Park County GOP Elected Officials
A badge of honor -- every local elected official in Park County is a Republican.

Mike Brazell

Commissioner, District 1 (303-884-1655)
District 1 encompasses the central part of eastern Park County on the south side of US 285 through the Platte Canyon area.

Dick Elsner

Commissioner, District 2 (719-839-0486)
District 2 encompasses roughly the northeast corner of Park County, primarily the Platte Canyon area north of US 285.

Mark Dowaliby

Commissioner, District 3 (719-836-4211)
District 3 encompasses roughly the entire South Park area including Jefferson, Como, Fairplay, Alma, Hartsel, Lake George, and Guffey.

Dave Wissel

Park County Assessor (719-836-4331)
For more information on the county assessor's office, please visit their web site directly at

Debra Green

Park County Clerk & Recorder (719-836-4333)

Dave Kintz Jr.

Park County Coroner (719-836-4340)

Fred Wegener

Park County Sheriff (719-836-2494)

Michelle Miller

Park County Treasurer & Public Trustee (719-836-4334)

Jack Kirby

Park County Surveyor


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