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Newsletter of the Rose Hill Civic Association
April 2005

President’s Message

Section III Development on Hold, County to Brief RHCA Tuesday

Just after the March meeting, RHCA learned that the development team of Ken Thompson Associates and Diane Cox Basheer Communities no longer has a valid contract to develop the 22-plus acres known as Rose Hill Park Section III. The information came to light after RHCA called to report extensive water runoff problems and trespassers.

In an effort to obtain the latest information and update, RHCA has invited Supervisor Kauffman, County staff and the property owner to the April 26 meeting at 7pm at the John Marshall Library. Of particular concern is the status of the Special Exception approved last summer. That action included extensive conditions designed to protect existing Rose Hill properties.

Kathy Lewis of the Office of Comprehensive Planning will discuss the status of the Special Exception. Also on hand will be Olawale Ayodeji, Chief Technical Engineer in the Environmental and Facilities Review Division of the County’s Department of Public Works and Environmental Services. Mr. Ayodeji has extensive experience in dealing with development proposals for Section III.

Property owner Vic Basha has been sent a written invitation to attend our April 26 meeting and report on any plans he has for the property.

After the Special Exception was approved last summer, the Thompson-Basheer team submitted a site plan to the County’s Geotechnical Review Board and Mr. Ayodeji’s department. Mr. Ayodeji raised several questions, including some posed by RHCA, and asked the developer to do additional extensive soils tests. That work was performed in December and early January. As far as is known, no new information was submitted to the County and the contract between Thompson-Basheer and the property owner was terminated. We do not know the reason.

Perhaps the area of most concern is the status of the insurance policy or bond designed to protect Rose Hill residents. The policy/bond was one of the conditions for development agreed upon by Thompson/Basheer. The Special Exception, which allowed the County to impose reasonable conditions, was necessary at the time because of a cluster arrangement that included a buffer from existing homes.

Since then, the County has made cluster development a right without a Special Exception and the resulting conditions. This action came as the result of a bill that passed the Virginia Legislature and was signed by Governor Warner two years ago.

Unlike re-zonings that run with the land, Special Exceptions expire within a specified time frame. Therefore, the conditions concerning Section III negotiated by RHCA will expire within a few years and the property will revert back to its R-3 zoning with 59 lots.

So, the good news is that development of Section III is no longer imminent. The bad news is that we will all have to go through another development plan at a later date.

If your property is contiguous to Section III, or you live nearby, please make plans to attend the April 26th meeting. The property is located west of Rose Hill Drive, Cottonwood Drive and Winston Place, north of Carriage Drive, south of Silo Road and east of a portion of May Boulevard. Access points are off Wayside Drive and Split Rock Road.

More Development?

It appears that every vacant lot that has the potential for development is under siege. The latest candidate is a large lot with one small house located on Rock-A-By Lane. The lot recently changed hands and the owner wants to develop it with multiple houses. The lot is located behind the houses on Bee Street and its intersection with Willowood Lane and Rose Hill Drive. The land, like the rest of Rose Hill, is zoned R-3 for single family homes. In addition to access to Lark Lane, the property has a narrow easement outlet to Bee Street. And, you can be sure that there will be more tear-downs and then construction of new larger homes. RHCA will keep a watchful eye to make sure the County rules concerning height and setbacks are followed. As they say in real estate, Rose Hill has location, location, location. That should continue to add to our property values.

2005 RHCA Membership

The final 2005 membership for the Rose Hill Civic Association is listed below. If you have joined and we have omitted your name (mistakes happen), let us know and we will correct it in the May Rambler. If you have not joined and wish to support our efforts, you can find a membership form online at We will acknowledge you in the May Rambler. Thanks to all of you who have stepped up to support your civic association. We particularly thank those who contributed to the fund to maintain the plantings at the entrance sign on Rose Hill Drive at Franconia Road. We hope you will agree the flowers are lovely. Also, thanks to those who contributed to the beautification fund for the John Marshall Library flowerbed facing Rose Hill Drive. We trust you will take pride in the final result. Finally, many of you contributed to the RHCA general fund. That will allow us to respond to unexpected items that come up during the year, such as a contribution to help the family burned out on Rock-A-By Lane in March.

Safety for Our Kids

With expanded daylight hours, there are more children playing outside in Rose Hill. Unfortunately, some of them find their way into the street. Drivers should be especially careful to watch out for children either playing in or crossing the street. Parents should caution their kids to not play in the street. When the kids are outside, at least one of the parents should be on duty reminding the young folks to be careful in the street. Maybe several families could get together to make sure at least one parent is on duty. Drivers can help make sure there is not a tragedy by observing the 25-miles-per-hour speed limit. All of us should report speeders to the police. With summer coming, the kids will not be at school to get their daily safety reminders. Let us keep them safe by reminding them daily to be careful.

Identity Thieves

Recently, at 3am, a Rose Hill resident heard a commotion outside in front of the house and looked out to see two men rifling through the trashcan. They ignored a suggestion that they move on, so the resident called the police. That got them moving. The police suggested that the men were looking for financial information that included credit card numbers or social security numbers that could be used to make purchases in the name of the resident. The police reported there have been numerous such incidents in recent months. We relate this information, as a warning to everyone to pay particular attention to what might be thrown in the trash in a form that is easily accessible to thieves. Take the time to completely destroy any cards, names, or account numbers on correspondence before you throw out the trash!

Welcome Aboard, Beth!

At its March meeting, the RHCA members elected Beth Kohm as the organization’s new secretary. Beth will begin her duties at the April meeting. The really good news is that we now will have minutes in each issue of The Rambler, something that has been missing for some time. Beth is a telecommuter for a non-profit organization founded by the technology company Cisco Systems, Inc. Beth and her husband, Bob, and son, Marcus (born in 2003), live on Carriage Drive. Bob owns a sports-based website and is a freelance writer. Since there were no other volunteers, RHCA also reelected Carl Sell as president, Terrie Dacales as vice president, and Carolyn Slenska as treasurer. Having read the fine print in their contracts, Marty Williams remains The Rambler editor, Woody Betts stays on as the Neighborhood Watch coordinator, and Jim Sapp will keep up the web-site from his mountaintop in Colorado. We really would like to untie Jim’s long leash so he can enjoy his new home. Any volunteers?

—Carl Sell

Notice to Homeowners and Renters

The Rose Hill Civic Association is committed to improving and maintaining the overall beauty of our community. We applaud those residents who make the extra effort keep their properties in excellent condition. We are proud of our community and want to keep it that way. With that in mind, RHCA will be awarding ‘Rose Hill Beauty’ status to exceptional properties. Judging will take place in early May.

By the same token, we want everyone to know we will report problem properties to county authorities. Please do not leave piles of large trash items at the curb without arranging for a special pickup by your waste management company. County law forbids the storing of junk or inoperable cars either on the street or on private property. They WILL be reported.

Please try to keep your property looking nice. If you need help because of illness or age, please do not hesitate to contact me at 703.971.4716 and I will try to arrange some volunteers or contact the appropriate county agency to assist you.

—Carl Sell, President, RHCA

2005 RHCA Members as of April 15, 2005

Nouri & Suham Abbo 6115Rose Hill Drive Susan & Brent Kroetch 4700 Flower Lane
Tom Ackley 6412 Rose Hill Drive Mildred Lane 6410 May Boulevard
Rebecca Bagdasarian 6214 Driftwood Drive John & Patricia Lawrence 6330 Maryview Street
Betty Balch 6400 Hayfield Place June & Steve Lefler 6424 Carriage Drive
Frank & Rayma Bale 6315 Willowood Lane Ronald & Katherine Lender 6406 Rose Hill Drive
J. Bauserman 4531 Roundhill Road J. K. Letsche 6502 Cottonwood Drive
Margie Beach 4429 Roundhill Road Edward & Anna Lewis 6117 Leewood Drive
Connie Beatty 6428 Rose Hill Drive Eloise & Randy Lewis 4501 Bee Street
Sandy Benarick 6270 Rose Hill Drive Jackie & John Lewis 6206 Thornwood Drive
Shirley Bennington 6405 May Boulevard Jeanne & James Lockwood 6114 Clovergrass Drive
Dan & Ingrid Bearth 6417 Rose Hill Drive Charles B. Long 4602 Apple Tree Drive
Donna Beaty 4415 Roundhill Road E. Lynch-Upchurch 4701 Flower Lane
Woody & Tammy Betts 6306 Saddle Tree Drive Pete & Lynn Luginbill 6327 Rose Hill Drive
Donald Bise 4423 Roundhill Road Wellington & Anna Machmer 6200 Willowood Lane
Philip & Carol Bishop 6310 Climbhill Road John & Jane Madaris 4422 Roundhill Road
Ann Borchevsky 4511 Bee Street K. & M. Mann 6107 Leewood Drive
Jeannette Bottomley 5003 Eastchester Circle Raymond & Evelyn Market 4608 Mayor Place
Karen & Kent Boutilier 4408 Roundhill Road Robert & Ann Marshall 4421 Roundhill Road
Jim & Edie Bradbury 6427 Carriage Drive Melvin Martin 6211 Redwood Lane
Bill Braswell 6307 Climbhill Road Paulette & Stanley Martin 4517 Lark Lane
Gary Bravy 6214 Climbhill Road Obdulia Mason 6311 Saddle Tree Drive
Bob Brown 4526 Apple Tree Drive Mary Mayo 6122 Leewood Drive
Mark Broxterman 6424 Haystack Road Chris & Melissa McCay & Gary Anderson 6410 Willowood Lane
Pearl Butler 6401 Cottonwood Drive Frank & Marge McConnell 6220 Thornwood Drive
Ron & Nancy Buzalsky 4434 Roundhill Raod Madge McKay 6402 Wayside Place
Walter Calhoun 4523 Apple Tree Drive George & Susan McKittrick 6113 Clovergrass Drive
Tracy Campbell 6402 Cottonwood Drive Lou & Marnie Messinger 6603 Cottonwood Drive
Napoleon & Marie Caparas 6707 Greendale Road Charlie & Mimi Minarik 6518 Telegraph Road
Maureen & Jason Cardone 6418 Willowood Lane Edna Mitchell 6305 May Boulevard
Ralph & Altha Carrico 6112 Leewood Drive Catherine Mulner 6316 Climbhill Road
John & Penny Cashmire 4907 Silo Road Harold Murray 5003 Treetop Lane
Raul & Kelly Castillo 6413 Willowood Lane Jeannette Neidermeyer 6500 Haystack Road
Bev & Norm Cherkis 6300 Saddle Tree Drive Wanda & Michael Nelson 4425 Roundhill Road
Roger & Carol Christiansen 6409 Maryview Street But The Nguyen 6512 Rose Hill Drive
Beatrice Christensen 6500 Carriage Drive Dave & Linda Nichols 6416 Rose Hill Drive
Robert Ciccotelli 6511 Haystack Road Songdade & Naparat Nimjareansuk 4507 Apple Tree Drive
Lois Corbin 6221 Blossom Lane Twila Noble 6316 Rose Hill Drive
Shirley Mae Collins 6103 Leewood Drive Cloteal Norris 6012 Leewood Drive
Craig & Carol Contardi 6517 Haystack Road John & Kathy O’Connor 6519 Haystack Road
Sam Covington 6302 Saddle Tree Drive William & Janelle Parker 6417 Willowood Lane
Martha R Cumba 6014 Leewood Drive Jose & Maria Perla 5002 Greenhaven Place
Virginia Dalghren 6611 Cottonwood Drive Lucy & Larry Pettit 6501 Carriage Drive
E. & K. Davidson 4607 Roundhill Road Charles & Jeska Pfefferle 6503 Haystack Road
Robin & David Dodson 6400 Wayside Place Brenda & Stephen Phillips 6408 Maryview Street
Harry Dodson 6319 May Boulevard Robert & Ginny Pinkham 6514 Carriage Drive
Steve & Holly Dougherty 4522 Roundhill Road C. Roy & Susan B. Poff 6328 Maryview Street
Myrna Downey 6516 Telegraph Road Jo Ann Ponce 6203 Willowood Lane
Dennis Dzierzawski 6210 Thornwood Drive Louise Prystaloski 4910 Silo Road
John & Betty Elliott 6411 Maryview Street Anna Pulman 6510 Haystack Road
Beverly Eppolito 6217 Driftwood Drive Nick & Vivian Rashidi 6506 Rose Hill Drive
Michael & Bernice Evans 6411 Willowood Lane Gopal & Krishna Ray 6412 Willowood Lane
Susan Feagley 4705 Split Rock Road Monica & Alan Reed 6422 Rose Hill Drive
Tom Felleisen 6406 Hayfield Place Adam & Rita Rice 6431 Carriage Drive
Rosie & Mike Field 4426 Roundhill Road James & Nancy Richey 4402 Roundhill Road
Joseph Finnegan 6409 Hayfield Place James Ridgell 6513 Cottonwood Drive
Anna Fish 6301 Cottonwood Drive David Ridgway 4609 Cottonwood Place
Trigg & Beverly Flannagan 6514 Haystack Road Lori Scheibe 5010 Treetop Lane
Helen Flahive 6416 Cottonwood Drive Carl & Marti Sell 6601 Cottonwood Drive
Jane & Larry Fowler 6320 Maryview Street James & Marie Sherfey 6415 Rose Hill Drive
Gordon & Cheryl Flockhart 6223 Driftwood Drive Chris & Sara Sicks 6606 Cottonwood Drive
Barry & Zoe-Ann Freitag 6303 May Boulevard Joan & George Simms 6434 Carriage Drive
Larry & Connie Fulk 6410 Cottonwood Drive Diana & Marty Shupack 6419 Haystack Road
Ed Funk 4428 Roundhill Road Burton & Debbie Slack 4803 Apple Tree Drive
Kae Furneisen 4912 Treetop Lane Michael Smith & Ratri Friend 6111 Leewood Drive
Dorothy Furr 6412 Cottonwood Drive Willard Smith 6004 Leewood Drive
Ed & Shirley Gailliot 4801 Apple Tree Drive Mark & Dottie Snyder 6322 Maryview Street
Adam & Kate Gillespie 6507 Haystack Road Donald Stallings 6407 Willowood Lane
John & Erica Good 4604 Roundhill Road Jean & Bill Stemple 6306 Cottonwood Drive
Blanche Goulet 6313 Saddle Tree Drive Fred & Mary Stinnette 4520 Apple Tree Drive
Mike & Bonnie Greek 6330 Willowood Lane Terry Stone 4522 Apple Tree Drive
Kathleen Gregson 6411 Rose Hill Drive Ray Stone 4528 Roundhill Road
Johanna Guccione 6013 Leewood Drive Tom Strah 6421 Rose Hill Drive
Chris & Susie Guinto 6515 Haystack Road Don & Tinker Szamborski 4615 Winston Place
Helen Hass 6304 Cottonwood Drive Alberta Taylor 6308 Cottonwood Drive
Alice and Elmer Haupt 6208 Thornwood Drive Barbara Taylor 4433 Roundhill Road
Lucio Herrara 4525 Apple Tree Drive Rex & Linda Taylor 6505 Haystack Road
Linda Hestvik 4515 Sturbridge Place Jean Thomson 6302 Cottonwood Drive
Fredy & Maxine Heyer 4704 Flower Lane Paul Turneer 4414 Roundhill Road
Thomas & Sharon Holliday 6613 Cottonwood Drive Stein Van Egmond 6508 Cottonwood Drive
Alice & Edward Holloman 4518 Sturbridge Place Monroe & Helena Varney 4520 Roundhill Road
Emilie Hood 5012 Treetop Lane Barbara Vereen 6222 Thornwood Drive
Kevin & Kelli Hoover 6314 Saddle Tree Drive Connie Vincenzes 6610 Cottonwood Drive
James & Susie Hudson 6413 Maryview Street Tom & Wanda Violette 6408 May Boulevard
Christian & Meredith Hunter 6410 Maryview Street Enid Wagstrom & Ronda Edwards 5004 Eastchester Circle
Tri Huynh 6423 Carriage Drive Helen Wangness 4704 Apple Tree Drive
D.J. Jamison 4707 Split Rock Road Macy Watts 6008 Leewood Drive
Barbara & Clifford James 6412 May Boulevard Fran Watts 6508 Haystack Road
Helen Johnson 4517 Apple Tree Drive Don & Nina Weber 6120 Dew Grass Drive
M. & F. Justice 6402 Rose Hill Drive Karen Wheeless 6709 Greendale Road
Jim & Lynda Kandul 6218 Blossom Lane Jeff & Katie Whitney 6705 Greendale Road
Jack & Terry Kannofsky 6512 Carriage Drive Alice Wilder & Thomas Mangum 6413 Rose Hill Drive
Mr. & Mrs. E. L. Kesler 4405 Roundhill Road Louise Westgate 6208 Greendale Road
Audrey Kick 4517 Sturbridge Place Marty & Dwight Williams 6509 Cottonwood Drive
Yong Sung Kim 6211 Thornwood Drive Jeffrey Williams 6121 Dew Grass Court
Elizabeth & Robert Kohm 6429 Carriage Drive Charles & Patricia Wimberly 6506 Haystack Road
George E. Krapf 6322 Rose Hill Drive Charley Worley 4513 Roundhill Road
Donald Krause 6300 Rose Hill Drive Michael & Julie Yutesler 6222 Blossom Lane

We had some technical difficulties with our final list, especially from the Ws to the Zs. Wherever you land in the alphabet, if we omitted or misspelled your name, please let any of the officers know so we can correct it in the May Rambler. If you wish to join us, go to, print out the membership form and put it in the mail, or bring it with you to Tuesday’s meeting.

Report from the Treasurer (March 22, 2005)

Rose Hill Civic Association 50th Anniversary Picnic


Proceeds and Expenditures

DJ $250
UPS Store (extra printing) $59.64
Roy Rogers $75
Vocelli’s Pizza $85
Miscellaneous (day of picnic misc. items purchased) $36.63
Total Expenditures $506.27
Total Ticket Proceeds $295.30
Total Cost Paid by RHCA to Fund Picnic $210.97

T -Shirt Purchase Prices

June 2004 $1056.44
September 2004 $465.09

Total Purchase Price

June 2004 $704.00
October 2004 $256.00
November 2004 $367.00

Total Proceeds

Total Cost Paid by RHCA Towards T-Shirts To-Date $194.53
Total Cost to RHCA Towards 50th Anniversary Picnic $405.50

Rose Hill 50th Anniversary T-Shirt Half Price Sale

Rose Hill Residents
Pay Only $6, $7 for XXL

At these prices, supplies won’t last long, so hurry and call Linda Nichols at 703.971.0755. They’ll also be on sale at the April RHCA meeting.

The next Rambler deadline is May 13, 2005.
The next delivery weekend is May 21-22, 2005.

Advertising in the Rambler

We have recently received several inquiries concerning advertising in the Rambler. While a listing in the Business Directory is free to Rose Hill residents who own their business, placing an actual advertisement is open to all with rates as follows per month:

Business Card size 3 1/2" x 2" $10
Quarter page size 3 1/2" x 4 3/4" $25
Half page size 7 1/2" x 4 3/4" $50
Full page size 7 1/2" x 9 3/4" $100

Ads may be bought for either one month only, month-to-month, or as many months in advance as desired. Our newsletter is published nine times a year, excluding July, August and December.

Advertising in the Rambler is an excellent way to reach the 700+ homes in our community. In addition, the ads each month are placed on our website. for the world to see.

Anyone interested in placing an ad may call the editor (me) at 703.924.7192. I will need the artwork sent to me either electronically in a .tiff or .jpg format or as a hard copy through the mail. Checks made out to RHCA may be included with ads mailed to me, or sent to our PO Box 10891 for quick access to the treasurer.

Marty Williams

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