Undocumented Fairy Lamps

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Finely detailed ormolu branch and leaves with two bronze finished buds and bases supporting two glass flowers of tangerine glass with four rows of clear applied petals.  Each flower is approximately 3.25"d. x 3.0" tall.  Branch is impressed "419" on bottom.  Approximately 10.75" long x 7.0" deep x 4.5" tall.


Clear twisted stem candle lamp with five "roots" forming the foot, a twisted thorn stem, three down-turned leaves, and a "tulip-shaped" candle holder with three rows of applied upturned petals.  The twisted stem design is similar to U-032.  Approximately 7.375" tall.


White shading to yellow porcelain rose with green porcelain leaves applied to porcelain band forming smooth bottom rim of shade resting in a clear Clarke pyramid lamp cup flanked by several rose buds and leaves resting on a brass tray.  Shade similar in design to R-43. 


Ball-shaped floral shade with cranberry ground with three rows of applied tightly formed petals.  The shade rests in Clarke clear pyramid lamp cup.  Identified as Clarke's model 1454 floral fairy lamp.  Approximately 3.0" d.


Cameo chimney-style candle lamp with cranberry overlay cut back to clear frosted glass.  There are two scenes, a farm house and barn on reverse and children playing outside on the front.  Chimney has waisted base that rests on a low saucer base trimmed in cranberry.  Approximately 9.0"h. x 7.0"d.


French cameo chimney-style candle lamp with blue floral decoration cut back to white. Shade has ruffled and flared upper rim and flare near girdled bottom rim containing three vents. Dome rests in recess of low matching footed saucer. Similar to R-653.  Approximately 6.6"h. x 5.9"d.


Cranberry chimney-style candle lamp with waisted, ruffled, and fluted top opening decorated with three silver-colored lace designs and with air notches cut into the lower rim.  Shade rests on the smooth shoulder of a matching undecorated waisted base.  Approximately 6.5"h. x 4.0"d.


Clear camphor finished chimney-style candle lamp with pulled six-pointed star at the top opening tapering to a melon shape tapering to a waisted and flared base with air vents cut into the bottom rim. Shade rests on a matching saucer style base with "double crimped" ruffled rim.  Dimensions are unknown.


Cranberry red satin fairy-size shade decorated in a white Florentine floral design.  The shade rests in a matching waisted base with light embossed ribbing and five downturned applied camphor leaves forming the feet.  Dimensions are unknown. (Possible marriage).


Blue with clear overlay shade with embossed reverse swirl and wide ground air vents in lower rim. The shade rests in matching lamp cup with four downturned applied leaves attached to four additional applied leaves forming the feet.  Dimensions are unknown.


Green shading to clear satin glass cylindrical shade with vertical ribs flaring at the top to form a bell shape.  There are small air notches cut into the lower rim of the shade.  The shade rests on smooth surface of a matching saucer-like base with crimped rim.  Approximately 5.5"h. x 6.5"d.


Cranberry red satin glass shade with artichoke-like shape, dot optic pattern, crimped top opening, three notches in rim, and a ring of eight upturned camphor glass leaves around body. Shade rests on a clear cranberry base with 6 tooled clear green glass feet.  6.75"h. x 5.0"d. (probable marriage).


U-118 (Clarke model 178) decorated in Woodbine pattern. Three acid Burmese fairy-size domes in clear Clarke lamp cups resting in footed ormolu frame also supporting three small Burmese bud vases. Center support holds larger Burmese vase with a downturned petticoat rim.  10.0"h.


Acid Burmese sociable with three fairy-size domes sitting in clear Clarke lamp cups resting in three Burmese bowls. Two clear glass arms connected to a central T-shaped brass fitting are fused to outer bowls. Center bowl has crimping along rim.  All is supported by a flared Burmese foot with piecrust rim. Dimensions unknown.


Four acid Burmese fairy-size domes in clear Clarke Fairy lamp cups and three bud vases with outward fluted rims with unrefired retaining rings and berry prunts. Ormolu arms terminate in Burmese mini rose bowl attached to wide flaring pedestal base with upright piecrust rim. Dimensions unknown.


Variant of Clarke model 169.  Two acid Burmese domes in clear Clarke lamp cups resting on the rim of matching Burmese bases with petticoat rims supported by ormolu frame.  Large central connector is attached to flared foot and supports a central bud vase with petticoat rim. 10.75"h. x 13.0"w.


R-787 fairy lamp in red. Red ground Nailsea-type fairy-size dome in clear Clarke's beaded and ribbed lamp cup. Cup rests on piecrust rim of matching base with bulbous bottom and clear satin prunt resting on three-legged metal stand of unknown vintage.  10.0"h. overall.


Red Nailsea epergne consisting of a fairy-size dome on clear Clarke lamp cup supported by metal stand with oak leaf design.  Posey holders include two shiny Nailsea-type bowls with applied clear prunt and two red vases with clear applied prunt supported by clear glass arms attached to mirrored plateau. 11.0"h. x 11.0"d.


Shaded red Stevens & Williams shade with crimped opening and creamy white interior resting on a frosted glass decorative rigeree ring applied to the central column of a matching base with smooth rim. Approximately 5.375"h. x 5.375"d.


Blue fairy-size satin dome in a clear diamond pattern Clarke lamp cup resting on the upturned piecrust rim of a matching base.  Base is similar to the Cleveland base shown in R-155. Approximately 5.0"h. x 4.125"d.