Undocumented Fairy Lamps

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Fairy-size blue Nailsea-type dome on a matching lamp cup with upright piecrust rim which sits on the rim of a matching base that is fluted and pulled inward to a basic rectangular form. The base has applied blue glass tooled feet. It is similar to R-650. 7.0"h. x 6.75"l. x 4.25"w.
Blue Nailsea-type fairy-size dome in clear Clarke beaded fairy lamp cup resting on center post of matching base with upturned ribbon rim. The shade is hand-decorated with gold flowers and foliage.  Similar to R-587.
5.75"h. x 8.25"d.
Fairy-size clear blue press molded dome with opalescent highlights embossed with a crown on two sides with the date 1902 and initials E. R. (Edward Rex or King). Presumably made in 1902 for the coronation of King Edward VII. The dome sits on a hobnail saucer with a ruffled rim.  4.0"h. x 6.0"d. (Possible marriage)
Clear hand formed crystal shade with nine pulled lobes covered with random clear glass threading and applied pale green glass floral decorations on two sides (U-154).  The shade rests in a clear lamp cup resting on a matching bowl with scalloped rim and green ruffled foot with gold decoration.  7.0"h. x 5.1"d.
Fairy lamp watch holder shown with R-14 cranberry overshot and threaded pyramid-size shade on "Eden Light" lamp cup.  Tray has integral depression to accept the lamp cup and is covered with red velvet.  Beveled mirror is framed with matching velvet and has a hook to hang the watch.  Dimensions are unknown.
Price's night light and watch holder.  Copper plated tray is embossed "For Price's New Patent Night Lights." Copper watch holder is also embossed "For Price's Night Lights" and the numeral "1959."  It is unknown what the number indicates.  Dimensions are unknown.
Fairy-size spun brass shade with pierced floral and leaf design with nine .75" diameter smooth "jewels" mounted in floral medallions.  Shade rests on a smooth rim of a spun brass lamp cup with a brass finger ring and thumb rest.  Approximately 4.5"h.
Jeweled brass fairy lamp with ten brass medallions with .875" diameter faceted jewels and five .5" x .75" oval jewels. Shade is suspended on arms above a round fluted tray of floral embossed brass.  Large handle grip with embossed leaf thumb grip and brass ring to hang on wall.  3.625"h.  5.875"d.
Painted bisque three-face figural nursery candle lamp showing the same child with three different expressions: mouth closed, partially open, and fully open.  Decorated in pink and blue bows and bonnet.  The base is unmarked and has a small hole from the edge of the base to allow air inside.  Approximately 3.5"h.
Painted bisque figural nursery candle lamp (similar type to R-319) of a blond haired child with blue glass eyes decorated with blue bonnet and ruffled collar.  Shade is unmarked but assumed to be of European origin.  Shade rests in spun pierced brass base similar to the base illustrated in R-289.  7.0"h.
Fairy-size Clarke hand lamp with spun brass handled base embossed "For Burning the Pyramid Night Lights SamL Clarke." It has unusual "partial ribs" pressed into the interior of a clear glass shade which is also embossed on the interior "S. Clarke's Patent Trade Mark Pyramid."  3.25"d.
Pyramid-size Burmese shade resting in a clear Clarke beaded lamp cup.  Fairy lamp rests in a sterling silver base with a swirl pattern, ruffled rim, and finger ring with thumb rest.  The base is stamped Rd 121883 (1889) and has undistinguishable silver hallmarks.  Approximately 4.5"d. excluding handle.

Clear ribbed dome resting on smooth shoulder of a porcelain lamp cup on a decorated standard behind a young girl holding a basket dressed in a floral skirt with a blue vest and a broad bim hat. Standard is 9.5" tall.  (Companion to U-374)

Clear ribbed dome resting on smooth shoulder of a porcelain lamp cup on a decorated standard behind a young boy holding a basket dressed in striped pants with a yellow waistcoat and a broad brim hat. Standard is 9.5" tall. (Companion to U-373)
Three panel Lithophane shade resting on smooth shoulder of a porcelain lamp cup on a decorated standard behind a young woman dressed in a ruffled dress with an orange scarf and a broad brim bonnet.  Base is marked "DRGM Registered" with an impressed "8" and handwritten "35".  Standard is 6.75" tall.
Clear ribbed dome resting on smooth shoulder
of a porcelain lamp cup on a decorated standard behind a young boy holding a basket dressed all in blue including the hat.
Standard is 9.5" tall. 
Daum decorated dome in a countryside motif resting in a matching decorated base with a wide rim. Shade and base are signed "Daum Nancy" with the Cross of Lorraine (Croix de Lorraine) trademark.  Shade has five rounded air vents in bottom rim. Similar to R-163 and U-340.  4.25"h. x 5.375"d.

Glossy yellow butterscotch, cased in white, fairy-size shade resting in a clear Clarke lamp cup on a matching pear-shaped footed base.  Base has three applied clear glass feet and applied "thorn-like" decorations around the circumference.  Approximately 8.0"h.

Frosted pink shading to clear shade with inward crimped rim and eight applied clear frosted petals. Shade (with probable air vents) rests in a matching saucer base with broad ruffled rim.  Similar applied leaf designs are illustrated in T-PIV-4 and U-95.
 Approximately 5.5"h. (Source: Jackson Auctions 2008)

One-piece sombrero style fairy lamp in pink and white Cleveland stripe with a waisted and crimped shade.  Bowl-shaped base has upright pie crust rim.  Similar in design to R-194, U-259, U-260, and U-353. Approximately 6.0"h. (Source: Opher Auctions 2008)