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This is just a sampling of what you will see when you visit the museum

Stuart-Mosby Historical Society Leads Campaign

to Refurbish and Repair Statue Honoring

Major General James Ewell Brown (JEB) Stuart
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Saving  Belvale
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The Franconia Museum is engaged in a campaign to save Belvale, a 250-plus-year-old house at 7701 Telegraph Road in Fairfax County, Virginia  by having it listed on the Virginia and National Register of Historic sites. 

Belvale was the home of George Johnston, a neighbor and contemporary of George Wasington who also served in the Virginia House of Burgesses with George Mason and was involved with Patrick Henry in the protest against the Stamp Act. Johnston, a lawyer, also handled legal issues for Washington.

A Power Point presentation by Board Member, Don Hakenson, has been developed to further our efforts. We invite your support and comments.

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A Civil War Trails marker providing information about the September 28, 1863 raid on the Rose Hill manor house in which Confederate raider John Singleton Mosby captured Colonel Daniel Dulany, aide to the Union appointed governor of the "Restored State of Virginia," has been installed on Rose Hill Drive at the John Marshall Library. Approved by the  Virginia Civil War Sesquicentennial Committee, the marker was suggested by the Franconia Museum. The story on the marker was written by local Mosby expert and Franconia Museum member Don Hakenson. It is the only Civil War Trails marker in Lee District.

ON JULY 3, 1863

The Gerke family of Rose Hill has donated a panoramic framed map of the Gettysburg battlefield on July 3, 1863. All of the units on both sides are identified and placed in position on the map. The topography is authenticated by Union General George Gordon Meade. The picture is on display at the Museum. The Museum is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. If you have a relative who fought at Gettysburg, you will find the unit on this picture. Even if you don't have a personal interest, this view of the battle is a historic preservation of the situation 150 years ago as part of the Sesquicentennial in 2013.

"Thank God He Survived Pickett's Charge"
by Carl Sell

After writing two books for the Franconia Museum, Carl Sell has authored a novel about his great grandfather, a Confederate private who survived the Civil War. He was wounded as part of Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg, also wounded at a later battle, hospitalized twice and captured nine days before the war ended. The book also includes info about his granddaughter's relatives, one of whom who was a private in the Union army who was wounded at Fairfax Station. And, there is a chapter about the relative of one of Carl's cousins who was a Medal of Honor recipient for his gallantry at Cold Harbor before the age of 18. The book is based on fact. It traces Private James Farthing through the war and reports on his tragic death in a railroad accident 23 years later. He fathered one daughter, who in turn had 13 children. One of them was Carl's mother. (Available at the Museum and on-line in the e-Store.)

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