June 30, 2007, one thing is for certain: the tax rate will go down and your bill will go up as compared to last year. The County Executive proposed a bud-get of almost $3.2 billion with a residential real estate tax rate of 93 cents per hundred of assessed value, seven cents less than last year. At that rate, the real estate tax bill for an average Fairfax County homeowner would rise to approximately $544 more than a year ago.

Almost immediately, there were calls to reduce the tax rate to 90 cents or even lower. Since the County Executive’s budget included more than $150 million in unallocated funds, it was relatively easy to get down to 90 cents. Each penny cut produces $56 million in budget cuts. The scramble then was on to cut the budget even further although the special interest groups lined up at the Board budget hearings on April 3-5 in an effort to protect or enhance funding. There was also testimony from individuals and groups who complained about the continuing increase in actual dollars paid for taxes.

Suffice it to say that we here in Rose Hill are just like most everyone else in the County. We’d like to see our tax bill go down, not up. At the same time, we don’t want to see specific items we support reduced. On that note, we were glad to see the budget includes 24 additional police officers, including three at Franconia. RHCA proposed an increase in officers last year and it was included in this year’s budget. The new officers are specifically being hired to help reduce response time, further develop community policing, and engage residents to partnering in reducing crime. Through our Neighborhood Watch and the Franconia District Station Citizen’s Advisory Council (CAC), we here in Rose Hill work closely with our police to help identify problems before they start. We welcome new professional help. With that in mind, I want to publicly commend Woody Betts and Donna Beaty for their work with the Neighborhood Watch and Woody and Bev and Norm Cherkis for their work with the CAC. They are Rose Hill’s pipeline into the Franconia Station.

I want to publicly commend Woody Betts and Donna Beaty for their work with the Neighborhood Watch and Woody and Bev and Norm Cherkis for their work with the CAC. They are Rose Hill’s pipeline into the Franconia Station.

While the budget battles have been local for a number of years, I expect there will be renewed pressure on the General Assembly to limit future percentage increases. All of Fairfax County’s powers have to be specifically granted by the Common-wealth of Virginia. A California-style tax revolt or version of Prince Georges County Maryland's TRIM rule appear to be on the horizon. I would much rather see the County better live within its means than be subject to a State-mandated percentage increase limit on future budgets.

Park Lighting Update

Once again, we have advised the Park Authority in writing of the community’s opposition to the extensive lighting plan for the six reconfigured athletic fields. Given the fact that the actual lighting of the fields is years away and advancing technology is making illumination and shielding of athletic field lights less of a problem for neighbors, we hope our fears in that direction will be mitigated. However, the noise and traffic issues still concern us. In short, we think the new plan has the potential to change the character of Lee District Park from a good neighbor to a mega-complex in our midst. Unlike many District Parks in Fairfax County, Lee District can only be reached by driving through stable, quiet, single family neighborhoods. Rose Hill will bear the brunt of the park’s planned new-found popularity for patrons from miles away. The compressed ballfield use between 6 and 10:30pm will only add to our traffic and noise.

Auto Thefts on Rise

There were 232 autos stolen in the Franconia area last year. Ninety of them were not recovered. Seventy-six were stolen and recovered in Fairfax County and 56 were stolen and recovered outside of Fairfax County. Thirteen were stolen at Springfield Mall last year. In North America, a vehicle is stolen every 19 seconds. Among the most common myths is that if your car is stolen, your insurance company will give you a new one. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Insurance companies will pay the depreciated value of your car and won’t pay the tax when you purchase a new one. And, your personal belongings that were stolen along with the car are subject to you homeowner's policy deductible. The Franconia police station’s March/April newsletter passes on these suggestions to reduce auto theft:

Keep valuables out of sight.

  • Place personal property in the trunk and take any valuables with you.

  • Take your keys.

  • Never leave your car unattended with keys in the ignition, especially at convenience stores and gas stations.

  • Lock your car (approximately 50% of stolen vehicles were left unlocked).

  • Don’t leave the registration in the car.

  • Park in well-lit areas at night.

  • If you have a garage, use it!

  • Park in commercial lots where there is an attendant.

  • Use an anti-theft security device such as a steering wheel lock, gearshift column lock, or an audible car alarm.

Earth Day/Arbor Day

Clean Fairfax Council is the producer of the Fairfax County Earth Day/Arbor Day Celebration on Saturday, April 29, from 11am to 4pm at the Northern Virginia Community College Annandale Campus, 8333 Little River Turnpike. The campus is located just outside the Beltway at the West Route #236 exit. The event is FREE.

The entire plaza of the college is packed with exhibits, programs, and demonstrations. There are many children-orientated activities including games, puppet shows, a petting zoo, and rain forest demonstrations. Billy B, an environmental performer, will be on the main stage at noon and 2pm.

Free parking is available in the student parking lot. Food vendors will be on hand and food is the only thing you have to pay for.

County Demographic Study

The County has released a comprehensive demographic study that highlights the past, present, and future of the County. I thought you might be interested in some of the data as complied by the County. According to the study, the County’s population is aging in place. The median age of residents has significantly increased since 1970 from 25.2 years to 37.6 years of age. The number of residents over the age of 65 is expected to grow by 80% from 2000 to 2020. At the same time, while proportionally decreasing as a percent of the total population, it is expected that by 2020 the County will add nearly 43,000 new residents under the age of 19. In 1970, 36% of the County residents who worked outside the home worked in Fairfax County; today nearly 55% live and work in the County. Despite the growth to a population in excess of one million, a current Fairfax County resident is less likely to be the victim of either a violent crime or a property crime than during the three previous decades. As of 2004, the violent crime rate was 44% lower than it was in 1980 and the property crime rate was 61% lower.

Racial and ethnic minorities have grown from 6.8% of the population in 1970 to 38.2% in 2003. By 2010, approximately 45% of the County’s population may be racial and ethnic minorities and 39% may speak a language other than English at home. Many of the County’s children are children of immigrants. As of 2000, an estimated 38% of Fairfax County children under age 18 had at least one foreign-born parent. Yet, more than 75% of the children in Fairfax County who are the children of immigrants were born here, automatically making them U.S. citizens.

The full report can be reviewed online at Printed copies can be purchased for $4 from the Maps and Publications Center, 12000 Government Center Parkway, Fairfax, Va. 22035, Suite 156, 703.324.2974.

—Carl Sell

Reminder: Follow the Rules to Avoid Problems

It’s good to see so many residents cleaning up and improving their property. The Spring Cleanup usually results in a large amount of household debris. Don’t assume that just because you place it at the curb that the trash service will haul it away. Call Virginia Trash or AAA to schedule a special pickup for yard and household debris.

If the debris isn’t removed within a reasonable time, RHCA will complain to the zoning inspector and/or Health Department. You can avoid a violation notice and a potential fine by simply arranging to have the debris removed.

Also, residents need to remember that the community’s original covenants remain in effect. Check before you plan that renovation or expansion. Violation of a covenant could result in a civil complaint by any Rose Hill resident and the unnecessary time and cost of litigation. The covenants are posted on our website,

The most restrictive covenant bars the building of a fence in any front yard. There also are restrictions on side-yard fences. Check out the covenants before you build.

And, don’t forget to educate yourself about the County’s zoning laws. Violations could result in prosecution. A couple of the ones most cited involve the parking of commercial vehicles in a residential neighborhood, parking on more than 25% of the front yard, and inoperable, abandoned or unlicensed vehicles on either streets or private property unless screened from neighboring lots on private property.

You’ll need a permit from the County for additions, improvements, rewiring, etc. Make sure the County inspects all work, even if you do it yourself; that protects your homeowners insurance.

Finally, here’s another friendly reminder that parking is illegal on the grass strip between the sidewalk and curb on Rose Hill Drive. Violators are subject to be ticketed. Several citations have been issued recently.

RHCA 2006 Members as of April 15, 2006

This is the final list of members for 2006 to be printed in The Rambler this year. Any further updates can be found at


Nouri & Suham Abbou, 6115 Rose Hill Drive

Bob & Beth Kohm, 6429 Carriage Drive

Nida & Jerry Antonio, 6406 May Boulevard

Marty & Judy Kowalik, 6115 Leewood Drive

Betty Balch, 6400 Hayfield Place

George Krapf, 6322 Rose Hill Drive

Frank & Rayma Bale, 6315 Willowood Lane

Donald Krause, 6300 Rose Hill Drive

Nour Barakat, 6609 Cottonwood Drive

Susan & Brent Kroetch, 4700 Flower Lane

Jo Ann Barney, 5000 Tree Top Lane

Millie Lane, 6410 May Boulevard

Margie Beach, 4429 Roundhill Road

John & Patricia Lawrence, 6330 Maryview Street

Connie Beatty, 6428 Rose Hill Drive

Steve & June Lefler, 6424 Carriage Drive

Shirley & Bill Bennington, 6405 May Boulevard

Ronald & Katherine Lender, 6406 Rose Hill Drive

Daniel & Ingrid Bearth, 6417 Rose Hill Drive

Jayne K. Letsche, 6502 Cottonwood Drive

Philip & Carol Bishop, 6310 Climbhill Road

Edward & Anna Lewis, 6117 Leewood Drive

Ann Borchevsky, 4511 Bee Street

John & Jackie Lewis, 6206 Thornwood Drive

Jeannetta Bottomley, 5003 Eastchester Circle

Eloise & Randy Lewis, 4501 Bee Street

Judith & Thomas Bowles, 6510 Haystack Road

Charles Long, 4602 Apple Tree Drive

Bill Braswell, 6307 Climbhill Road

Peter & Lynn Luginbill, 6327 Rose Hill Drive

Gary Bravy, 6214 Climbhill Road

Charles Lutman, 6309 Willowood Lane

P.G. Bauserman, 4531 Roundhill Road

E. Lynch-Upchurch, 4701 Flower Lane

Sandra Benarick, 6270 Rose Hill Drive

Well & Anna Machmer, 6200 Willowood Drive 

Woody & Tammie Betts, 6306 Saddle Tree Drive

Leahsa McCaw & Richard Sandoval, 6402 Rye Court

Bob Brown, 4526 Apple Tree Drive

Ken & Mary Mann, 6107 Leewood Drive

Mark & Lorraine Broxterman, 6424 Haystack Road

M.C. Mayo, 6122 Leewood Drive

Kimberly Bush, 4612 Cottonwood Place

Chris & Melissa McCay, 6410 Willowood Lane

Pearl Butler, 6401 Cottonwood Drive

Frank & Marge McConnell, 6220 Thornwood Drive

Tracy Campbell, 6402 Cottonwood Drive

Madge McKay, 6402 Wayside Place

Jason & Maureen Cardone, 6418 Willowood Lane

Dolores McKinney, 6303 Cottonwood Drive

Ralph & Altha Carico, 6112 Leewood Drive

Susan & George McKittrick, 6113 Clovergrass Drive

John & Penny Cashmire, 4907 Silo Road

Nancy McMinn, 4804 Apple Tree Drive

Raul & Kelly Castillo, 6413 Willowood Lane

Raymond & Evelyn Market, 4608 Mayor Place

Bev & Norm Cherkis, 6300 Saddle Tree Drive

Melvin Market, 6211 Redwood Lane

Beatrice & Robert Christensen, 6500 Carriage Drive

Obdulia Mason, 6311 Saddle Tree Drive

Roger & Carol Christiansen, 6409 Maryview Street

Marnie Messinger, 6603 Cottonwood Drive

Bob Ciccotelli, 6511 Haystack Road

Mimi & Charles Minarik, 6518 Telegraph Road

Mike & Karen Cleary, 4905 Silo Road

Edna Mitchell, 6305 May Boulevard

Helen Cofer, 6218 Saddle Tree Drive

Dot & Jack Moore, 6512 Cottonwood Drive

Sally Coler, 6401 Hayfield Place

Harold & LaVera Murray, 5003 Treetop Lane

Shirley Mae Collins, 6103 Leewood Drive

Jean Neidermeyer, 6500 Haystack Road

Lois Corbin, 6221 Blossom Lane

But & Mien Nguyen, 6512 Rose Hill Drive

Sam Covington, 6302 Saddle Tree Drive

David & Linda Nichols, 6416 Rose Hill Drive

Jane & Margo Cunniffe, 4609 Mayor Place

Teal Norris & Fred Obermeyer, 6012 Leewood Drive

Virginia Dahlgren, 6611 Cottonwood Drive

Thakor Patel, 6401 Maryview Street

Bill & Sally Dankers and Marjorie Parkyn, 6511 Carriage Drive

Stella & Anthony Peters, 4610 Mayor Place

E & K Davidson, 4607 Roundhill Road

Larry & Lucy Pettit, 6501 Carriage Drive

Barbara Digman, 6217 Blossom Lane

Charles & Jeska Pfefferle, 6503 Haystack Road

Ron & Donna Dillon, 4618 Winston Place

Robert & Ginny Pinkham, 6514 Carriage Drive

Peg Dockery, 6430 Carriage Drive

Roy & Susan Poff, 6328 Maryview Street

Robin & David Dodson, 6400 Wayside Place

Jo Ann Ponce, 6203 Willowood Lane

Harry Dodson, 6319 May Boulevard

Louise Prystaloski, 4910 Silo Road

Brian & Mary Ellen Duy, 6309 Climbhill Road

Nick & Vivian Rashidi, 6506 Rose Hill Drive

John & Betty Elliott, 6411 Maryview Street

Gopal & Krishna Ray, 6412 Willowood Lane

Beverly Eppolito, 6217 Driftwood Drive

Monica & Alan Reed, 6422 Rose Hill Drive

Stien Van Egmond, 6508 Cottonwood Drive

Adam & Rita Rice, 6431 Carriage Drive 

Michael & Bea Evans, 6411 Willowood Lane

Jim & Nancy Richey, 4402 Roundhill Road

Dawit Eyob/Kongit Eyassu, 6206 Redwood Lane

James Ridgell, 6513 Cottonwood Drive

Bernard Farley, 6502 Haystack Road

David & Nancy Ridgway, 4609 Cottonwood Place

Susan Feagley, 4705 Split Rock Road

Eric & Deborah Rumph, 6409 May Boulevard 

Thomas J. Felleisen, 6406 Hayfield Place

E. Wayne Ryan, 6518 Haystack Road

Rosemarie & Michael Field, 4426 Roundhill Road

Frank Schoenle, 6302 Climbhill Road

Anna Fish, 6301 Cottonwood Drive

Carl & Marti Sell, 6601 Cottonwood Drive

Helen Flahive, 6416 Cottonwood Drive

Ann Schappi, 4914 Treetop Lane

Trigg & Beverly Flannagan, 6514 Haystack Road

Cragin & Kay Shelton, 4403 Roundhill Road

Gordon & Cheryl Flockhart, 6223 Driftwood Drive

James & Marie Sherfey, 6415 Rose Hill Drive

Jane & Larry Fowler, 6320 Maryview Street

Diana & Marty Shupack, 6419 Haystack Road

Barry & Zoe-Ann Freitag, 6303 May Boulevard 

Chris & Sara Sicks, 6606 Cottonwood Drive

Larry & Constance Fulk, 6410 Cottonwood Drive

George & Joan Simms, 6434 Carriage Drive

Kae Furneisen, 4912 Treetop Lane

Burton & Debbie Slack, 4803 Apple Tree Drive

D. Furr, 6412 Cottonwood Drive

Carolyn Slenska, 6308 Climbhill Road

Ed & Shirley Gailliot, 4801 Apple Tree Drive

Michael Smith & Ratri Friend, 6111 Leewood Drive

William & Christina Gerke, 4905 Apple Tree Drive

Mark & Dottie Snyder, 6322 Maryview Street

Kathleen Gregson, 6411 Rose Hill Drive

Don & Nita Stallings, 6407 Willowood Lane

Mike & Bonnie Greek, 6330 Willowood Lane

William Stemple, 6306 Cottonwood Drive

Chris & Susie Guinto, 6515 Haystack Road

Fred, Nancy & Steve Stinnette, 4520 Apple Tree Drive

Joseph Finnegan, 6409 Hayfield Place

Ray M. Stone, 4528 Roundhill Road

Joe & Lorraine Hatcher, 6102 Leewood Drive

Terence Stone, 4522 Apple Tree Drive

Elmer & Alice Haupt, 6208 Thornwood Drive

Tom Strah, 6421 Rose Hill Drive

Lucio Herrera, 4525 Apple Tree Drive

C. & D. Szamborski, 4615 Winston Place

Linda Hestvik, 4515 Sturbridge Place

Jean Thomson, 6302 Cottonwood Drive

Fredy & Maxine Heyer, 4704 Flower Lane

Rex & Linda Taylor, 6505 Haystack Road

Douglas Hoey, 6208 Redwood Lane

Barbara Taylor, 4433 Roundhill Road

Don & Lynn Hoffman, 5002 Tree Top Lane

Nina Tisara, 6408 Hayfield Place

Alica & Edward Holloman, 4518 Sturbridge Place

Paul Turner, 4414 Roundhill Road

Emilie Hood, 5012 Tree Top Lane

M&H Varney, 4520 Roundhill Road

Kevin & Kelli Hoover, 6314 Saddle Tree Drive

Derek & Angie Vereen, 6222 Thornwood Drive

James & Susie Hudson, 6413 Maryview Street

Wanda & Tom Violette, 6408 May Boulevard

Yancy & Patricia Hull, 6113 Leewood Drive

Gerardo &Virginia Villareal, 6301 Climbhill Road

Tri Huynh, 6423 Carriage Drive

Connie Vincenzes, 6610 Cottonwood Drive

John & Erika Good, 4604 Roundhill Road

Macy Watts, 6008 Leewood Drive

Clifford & Barbara James, 6412 May Boulevard

Fran Watts, 6508 Haystack Road

D.J. Jamison, 4707 Split Rock Road

Don & Nina Weber, 6120 Dew Grass Drive

Frank Jencks, 6416 Willowood Lane

Linda & Lauck Walton, 4900 Silo Road

Helen Johnson, 4517 Apple Tree Drive

Jonathan & Janelle Welch, 4516 Sturbridge Place

Cynthia Johnson-Cavey, 5009 Eastchester Circle

Louise Westgate, 6708 Greendale Road

Marvin & Frances Justice, 6402 Rose Hill Drive

Karen Wheeless, 6709 Greendale Road

Jim & Lynda Kandul, 6218 Blossom Lane

Alice Wilder & Thomas Mangum, 6413 Rose Hill Drive

Jack & Terry Kannofsky, 6512 Carriage Drive

Dwight & Marty Williams, 6509 Cottonwood Drive

Edwin & Lylian Kesler, 4405 Roundhill Road

Jeffrey Williams, 6121 Dew Grass Drive

Audrey Kick, 4517 Sturbridge Place

Charlie Worley, 4513 Roundhill Road

Yong S. Kim, 6211 Thornwood Drive

Pam & Jon Yereb, 4617 Winston Place

Yun Soo Kim, 6205 Thornwood Drive

Walter Zalatoris, 6609 Cottonwood Drive

Ollie King, 4512 Lark Lane

Elisa Rolon-Zurita, 6503 Rose Hill Drive

Ocean City Rental

Two bedroom, two bath Ocean City condo is available for rent to RHCA members at a special price. Dates are 6pm Sunday, July 16 to 6pm Saturday, July 22, and 6pm Sunday, August 20 to 6pm Saturday, August 26. Times are designed to beat the traffic! Located in North Ocean City, four blocks from the ocean. Includes pool! Fully equipped. Bring your own linens. You clean when you leave. $550 per week for up to four occupants—far below comparable rates. Call Carl Sell at 703.971.4716. Retirees and Seniors: Ask about special deals for September.

Bicycle Safety

Although young bicyclists should learn the “rules of the road” and this release will provide safety tips, it is important drivers remember that as the weather warms up, they should keep watch out for bicyclists, especially in residential areas. The most important thing drivers can do to avoid striking a bicyclist is obey the speed limit, normally 35 mph in residential areas or 25 mph in school zones, but be mindful of the speed limits where you live and drive, and stay focused on the road and the possibility of young ones riding or running into your path.

During one of the first warm days of 2006, Monday, March 13, two young bicyclists were struck by cars. Both incidents demonstrate the importance for bicyclists of every age to be taught bicycle safety before being allowed to ride. The first incident occurred around 4:30pm on King Centre Drive. A 10-year-old girl was riding her bicycle southbound on King Centre Drive when she failed to yield the right of way to a car driving eastbound. She struck the car and was transported to Inova Fairfax Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. She was not wearing a helmet. The second incident that day occurred at 5:50pm. A 7-year-old girl was riding her bicycle when she struck the back of a car traveling westbound on Lauralin Place. She was transported to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries. In both cases, the young bicyclists were at fault in the crashes. Bicycling is a great opportunity for children to have fun, but let’s ensure they stay safe as well. Make sure your children are aware of the following bicycle “rules of the road:”

  • Pedestrians have the right-of-way on sidewalks.

  • When riding in the street, travel in the same direction as vehicle traffic.

  • Children under 15 years of age are required to wear a helmet.

  • A bicyclist in the street has all the rights and responsibilities of any other driver.

  • Bicyclists should know all the hand signals to indicate direction of travel.

  • When coming out of a driveway or crossing a street, bicyclists must make sure there is no other traffic before proceeding—“look both ways before entering the street.”

  • Bicyclists must obey highway signs such as stop signs.

  • Remember: many times drivers do not see bicyclists, so bicyclists should use bike flags and bright colored clothing to help drivers see them.

  • Young bicyclists should not bike after dark.

  • Bicyclists should look out for cars, other bicyclists, pedestrians, skateboarders, animals, or any other potential obstacle in their path, and they should also be careful when passing parked cars to make sure a driver is not about to pull out from the space or open a car door.

—Fairfax County Police Department, Franconia District Station

The Jungle Book

The Rose Hill Players of Rose Hill Elementary School will perform the musical adaptation of “The Jungle Book.” This classic tale follows the adventures of Mowgli, a young boy who is raised in the jungle by a family of wolves. When Shere Khan, the sinister tiger, threatens the child, Baloo and Bagheera befriend and protect him. Join Mowgli as he discovers the dangers and hilarious surprises of the jungle. 

This production is suitable for the whole family. All performances are held at Edison High School. Tickets will be available at the door:  Adults $4, Children $2. Performance times are: Friday, May 19 at 7pm; Saturday, May 20 at 12 noon; and Saturday, May 20 at 7pm.

Advertising in the Rambler

We have recently received several inquiries concerning advertising in the Rambler. While a listing in the Business Directory is free to Rose Hill residents who own their business, placing an actual advertisement is open to all with rates as follows per month:

Business Card size 3 1/2" x 2" $10
Quarter page size 3 1/2" x 4 3/4" $25
Half page size 7 1/2" x 4 3/4" $50
Full page size 7 1/2" x 9 3/4" $100

Ads may be bought for either one month only, month-to-month, or as many months in advance as desired. Our newsletter is published nine times a year, excluding July, August and December.

Advertising in the Rambler is an excellent way to reach the 700+ homes in our community. In addition, the ads each month are placed on our website. for the world to see.

Anyone interested in placing an ad may call the editor (me) at 703.924.7192. I will need the artwork sent to me either electronically in a .tiff or .jpg format or as a hard copy through the mail. Checks made out to RHCA may be included with ads mailed to me, or sent to our PO Box 10891 for quick access to the treasurer.

Marty Williams

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