Newsletter of the Rose Hill Civic Association
April 2004

President's Message

Rose Hill Entrance Sign Repaired; 50th Anniversary Signs Erected

Barring any complications, the entrance sign at Rose Hill Drive and Franconia Road should be fully repaired by the time you receive this edition of The Rambler. Included is a large sign noting our community’s 50th anniversary. Additionally, the smaller 50th anniversary signs at other entrances to the community should be in place!

Thanks to Ron Dillon of Winston Place and his workforce, the main entrance sign is back in place. Ron did the job far cheaper than previous estimates. RHCA greatly appreciates his efforts.

Some months back, the stone work on the sign crumbled because the mortar gave way. Ron’s crew reinstalled the stones, using a stronger adhesive and reinforcing rods. They also fixed the wood portion of the sign, which had blown off during the heavy winds on Palm Sunday. Finally, they reattached the 50th anniversary sign.

The smaller 50th anniversary signs have been installed at community entrances on Split Rock Road, Rose Hill Drive, Climbhill Road, and Willowood Lane at the Telegraph Road entrances. A sign also has been installed in the media on Leewood near Franconia Road and in the median of Rose Hill Drive across from the Library (just in case anyone misses the others on Rose Hill Drive).

Thanks to Jim Sapp and Norm Cherkis for their help installing the smaller entrance signs!

The cost of the repair to the main entrance sign and the 50th anniversary signs totaled $2,400 dollars. The Rose Hill Apartments have promised a contribution toward the repair of the main sign.

Thanks to those of you who contributed to the 50th Anniversary fund and to the general fund of RHCA. Those contributions, combined with our membership dues, allowed RHCA to undertake these major projects.


Let’s Keep Rose Hill A Great Place to Live

Along with 2004 memberships, I received several notes from residents who were concerned about our community’s future. They noted the growing number of poorly maintained properties, junk cars in plain view, and the large number of vehicles at numerous residences.

Despite those concerns, the value of properties in Rose Hill continues to spiral upward. The larger models with basements or walkouts are approaching $400,000. And, that is affordable housing by today’s standards!

However, that value will not continue to hold if the community deteriorates. For the life of me, I cannot imagine either a long-time resident or a newcomer not being interested in maintaining property value. It is in everyone’s best interest.

RHCA is committed to maintaining Rose Hill’s excellent image and high value. We are NOT going to let a few run-down properties remain that way. Sometimes it takes years (witness the property on Apple Tree Drive near Blossom Lane), but we will not give up. We are working with the County to clean up the mess on Roundhill Road at Willowood Lane. Eventually, we will force either the County or the owner to clean up it up.

Rest assured we will continue to work with County zoning officials, the Health Department, and the Police to keep our community looking good. You can help by reporting crime or suspicious activity to the police. Call 911 for a crime in progress and 703.691.2131 to report suspicious activity. Report zoning problems to Zoning Enforcement at 703.324.1300.

RHCA is trying to coordinate the reports on junk, unlicensed, and/or inoperable cars in plain view, so give me a call at 703.971.4716 so I can check them out. The law is specific about cars being in plain view from the street, so we have to make sure we do not waste the police department’s time. There is only one regular officer in the entire county authorized to remove such vehicles. That soon may change, but that is the way it is at present.

If you are uncomfortable reporting zoning violations, please give me a call and I will do it on behalf of RHCA.

We do not have much of a crime problem here in Rose Hill, thanks to a well-organized Neighborhood Watch. Thanks to Woody Betts and his watchers, we have few problems. We greatly appreciate their efforts!

—Carl Sell, RHCA President

April 27th Meeting Agenda

We will be discussing plans for a 50th anniversary celebration at the Tuesday, April 27th meeting at 7pm at the John Marshall Library. Jim Bradbury of Carriage Drive has agreed to chair the committee planning the event. We are looking for additional volunteers and ideas. One of the items to be discussed Tuesday is the timing and site of the celebration. We have received numerous ideas and would like to organize them into an action plan. If you have any time to help, it would be greatly appreciated. We also are looking for items of interest from 1954. In subsequent issues of The Rambler, we will outline some personalities, news, songs, movies, and TV shows from that era. What do you recall from then? Or will you help us with the research? Do you know of anyone who has any vintage vehicles from 1954? Come to the meeting and share your ideas.

Section III Public Hearing

By now, you probably have seen the large yellow signs announcing the hearing date for the proposed development of Rose Hill Section III. If you have been reading The Rambler or checking over the last year, you know exactly what is going on.

If you have not and would like more information, please attend the Rose Hill Civic Association meeting on Tuesday, April 27 at 7pm at the John Marshall Library. RHCA voted unanimously at its February meeting to support the Special Exception for cluster development of this major site in our midst.

Why, you might ask!

Because the developer has agreed to reduce density from 59 lots to 45, provide a buffer for existing homes, and provide insurance against damage caused by the new development during construction. RHCA deems this development superior to what could be built by right under the existing zoning.

And, why do we think it could be built by right after the community has successfully fought off development on this marine-clay-laden site for almost 40 years?

Highland Estates and money, that is why.

Despite RHCA’s objections, the County approved development on the Highland Park pool site, which has many of the same problems at Section III. We do not want that to happen again. Go take a look at the mess on the side of the hill bordering Maryview Street, Roundhill Road, Climbhill Road, and Saddle Tree Drive. Or, take a look at the pictures provided on

And, the value of land has risen so dramatically recently that developers can spend the necessary funds on engineering schemes that can pass County scrutiny. The new houses at Highland Estates are advertised "in the low $600s." The houses in Section III, to be called "Rose Hill Reserve," will probably be pricier that that!

The Planning Commission public hearing is on Thursday, April 29. The meeting begins at 8:15pm at the Government Center near Fairfax. Prepare for a long evening, as the agenda is not set until the meeting starts. Since there are other cases on the agenda, we do not know for sure when the Rose Hill case will be heard.

If you would like to testify, call the Planning Commission Office at 703-324-2865 to have your name placed on the speaker’s list.

Supervisor Kauffman has tentatively scheduled the Board of Supervisors public hearing for Monday, June 7. We appreciate his support in making sure this case is heard prior to July 1 when a new ordinance would allow the developer to proceed by right without any negotiated conditions or public hearings. That would undo all the concessions negotiated by RHCA to reduce density and protect neighboring properties.

For a complete report n the case, go to and click on "Rose Hill Reserve." Take note of the development conditions that will become law upon adoption by the Board of Supervisors.

Rose Hill Beauty Time!

In addition to flowers, shrubs, trees, and grass, Rose Hill Beauty signs also sprout in the Spring. It will not be long before the judges are making their rounds, looking for well-kept properties to anoint as "Rose Hill Beauties." We are looking for additional judges. If you would like to join us, please call either Carl Sell at 703.971.4716 or Terrie Dacales at 703.317.5912. If you cannot spare the time to look at the entire community, maybe you can survey your neighborhood for exceptionally well maintained and landscaped properties and give us a call. That way, we will be less likely to overlook someone. All the properties chosen will be identified in the June Rambler. RHCA members only will get yard signs. After all, they help pay for them!

Secretary Needed

Although Terrie, Carolyn, and I have signed up for another year as RHCA officers, no one has come forward to fill the office of Secretary. We desperately need someone to take minutes at the meetings and provide them for publication in The Rambler. They do not need to be professionally done as long as they accurately reflect the motions made at the meetings. RHCA meets nine times a year on the fourth Tuesday of each month except July, August, and December. The Secretary also serves as a member of the Board of Directors, providing advice and input on issues that arise between meetings. Please give any of the current officers a call if you would like additional information.

Attention Grandmothers!  The Granny Squares Invite You to Join Their Grandmothers Club

This local club was formed in 1995 and we are the only grandmothers club in all of Virginia. We are part of the National Federation of Grandmother Clubs of America, which is a non-profit, charitable and educational organization comprised of grandmothers throughout the United States. The Federation has approximately 3500 members in over 125 clubs.

Objectives of Club

  • To honor Grandmotherhood through the observance of the second Sunday of October as National Grandmothers’ Day and to work to have it so established by legislation throughout the United States.
  • To further the social and educational interests of its members.
  • To promote better understanding of the privileges and obligations we enjoy as American citizens.
  • To contribute to the research on children’s diseases.
  • To support charitable projects as adopted by the National Federation.
  • To promote interest in, to work for and to contribute to the needs of children in education (reading).

If you are interested in learning more about our club we meet the first Tuesday of each month at the Franconia Governmental Center at 7:30pm. If you would like further information please contact Beverly Cherkis, President, at 703.971.2326 or Fran Watts, Publicity, at 703.971.5934.

—Fran Watts

Rose Hill 50th Anniversary Celebration

I have agreed to lead a committee in developing plans for a Rose Hill 50th anniversary celebration. Currently, two volunteers have agreed to help with this effort. Many more are needed. We need ideas for where to hold the event, what kind of event to have, and when to have the event.

Time range suggested: July to October time period.

Suggested locations: Rose Hill school grounds, Lee District Park, Rose Hill Shopping Center, sidewalks along Rose Hill Drive, neighborhood street parties.

Events suggested have been: October fest, Ethnic Pot Luck, Music and guest speakers, displays of original home pictures, Food booth sales, dunking booths, children games.

While all these ideas have merit, we need a good group of people to pull this off. When we get a few more people, we will try to get support from neighborhood businesses and the Rose Hill PTA. If you can spare some time for our committee, please call me at 703.971.8878 or email me at

—Jim Bradbury, Committee Chairman

Volunteers Needed at Lee District ReCenter

For 4 hours a week of volunteer duty, you earn FREE USE of the Lee District ReCenter (pool, fitness room, gym and basketball). We have many needs and are extremely flexible.

Contact the volunteer coordinator, Mike Guignard, at 703.922.9841 ext. 211 for more information or drop by the ReCenter and fill out a volunteer application form.

Original Rambler

My name is Leo Joseph Arico. My parents bought 6401 May Boulevard in the fall of 1957. At that time, the original manor house (abandoned) still stood. The farm was managed by a Mr. Cook; who, for a number of years, kept pigs and baled hay. When the farm closed, the site was used by a construction company that fabricated the wall panels for the houses near Telegraph Road (Split Rock, Cottonwood, etc.).

Our original address was 2308 May, and the telephone numbers were "SOuth 5-xxxx." My father contracted for central air conditioning; we were, for years, the only house in the neighborhood to have it.

On our website,, there is a photograph taken by Mrs. Noble of the burning of the manor house by the Franconia Volunteer Fire Department. The fat kid looking into the camera is me.

—Leo Arico

Original Ramblers

Thanks for all your contributions!  But, we want more!  If you are one of Rose Hill's original owners, we'd love to print your story about how you came to live in Rose Hill. In connection with our 50th anniversary, we are trying to collect stories from all those who bought their houses in 1954-55. It doesn't have to be long and wordy or perfect English (I will help you with that), just as long as it comes from you. Even if you're not an original owner and have a stow to tell, we'd love to include it in the next Rambler. eMail me with your thoughts, notes, and stories (, and put Rose Hill or The Rambler the subject line so I won't delete it. If you don't have access to eMail, you can mail it to the Association's P.O. Box 10891, Alexandria, VA 22310.

Hope to hear from you soon!
Marty Williams

The Honor Role of RHCA Members for 2004

We have concluded our membership drive for 2004. Listed below is the membership list. For the convenience of those who forgot to sign up, we have printed the 2004 membership form in this edition of The Rambler. We will list additional members individually in the May Rambler.

You also can find a form at While you are there, take a look at all the interesting information about your community. You will find links to State and County websites along with other informative sites.

We cannot be effective without the support of the community! Thanks to each of the people listed below who support their community.

Members as of April 15, 2004 (186)

Nouri & Suham Abbou 6115 Rose Hill Drive Cynthia Johnson-Cavey 5009 Eastchester Circle
Beatrice W. Adcock 6500 Carriage Drive Rick & Karen Jones 6420 Willowood Lane
Gary Anderson 6406 Willowood Lane Marvin & Frances Justice 6402 Rose Hill Drive
Nancy & Wilmer Anderson 4500 Apple Tree Drive Tri Huynh 6423 Carriage Drive
Nida & Jerry Antonio 6406 May Boulevard Frank & Patricia Jencks 6416 Willowood Lane
Dave & Pam Applegate 6307 Willowood Lane James & Lynda Kandul 6218 Blossom Lane
Rebecca Bagdasarian 6214 Driftwood Drive Jack & Terry Kannofsky 6512 Carriage Drive
Betty Balch 6400 Hayfield Place Audrey S. Kick 4517 Sturbridge Place
Frank & Rayma Bale 6315 Willowood Lane Karen Kinlin 6408 Willowood Lane
JoAnn Barney 5000 Treetop Lane Yun S. Kim 6205 Thornwood Drive
J. E. Bauserman 4531 Roundhill Road Yong Kim 6211 Thornwood Drive
Margie Beach 4429 Roundhill Road Susan & Brent Kroetch 4700 Flower Lane
Dan Bearth 6417 Rose Hill Drive Michael & Elizabeth Lambertson 6310 May Boulevard
Sandra Benarick 6270 Rose Hill Drive Mildred Lane 6410 May Boulevard
Shirley Bennington 6405 May Boulevard Mary LaRock 6303 Cottonwood Drive
Ruth Bernhardt 4803 Flower Lane Steve & June Lefler 6424 Carriage Drive
Woody & Tammy Betts 6306 Saddle Tree Drive Danny & Maria Lenore 6418 Cottonwood Drive
Donald E. Bise 4423 Roundhill Road J.K. Letsche 6502 Cottonwood Drive
Philip & Carol Bishop 6310 Roundhill Road Charles B. Long 4602 Apple Tree Drive
John Blush 6607 Cottonwood Drive Randy & Eloise Lewis 4501 Bee Street
Ann & Chris Borchevsky 4511 Bee Street John & Jackie Lewis 6206 Thornwood Drive
Jeannette Bottomley 5003 Eastchester Circle James & Jeanne Lockwood 6114 Clovergrass Drive
James & Edith Bradbury 6427 Carriage Drive E.A. Lynch-Upchurch 4701 Flower Lane
Bill Braswell 6307 Climbhill Road W. R. Machmer 6200 Willowood Lane
Gary J. Bravy 6214 Climbhill Road Ulrike Barbara Maedler 4506 Apple Tree Drive
Bob Brown 4526 Apple Tree Drive Ken & Mary Mann 6107 Leewood Drive
Mark & Lorraine Broxterman 6424 Haystack Road Raymond & Evelyn Market 4608 Mayor Place
Pearl Butler 6401 Cottonwood Drive Robert & Ann Marshall 4421 Roundhill Road
Tracy L. Campbell 6402 Cottonwood Drive Melvin L. Martin 6211 Redwood Lane
Jason & Maureen Cardone 6418 Willowood Lane Obdulia R. Mason 6311 Saddle Tree Drive
John & Penny Cashmire 4907 Silo Road Bobby & Betty Matney 6518 Carriage Drive
Raul & Kelly Castillo 6413 Willowood Lane Mary Mayo 6122 Leewood Drive
Gillian Chauncey & Rebecca Fussman 4507 Apple Tree Drive Chris & Melissa McCay 6406 Willowood Lane
Robert & Karen Cleary 4905 Silo Road George & Susan McKittrick 6113 Clovergrass Drive
Bev & Norm Cherkis 6300 Saddle Tree Drive Michael D. McLean 6433 Carriage Drive
Roger & Carol Christiansen 6409 Maryview Street Lou & Marnie Messinger 6603 Cottonwood Drive
Robert G. Ciccotelli 6511 Haystack Lane Charlie & Mimi Minarik 6518 Telegraph Road
Helen Cofer 6218 Saddle Tree Drive Edna Mitchell 6305 May Boulevard
Sally Coler 6401 Hayfield Place Catherine Molner 6316 Climbhill Road
Shirley Mae Collins 6103 Leewood Drive Jack & Dorothy Moore 6512 Cottonwood Drive
Lois Corbin 6221 Blossom Lane Harold Murray 5003 Treetop Lane
Sam Covington 6302 Saddle Tree Drive Twila Noble 6316 Rose Hill Drive
Terrie Dacales 5912 Ewing Place Songdade & Naparat Nimjareansuk 4507 Apple Tree Drive
Jane & Margo Cunniffe 4609 Mayor Place Joe & Margaret Owens 6309 Willowood Lane
Virginia Dahlgren 6611 Cottonwood Drive William & Janelle Parker 6417 Willowood Lane
Frances J. Davis 6221 Thornwood Drive Thakor & Parvati Patel 6401 Maryview Street
Lee Davis & Carol Hall 6314 Climbhill Road Jeska & Charles Pfefferle 6503 Haystack Road
E. & K. Davidson 4607 Roundhill Road Stephen & Brenda Phillips 6408 Maryview Street
Barbara Digman 6217 Blossom Lane Mr. & Mrs. R.C. Pinkham 6514 Carriage Drive
Steve & Holly Dougherty 4522 Roundhill Road Larry & Lucy Petitt 6501 Carriage Drive
Dennis Dzierzawski 6210 Thornwood Drive Anna M. Pulman 6510 Haystack Road
Harry W. Dodson 6319 May Boulevard Gopal & Krishna Ray 6412 Willowood Lane
M. E. Downey 6516 Telegraph Road Nancy & Jim Richey 4402 Roundhill Road
Michael & Shirley Doyle 6410 Willowood Drive James Ridgell 6513 Cottonwood Drive
Francis Dugan 6118 Driftwood Drive Joe & Joyce Ruggero 6310 Saddle Tree Drive
Stien van Egmond 6508 Cottonwood Drive Jim & Pat Sapp 6422 Haystack Road
John R. Elliott 6411 Maryview Street Kathleen Schaefer 5912 Ewing Place
Beverly Eppolito 6217 Driftwood Drive Lori Scheibe 5010 Treetop Lane
Michael & Bernice Evans 6411 Willowood Lane Carl & Marti Sell 6601 Cottonwood Drive
Wahed Faraz 4608 Roundhill Road Diana & Marty Shupack 6419 Haystack Road
Susan Feagley 4705 Split Rock Road Chris & Sara Sicks 6606 Cottonwood Drive
Tom Fellisen 6406 Hayfield Place Cragin & Kay Shelton 4403 Roundhill Road
Joseph Finnegan 6409 Hayfield Place Bert & Debbie Slack 4803 Apple Tree Drive
Anna Fish 6301 Cottonwood Drive Carolyn Slenska 6308 Climbhill Road
Helen Flahive 6416 Cottonwood Drive Michael Smith & Ratri Friend 6111 Leewood Drive
Trigg & Beverly Flannagan 6514 Haystack Road George & Joan Simms 6434 Carriage Drive
Larry & Jane Fowler 6320 Maryview Street William & Jean Stemple 6306 Cottonwood Drive
Barry & Zoe-Ann Freitag 6303 May Boulevard Ray M. Stone 4528 Roundhill Road
Larry & Connie Fulk 6410 Cottonwood Drive Terry Stone 4522 Apple Tree Drive
Ed & Marilyn Funk 4428 Roundhill Road Mary Stinnette & Gladys Head 4520 Apple Tree Drive
Kae Furneisen 4912 Treetop Lane Thomas M. Strah 6421 Rose Hill Drive
Dorothy Furr 6412 Cottonwood Drive Don & Tinker Szamborski 4615 Winston Place
Edward & Shirley Galliott 4801 Apple Tree Drive Alberta J. Taylor 6308 Cottonwood Drive
Marlene Garlick 6404 Haystack Road Rex & Linda Taylor 6505 Haystack Road
William & Christina Gerke 4905 Apple Tree Drive Stan & Cynthia Thomas 4701 Split Rock Road
John & Erika Good 4604 Roundhill Road Jenn & Robert Thomson 6302 Cottonwood Drive
Alan Goozner & Terry Bradley 6518 Haystack Road Monroe & Helen Varney 4520 Roundhill Road
B.D. Goulet 6313 Saddle Tree Drive Connie Vincenzes 6610 Cottonwood Drive
Mike & Bonnie Greek 6330 Willowood Lane Ronda & Enid Wagstrom 5004 Eastchester Circle
Johanna Guccione 6013 Leewood Drive Helen Wagness 4704 Apple Tree Drive
Chris & Susie Guinto 6515 Haystack Road Frances Watts 6508 Haystack Road
Helen Hass 6304 Cottonwood Drive Macy Watts 6008 Leewood Drive
Joe & Lorraine Hatcher 6102 Leewood Drive Don & Nina Weber 6120 Dew Grass Drive
Elmer & Alice Haupt 6208 Thornwood Drive Peter & Edrie Weekly 6202 Thornwood Drive
Lucio Herrera 4525 Apple Tree Drive Louise & Rick Westgate 6708 Greendale Road
L.M. Hestvik 4515 Sturbridge Place Claude & Betty Wheeler 6318 May Boulevard
Maxine & Fredy Heyer 4704 Flower Lane Karen Wheeless 6709 Greendale Road
Douglas & Betsy Hoey 6208 Redwood Lane Dwight & Marty Williams 6509 Cottonwood Drive
Emilie Hood 5012 Treetop Lane Jeff & Anita Williams 6121 Dew Grass Drive
L.M. Holman 4611 Roundhill Road Michael & Lisa Wolfe 6411 Cottonwood Drive
Edward & Juanita Holloman 4518 Sturbridge Place Charlie Worley 4513 Roundhill Road
Jim & Susie Hudson 6413 Maryview Street Pam & Jamie Yereb 4617 Winston Place
Helen Johnson 4517 Apple Tree Drive Norma Jean Youmans 6303 Climbhill Road

If we have omitted or misspelled your name, please call or e-mail any of the officers and we will correct it in the May edition of The Rambler.

—Carl Sell Update

It has been a productive month for your website -  I have updated several existing webpages and have developed several new pages to help keep track of activities within our Community and Association.  I think you will find most of the updates very useful and informative.  The updates include:

  • Virginia State Senate Update with Proposed Budgets - Jay O'Brian has provided an update of Virginia Senate activities including a very informative comparison of the budgets proposed by the Governor, House, and Senate.  Considering the spread of the three proposals, it is easy to understand how difficult the budget process must be. You will find this update in the "Correspondence" webpage.
  • 50th Anniversary Planning - Planning continues for the Rose Hill 50th Anniversary Celebration but there is still much to do and volunteers are sorely needed.  To help keep track of the activities, I have developed a website to host information related to the planning and to identify the responsibilities of the volunteers.  Jim Bradbury has agreed to chair the committee but, as you will see, he still needs lots of volunteers to help with the planning.  This is a great opportunity to get involved in your community, don't let it slip away.  You will find the link on our homepage.
  • Rose Hill Reserve - I may have mentioned this website before, however, new information has been added including the upcoming Fairfax County Planning Commission meeting.  This meeting, scheduled for April 29th, is open to the pubic and you are encouraged to attend.  You will find details about the meeting on our homepage as well as the Rose Hill Reserve webpage.
  • Highland Estates Photo Gallery - I have updated the Highland Estates photo gallery.  Considerable progress has been made since the last update and a couple homes are already under roof.  These homes are huge by Rose Hill standards and will certainly contribute to the value of our homes and, of course, our real estate taxes. (just the news you wanted, I am sure.) You will find the link in the "Special Photo Gallery" section on our homepage.
  • Van Dorn Extension Photo Gallery - I know you will find this hard to believe but progress has been made on the Van Dorn extension.  There is still much work to be done but the project just may be completed this summer. (Wishful thinking on my part.)  The completion of this project will go along way to reduce the through traffic on Rose Hill Drive.  Telegraph Road, however, will continue to have chronic rush hour delays until a new road is built through Fort Belvoir replacing the closed Woodlawn Road.  You will find the link on our homepage in the "Special Photo Gallery" section on our homepage.
  • "The Locusts are Coming" - Well, they are not really locusts but Cicadas.  For all the facts and figures about this 17-year event, check out this link to a very informative National Geographic website titled "Cicada Invasion: Eastern U.S. Braces for Bug Swarm."  If this is your first time (my third) to experience the emergence of the 17-year Cicada, you are in for a real "treat."  You will find the link on our homepage. You can't miss it, just "flick on" the bug.
  • Eye on Crime - I have updated the Fairfax County "Eye on Crime" newsletter.  You will find the link on our homepage in the "Neighborhood Watch" section.
  • Crime Reports - The weekly crime reports are uptodate.

I suspect there are other changes and updates that I have failed to mention but, this is enough to keep you busy for a while.  If you have ideas or suggestions to improve, don't hesitate to drop me a note.  After all, this is your website and I am sure you want it to be the best it can be.

—Jim Sapp

Community Rallies to Save Pool

The Virginia Hills Swim Club will open Memorial Day weekend with the first phase of a multi year capital improvement plan completed. Improvements in phase one include a completely refurbished bathhouse, new landscaping and refurbished building exteriors.

In subsequent years a new pool deck will be installed, the pool bottom will be refinished and new expanded snack bar will be added.

The prospects for the 50 year old swim club were not good this past winter. Faced with declining membership, a shortage of funds, and the need for major updates and repairs, the pool board notified shareholders and called for a general meeting

Things looked pretty bleak on the cold November night when the board members set up for the meeting at the old Virginia Hills Elementary School. But as one pool member after another trudged in, a sense of hope crept in, too. Instead of apathy, the board found a packed house, and was delighted when those in attendance voted to do whatever it took to keep the pool going.

The decision to find a way to keep the pool open was just the beginning. The hard work was still ahead. Various committees were formed to explore different fundraising options and to detail just how much work was needed to get the aging facility back in shape. Not only did they need to come up with an estimate of how much it would cost to make the immediate, essential repairs, but they also needed to determine what could be done to revitalize the club in order to attract new members.

As the list of repairs and the cost estimates were finalized a sense of determination set in. The pool, it turned out, was not just a place to swim—it was a symbol of the community itself and members believed in this community enough to bet their own money on it. Many members and even some alumni (former members who no longer live in the area) have purchased bonds, repayable in five years to help fund renovations. A commercial loan may be sought, if necessary, but the board hopes to make the project largely self-funded.

The Virginia Hills Swim Club board would like you and your family to be a part of this community too. There are a variety of social activities planned for both families and adults. If you have children, the pool provides instant entertainment. Plus, kids of all levels and abilities are welcome to join the swim team, which is a great way for them to make friends, get exercise, and improve their technique. "They don’t have to be great swimmers, as long as they can make it across the pool, they’re eligible" says Keith Rodgers, swim team representative.

But please consider joining for yourself as well. You’ll enjoy the great outdoors and get some exercise while cooling off in the midsummer heat and get a chance to meet some new neighbors. And you’ll be supporting the local community, helping to keep it vibrant.

"We are actively seeking new members," says club board member Tim Logue. "Many of the other pools in this area have stopped taking new members, your name will just be placed on a waiting list, but Virginia Hills is actively seeking new members, you’ll be able to swim right away. So join today!"

The Virginia Hills Swim Club can be contacted at PO Box 10233, Alexandria Virginia 22310, or you can call 703.317.5900 for more information.

—Your Neighbors at Virginia Hills Swim Club

Two Rambler Positions Available (Volunteer, of course!)

We are seeking someone to help deliver The Rambler 9 times a year.  It is an easy part-time job, perfect for someone who like to walk, including students, moms, and retirees. We are also seeking an individual who will volunteer to sell ads for The Rambler. Spending just a few hours a month can yield big returns for your Civic Association. The rates are so reasonable, many businesses can't resist. For more information, contact Marty Williams (703.924.7192) or Carl Sell (703.971.4716).

The next Rambler deadline is May 14, 2004
The next delivery weekend is May 22 - 23, 200

Advertising in the Rambler

We have recently received several inquiries concerning advertising in the Rambler. While a listing in the Business Directory is free to Rose Hill residents who own their business, placing an actual advertisement is open to all with rates as follows per month:

Business Card size 3 1/2" x 2" $10
Quarter page size 3 1/2" x 4 3/4" $25
Half page size 7 1/2" x 4 3/4" $50
Full page size 7 1/2" x 9 3/4" $100

Ads may be bought for either one month only, month-to-month, or as many months in advance as desired. Our newsletter is published nine times a year, excluding July, August and December.

Advertising in the Rambler is an excellent way to reach the 700+ homes in our community. In addition, the ads each month are placed on our website for the world to see.

Anyone interested in placing an ad may call me at 703-924-7192. Artwork can be sent to in tiff or jpeg format or hardcopy mailed to P.O. Box 10891, Alexandria, VA 22310. Checks made out to RHCA should be included with ads and sent to the P.O. Box.

Marty Williams

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