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Issue XIII, August 1998


Old English Night Lights by Fairy Lamp Club Member

We recently found a pyramid diamond point fairy lamp in its original box. The dome has a ground chimney opening and the lamp cup has "S CLARKE FAIRY PYRAMID" in small letters and no fairy dancer. The front of the box has a paper sticker glued on with "Candles of the Month Club, P.O. Box 6552, Houston 5, Texas." Under the sticker is "FAROY, 2611 Colquitt, Houston, Texas."

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FAROY still operates in Houston making and selling candles and accessories. Upon calling, I was fortunate enough to speak to Mr. Preston Frazier, a founder of the company. He related some interesting information about FAROY and Old English Night Lights.

FAROY was started in 1950. They became a U.S. distributor for the English firm Price's Patent Candles in 1955 and started marketing their Old English Night Lights. Price was owned by the Royal Dutch and British Petroleum Companies as an outlet for paraffin which was a byproduct of oil refining. Price made candles from the paraffin and at that time contracted the glass Fairy Lamps to be made in Belgium. The Candles of the Month Club was a one-man operation run by a "delightful, slightly eccentric old man" who had a mimeographed catalog which he sold from and who came around to FAROY every day to replenish his stock. His name was B.C. Moses and claimed to be "the man who supplies Santa Claus."

We found this to be a colorful bit of history about these fairy lamps which adds to the enjoyment of having them in our collection. We have examples in amber, blue and ruby. Does anyone have other colors?

The label on the box reads:

Old English Night Lights

These night lamps, made to burn candles, were first manufactured in England about 1844 by George M. Clarke and Samuel Clarke who became well known for their production of this type of light. In 1910 the company that bore their name was taken over by Price’s Patent Candles of London who are presently making the lamps and candles distributed in the United States by FAROY. The Clarke name is still retained on the lamps and candles.

The diamond point pattern on the shade has been extremely popular for over a century, perhaps because of the sparkling effect it gives as the flame flickers about inside the shade.

Tho no longer necessary as night lights, these lamps make a charming and decorative addition to a room as well as providing an object for conservation.

Due to the construction of the shade with respect to shielding the flame, these lamps can be used for outdoor illumination. When used as garden lights, they can be placed in the iron stakes, brackets and hanging pendants that are used with FAROY’s Garden Flares.

2611 Colquitt, Houston, Texas

The applied paper label reads:

Candles of the Month Club
P.O. Box 6552 - Houston 5, Texas

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