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Shortly after the founding of the Fairy Lamp Club in 1996, we began a project to document previously "undocumented" fairy lamps.  The term "undocumented" is not, however, strictly applied to these examples.  An undocumented example may be:

  • well documented by drawings in catalogs or advertisements but no photographic example has been published;

  • photographic examples have been published but they are in black and white or are of poorly quality;

  • similar designs have been documented or published but the undocumented example illustrates a significant variation in the design, size, texture, or color,

  • no other documentation is available in either drawing or photographic form.

As you can see, the term "undocumented" is applied in the broadest form of definition.

The overall intent - beyond laboring over the definition of "undocumented" - is to present to the members of the Fairy Lamp Club and to visitors of this website photographic examples of fairy lamps not readily available elsewhere.   If you have examples that you would like to share with our Club members and website visitors, we would be very pleased to hear from you.  Just drop me a note at jimsapp7@msn.com.

So, enough explanation.   Enjoy your visit.  Jim.

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