Undocumented Fairy Lamps

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Two piece painted bisque Victorian style home. Red colored roof with black onion roof over front door. The surrounding grounds are painted yellow and green as is the matching shaped base. Only the round port style windows and chimney are open for ventilation. 7.0" x 4.625" x 3.75".
Two piece white bisque figure in the shape of a castle. Glossy brown painted roof and arch over front door. The peak of the high roof has a very small hole for ventilation. The top rests on a green painted foundation matching the exterior shape with an integral candle holder. 7.5" x 4.25" x 3.75".
One piece hand painted glazed porcelain figure in the shape of a castle. Flat brown roof with glossy black corner coins, window trim and doors. Yellow and red painted flowering botanicals with green colored base on three sides. Arched opening in rear for candle. 6.375" x 3.125" x 3.0".
One piece white bisque house on a hill. There is a small chimney on the roof and a door to a root cellar under steps to the front door. There are trees or plants climbing up the corners of the house. Arched opening in rear for candle. The base is marked with the number 1687. 4.75" x 3.25" x 3.25".

Porcelain skull and crossbones candle lamp with large hollow eyes, white nose cavity and teeth.  The coloring shades from brown to light beige.  Dimensions and any additional markings are unknown.

Three-face figural triangular shaped candle lamp with faces of a cat, dog, and owl.  The body is frosted glass with inset eyes.  The base is an amber colored rope with tassels forming feet under each face.  This lamp is very similar to R-370 but formed in glass instead of bisque. Approximately 4.0"h.

Translucent porcelain figural candle lamp in the form of a lions head with integral eyes.  The glaze shades from a light brown to white.  The bottom is marked with "1347" and "V".  Approximately 4.0"h. x 5.0"w.

Wee-size bisque figural candle lamp in the form of an owl.  The coloring shades from deep brown to off white.  Dimensions and any additional markings are unknown.
Pink cased glass fairy-size shade with tapestry decoration in blue, yellow and purple resting in a Burmese lamp cup marked "S. Clarke Patent Trade Mark Fairy."  Approximately 5.25"h.  (Photo courtesy Julia Auctions)
Burmese fairy-size shade decorated in Periwinkle design.  Design includes large multicolored moth on reverse.  Shade is resting in a pressed Burmese lamp cup marked "S. Clarke Patent Trade Mark Fairy" decorated with small circles and green accents.  Approximately 4.75"h.

Blue and white Cleveland swirl frosted glass with embossed vertical ribs.  Shade is marked "Rd 50725 Trade Mark Fairy" and rests on a matching ribbed base with a hollow foot marked "Clarke's Patent Fairy."  Fairy lamp is similar in design to R-187 thru R-190.  Approximately 5.25"h.


Ribbed and threaded fairy-size shade with rich amber shading to white opalescent resting in a clear beaded and ribbed lamp cup marked "S. Clarke's Trade Mark Fairy."  Shade is very similar to U-207 which is in cranberry color.  Approximately 4.75"h.  (Photo courtesy Julia Auctions)


R-759 in pink with Mary Gregory-type decoration and gold trim.  Tapered shade has double waisted flared top rim in bulbous base with round footed base. Includes original pegged candle holder. Approximately 10.9"h x 4.25"dia.  (Similar lamp seen in amber with matching amber pegged candle cup.)

White opalescent acorn shaped shade with flared and ruffled top rim in matching bulbous base with round foot.  Both shade and base are decorated with flowers and leaves framing a landscape of mountains, trees, and birds. Approximately 11.0"h. x 4.0"d.


Deeply ribbed chimney-type shade in medium blue shading to light blue.  Mellon-shaped shade has waisted and flared top opening with piecrust rim trimmed in clear glass.  Matching saucer base with flat piecrust rim. Dimensions unknown.


Chimney-type candle lamp with deep rose pink shading to light pink ovoid-shaped shade with four glass jewels in ornate brass frames. Top opening has six upright pulled and crimped "petals."  Shade rests in low matching saucer base with flared and crimped rim. Approximately 7.0"d.  (Photo courtesy Julia Auctions)

White opalescent shade with ruffled and crimped top opening. Shade is decorated with a gilt framed cameo of two children, a boy and a girl, surrounded by ferns and two large flower buds. White saucer base with piecrust rim. Similar to R-258. Dimensions unknown. (Photo courtesy Julia Auctions)


Chimney-style candle lamp with pale turquoise applied stain shading to clear, upright  chevrons in six vertical rows, decorated with large white and small blue flowers and ribbons, and with four ground air vents on the bottom rim. The saucer base is decorated with three large white flowers.  6.125"h. x 6.50"d.


White chimney-type candle lamp decorated in turquoise blue and gold with what appears to be either magnolia blossoms or pond lilies.  Both shade and saucer base have fluted and ruffled rims. Approximately 7.75"h. x 7.25"d.


Chimney-type white milk glass slightly bulbous shade decorated with heavy enameled cameo of a large flower with surrounding smaller flowers in a blue background. Top rim pulled into an upright six pointed star. Shade sits in matching base flared ribbon rim. Similar to R-245 Dimensions unknown.