Fairy Lamp Club Meeting
May 21-22, 2005
New Bedford, Massachusetts

Thanks to the hard work and organizational skills of Connie and John Scott, our Club held its first meeting on May 20-22 in New Bedford, Massachusetts.  This long overdue meeting was attended by over 30 members from distant places including England, Canada, and “even as far away as Texas”.   We are grateful to all who attended this inaugural meeting and look forward to seeing you all at the next meeting.

The meeting was filled with activities and social events including tours of the New Bedford Whaling Museum with many exhibits of Mount Washington and Pairpoint Glass; the newly established New Bedford Museum of Glass; the Pilgrim United Church of Christ which has the largest Tiffany Mosaic in the country; several antique shops and, of course, the historic city of New Bedford itself.

The highlight of our meeting was a presentation on Art Glass, including Mount Washington and Pairpoint Glass, by Louis St. Aubin. Louis is a member of Fairy Lamp Club and an expert on Art Glass and Mount Washington Glass.  Louis also was instrumental in our use of the facilities at the Wamsutta Club including our banquet and social events.  Special thanks go to Louis for his assistance, expert advice and counsel in making our very first meeting a success.

In addition to our guest speaker, many members brought photos of their collections to share. Some were in albums and others were in slides or computer-based digital images.  Regardless of format, these photo collections prompted hours of discussion and enjoyment.  Of particular interest were several examples of previously unknown fairy lamps including and very unusual Nailsea-type that took almost everyone by surprise.

I am sure each of those who attended have there own “special moments” to share but perhaps none are as memorable for me as driving into New Bedford and seeing a huge electronic bill board reading “Welcome Fairy Lamp Collectors”.  I nearly drove off the road in surprise and I am sure many local residents who saw it are still saying to themselves “What the heck is a fairy lamp and why would you ever want to collect them”?

Thanks to Bob McCleskey, I have dozens of photos of our meeting.  While I can not put them all on-line (I don’t think anyone would really want me to) I have selected a few for you to review.  If you want to see the full-size image, just click on the thumbnail.  After the full-size is displayed, use the "back button" to return to this page.

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