Undocumented Fairy Lamps

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Inverted dome-shaped shade of stamped brass medallions with five 1" and ten 0.5" diameter jewels and integral brass candle cup.  Shade hangs from ormolu stand of heavy bent brass.  Tripod base with cast brass accents in legs with double loop twisted wire handle.  9.75"h. x 5.5"d. at base.
Six-sided dome-shaped shade made of flat sheet brass panels pierced with floral designs.  Each panel containing one 1" and one 0.5" diameter jewels.  Spun brass base with lip turned up into six sides.  Cast brass applied handle.  5.0"h. x 5.5"d. excluding handle.
Spun brass dome-shaped shade pierced with bird and floral motifs. Center of 8 large flowers contain 0.625" diameter jewels.  Cast brass collar with integral handle applied to spun brass cup base.  4.5"h. x 5.0"d. excluding handle.
Embossed spun brass lamp cup suspended by 3 chains attached to edge of rim.  Milk glass shade is encased by ormolu filigree containing twelve 0.5" diameter jewels.  5.25"h. excluding chains x  4.0"d.
Jeweled brass shade suspended from lyre-shaped frame.  Round brass ruffled edge tray of floral embossed with handle with stylized leaf-shaped thumb rest.  Shade consists of 4 medallions each containing a 0.875"d. faceted jewel and one 0.625"d. jewel in bottom of shade.  3.5"h. x 5.5"d. including handle.
Spun brass dome-shaped shade pierced with bird and floral motifs and eight 0.625"d. jewels.  Shade rests in pierced spun brass lamp cup with a flat expanded rim with pressed decoration.  Dimensions are unknown.
Dome-shaped shade consisting of ormolu medallions with fourteen 1.0"d. and five 0.5" d. faceted jewels.  Shade rests in pierced brass lamp cup with down turned flower-like petals and finger handle with pressed floral thumb rest.  5.0"h. x 6.0"d. including handle.
Ball-shaped ormolu medallion shade with nineteen 0.75"d. jewels and a 2.0"d. brass wire circle supporting a clear blown glass candle cup.  Shade is supported by arms attached at the rim of a ruffled saucer with a loop handle and a wire loop for hanging on wall.  4.5"h. x  6.0"d. excluding handle.
Blue diamond quilted (cut velvet) fairy-size shade cased in white with three air notches. Shade decorated with clear frosted oak leaf and acorn appliqué typical of Welz glassworks, Bohemia.  Matching lamp cup has applied clear frosted foot with deeply ruffled rim.  6.5"h. x 4.5"d. including ruffled foot.
Red/orange and yellow pyramid-size spatter glass (end-of-day) shade on matching base with four clear glass applied "rocket ship" pedestal legs typical of Kralik glassworks, Bohemia.  Similar in style to U-331.  Approximately 4.5"h.
Frosted clear shade with lightly embossed vertical ribs, three air vents, and flower and leaf appliqué typical of Kralik glassworks, Bohemia, c.1900.  Shade rests on smooth shoulder of slightly amethyst tinted base with flared and fluted rim.  Similar in design to R-184.
6.25"h. x 5.0"d.
Orange and yellow spatter glass shade with two faceted glass "jewels" mounted in ormolu frames.  Shade rests in matching base with six applied blue glass feet with embossed leaf design.  Dimensions are unknown.
One-piece sombrero style fairy lamp in white Nailsea glass with applied red threaded glass around the waisted and crimped shade.  Bowl-shaped base has upright pie crust rim.  Similar in design to R-194, U-259, and U-260. 5.625"h. x 6"d.
Deep amethyst shading to clear frosted chimney style shade with three air vents and flower and leaf appliqué typical of Kralik glassworks, Bohemia, c.1900.  Shade rests in clear frosted saucer base with soft ruffled rim and polished pontil. c.1900.  6.5"h x 6.375"d.
Green frosted shade embossed with reverse draped pattern registered by Boulton Mills October 19, 1886. Shade is etched along the lower rim "Trade Mark Fairy - Rd 59136."  Shade rests in clear beaded and ribbed Clarke lamp cup resting on central column of shiny finished base.  6.0"h. x 7.5"d.
Orange floral shade with crimped top opening and three rows of applied clear glass "rolled" petals.  Shade rests in clear lamp cup resting on central column of matching square base with upright pie crust rim.  4.25"h. x  5.75"w.

Fairy-size pale yellow satin glass dome with a white opalescent swirl pattern. It is decorated with a gaudy floral pattern and has nine v-cut air vents in the bottom rim. The dome sits on clear Clarke lamp cup that rests on the finely crimped top rim of a matching bowl-shaped base with a polished pontil.   7.25"h. x 5.0"d.

White satin Bristol fairy-size dome, decorated with white flowers and red and green foliage resembling an apple blossom.  The shade rests on a clear Clarke diamond pattern lamp cup. Approximately 4.5"h. x 3.5"d.


Pink satin Bristol fairy-size dome decorated with a Pansy and foliage pattern.  The shade rests in a simple matching lamp cup with plain decoration. Approximately 4.75"h. x 3.625"d.


White satin Bristol fairy-size dome, decorated with encircling flowers, foliage, and decorative design.  The shade rests on clear Clarke diamond pattern lamp cup. Approximately
4.5"h. x 3.5"d.