Undocumented Fairy Lamps

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Fairy-size frosted orange dome resting on the smooth shoulder of a matching lamp cup decorated with three black stripes.  The dome has a hand-painted female silhouette on the front with ornate Art Nouveau style decoration around the top and back. There are three ground air vents on the dome.  5.0"h. x 3.75"d.
Ball-shaped shade with five clear tooled glass petals applied to cranberry colored base with three air vents cut into the lower rim.  Shade rests on smooth shoulder of matching cranberry base with mild embossed ribbing. 
Approximately 5.0"h.
Blue milk glass bulbous shade decorated with monogram and foliage in gold enamel with fluted and ruffled horizontal top rim. Shade has three air vents in bottom rim and rests in a matching stepped saucer base with fluted and deeply ruffled rim. 7.25"h. x 7.5"d.  (Variant of R-237)
Blue shading to opaque shade with flared piecrust rim resting on the smooth shoulder of matching base inserted into the center post of a larger matching base with upright fluted rim.  Shade and base are decorated in a floral pattern with gold and white enamel.  Shade has four air vents in the bottom rim. 7.0"h. x 8.50"d.

Fairy-size citron with white Northwood pull-up pattern dome resting in a clear pegged and ribbed Clarke lamp cup. The matching bowl has six outwardly pulled ruffles with an integral camphor candle holder applied by a wafer to the base. 6.25"h. x 7.25"d.  (Variant of U-248)

Embossed reverse swirl pyramid size dome in green and white striations resting in matching lamp cup with seven clear pointed applications of glass coming up from base of the cup and five tooled and applied clear feet. 4.0"h. x 4.5"w. (Variant of R-125)

Rose pink shading to light pink reverse Nailsea-type shade resting on the smooth shoulder of matching base with five applied frosted and tooled petal feet.  Both shade and base are thinly cased in white.  Approximately 4.50"h.  (Photo courtesy Julia Auctions)

Pyramid-size pink overshot shade with two rows of applied clear glass petals arranged in an undulating fashion.  Shade rests on the smooth shoulder of a matching lamp cup.  Dimensions are unknown.

Painted bisque two-faced candle lamp with a green-eyed cat and an amber-eyed owl.  There is a blue rope collar around the base with blue tassels under the ears on each side.  The top rim has four holes for hanging.  The bottom is marked "KPM" with crossed swords. 
3.75"h. x 4.625"w.

Painted bisque figural candle lamp in the form of a white-haired Chimpanzee with integral brown porcelain eyes.  The base is marked "Geshutzt" (pronounced gess-schtootz) of German origin which translates roughly to "legally protected."  4.5"h. x 3.0"d.
Painted bisque figural candle lamp in the form of a cat with integral yellow and black eyes.  The simple lower rim is painted red.  It is unmarked except for pencil markings.  Approximately 2.75"h. x 3.5"w.
Painted pyramid-size bisque owl with amber glass eyes.  The owl's face is framed in blue filigree trimmed in yellow matching the trim on the lid.  The lamp is marked in script "Rd 150087" (1890) and "Made in Germany."  Dimensions are unknown.
Baccarat Veilleuse (night light) Model E-217.  Cranberry globe with an acid cut back filigree design, ruffled and flared top opening, and "pinched" sides. The globe rests in a brass wire frame with fittings to accommodate a clear glass candle cup.  It has an original Baccarat label. Approximately 6.5"h. x 5.0"w.

Cranberry overshot globe with four amber "jewels" mounted in brass filigree frames.  The globe is attached to an ormolu stand with what appears to be a grape vine motif.  The clear glass candle cup is mounted within a brass filigree crown.  Approximately 10"h. x 6"w.

Porcelain candle lamp with saucer base and finger handle.  Shade is embossed with a floral design and decorated with gold colored paint.  Base is decorated with what appears to be a pine cone design and has an integral candle cup.  Base is signed in script "A.G.S" (?).  Approximately 3.50"h. x 5.625"w.
Vaseline opalescent floral shade with three rows of applied tooled petals on matching floral base with clear applied handle, six feet, and an integral opalescent candle cup. 
Approximately 3.75"h. x 4.75"w. (Photo courtesy James Julia Auctions)
Acid Burmese epergne with four pyramid-size domes in Clarke clear lamp cups set in ormolu frame with marked Clarke brass rings. Epergne has two flower bowls with piecrust rims, "rose bowl", and trumpet vase all connected by central threaded rod.  Epergne is similar to R-698. 
Dimensions are unknown.
Seven clear Clarke Cricklite shades in Clarke clear lamp cups mounted in ormolu frame with marked Clarke brass rings.  Supporting frame is mounted onto a cut diamond crystal standard with tapered shape and round foot with a cut ray design.  Dimensions are unknown.
Royal Worcester porcelain base, model 1410, fitted with five Clarke Cricklites. The base is decorated with pink clematis and is marked Royal Worcester with seven dots (1898). The height of the base alone is 23.5".  This stand is similar to U-229 and U-230 with a different decoration. 
Pair of Clarke Cricklites mounted onto two twisted clear crystal arms with green thread supported by matching central column and brass fittings.  Arms and central column are mounted onto a clear crystal base with two clear posey holders mounted in brass rings. Approximately 21.0"h.