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Epergne with three pyramid-size Burmese domes on Burmese lamp cups marked "S. Clarke Trade Mark Fairy Pyramid" resting in ormolu frame attached to 9.0"d. beveled mirror plateau. 5.0"h. central Burmese vase is decorated in the Webb's Dog Rose pattern. Overall height is approximately 7.0".

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Burmese fairy-size dome in Burmese lamp cup marked "S. Clarke Patent Trade Mark Fairy" resting on rim of tri-fold ruffled Burmese base with applied unrefired finial over the pontil scar. Base is designed to be hung from chains or cords. Overall 7.75"h. x 8.0"d.

U-223_small.gif (6309 bytes) U-223
Red fairy-size Nailsea-type dome in Clarke clear lamp cup resting on handled pottery base decorated in red, turquoise, brown, and gold trim. The base is stamped: "S. Clarke Patent Trade Mark Fairy" and impressed with "Doulton & Slaters Patent," "F," and "3275." Overall 6.5"h x 6.5"w.
U-224_small.gif (6369 bytes) U-224
Burmese fairy-size dome resting in Clarke clear ribbed and beaded lamp cup. Dome is decorated in what appears to be a Palmer Cox Brownie motif. Decoration is not original to Thomas Webb. The origin or vintage of the decoration is unknown. Overall 5.75" h. x 4.0"d.
U-225_small.gif (8973 bytes) U-225
Three-sided glazed porcelain peacock decorated in blue and green with oval openings in the tail for 9 faceted green and yellow jewels (replacement). No markings. Overall 4.0"h. x 4.5"w.
U-226_small.gif (6739 bytes) U-226
Decorated version of Ruf figures 332-334. Triangular bisque figural with faces of monkey, Pekinese dog, and lion. Each figural has a pink double rope around bottom with tassels under their chin. Overall 4.0"h x 4.5"w.
U-227_small.gif (8497 bytes) U-227
Cranberry dome heavily decorated in gold with white and blue flowers. The dome, slightly smaller than standard pyramid-size, is 2.0"d. x  2.75"h. Dome rests on simple saucer base decorated in gold with white flowers. Saucer base is acid-etched in script "Moser Karlsbad."  Overall 3.375"d. x 3.0"h.
U-228.jpg (20212 bytes) U-228
Chimney-type candle lamp in deep pink cased in white with crimped and ruffled rim. Three floral decorations are cut through the pink outer layer showing the white casing beneath. Matching saucer base with polished pontil. Overall 6.0"d. x 6.25"h.
U-229_small.jpg (2108 bytes) U-229
Royal Worcester porcelain base, model 1410, topped by seven Clarke Cricklites. The base is decorated with orchids and is trimmed in gold. The base is marked Royal Worcester with seven dots (1898). The height of the base alone is 23.5". The overall height
is 36.5".
U-230.jpg (63816 bytes) U-230
Royal Worcester porcelain base topped by two clear diamond point fairy lamps. The base is decorated with two dogs chasing an otter, signed by Harry Davis. The base is marked Royal Worcester with eight dots (1899). The height of the base alone is 16.5". The overall height is 24.5".
U-231.jpg (85376 bytes) U-231
Royal Worcester "Torch Bearer," model 2020, in bluish ivory with small pale blue floral pattern on robe. Base is also stamped "Cricklite Clarke's Patent Trademark." The height of the porcelain base alone is 23.0". The overall height is 35.5".
U-232.jpg (26092 bytes) U-232
Frosted opaque dolphin supporting a 4-arm candelabra marked "Clarke's Trade Mark Cricklite" with four fairy-size Burmese shades in clear Clarke lamp cups. The overall height is 17.0" with a base diameter of 6.5."
U-233.jpg (24868 bytes) U-233
Pyramid-size Burmese fairy lamp decorated in the Barberry pattern with a single cluster of red berries and simple green and brown leaves in a clear Clarke lamp cup. 3.75"h. x 3.0"d.
U-234.jpg (24216 bytes) U-234
Pyramid-size Burmese fairy lamp in clear Clarke lamp cup. Fairy lamp is resting in a down-turned tightly crimped Burmese bowl with one portion turned up. Bowl is an unknown Clarke design and may be an inappropriate marriage. Approximately
4.0"h. x 5.5"w.
U-235.jpg (40368 bytes) U-235
Epergne with three fairy-size decorated Burmese fairy lamps resting in matching Burmese bases with down-turned ruffled rims, three clear fronds, and central Burmese bowl attached to a clear glass support. All pieces attached to plain mirror plateau. All Burmese pieces decorated the prunus pattern.
U-236.jpg (15240 bytes) U-236
Pyramid-size shiny Burmese fairy lamp in a ribbed clear Clarke lamp cup resting on ruffled rim of a decorated shiny Burmese base. The decoration of yellow flowers, small buds, and simple brown leaves is unidentified. Approximately 5"h. x 4"w.
U-237.jpg (35792 bytes) U-237
Webb Burmese fairy-size dome decorated in the prunus (Hawthorn) pattern on clear ribbed Clarke lamp cup. Royal Worcester Model 1212 Wicker Fairy Lamp base marked with Royal Worchester trademark, 1212, and Y date code (1887). Approximately 6.3"d.
U-238.jpg (95144 bytes) U-238
Off-white DQMOP fairy-size dome with embossed ribs similar to R-169. Royal Worcester Triple Wicker Fairy Lamp base marked with Royal Worchester model number 1241 and Z date code (1888). 8"w. x 2.75"h. without fairy lamp. 6.75"h. with fairy lamp.
U-239.jpg (32856 bytes) U-239
Royal Worcester "Grecian Water Carrier" Model 125 Cricklite stand same as R-732 except for decoration and is "left-handed." Models probably offered as a pair. Single Cricklite dome on Clarke lamp cup with replacement red beaded silk shade. Figure alone is 10.5"h.
U-240.jpg (74076 bytes) U-240
Royal Worcester "Cairo Water Carrier" Cricklite stand similar to R-715 except is a female version. Marked Royal Worcester Shot Enamels Trademark Cricklite, 1890, RD No. 84:64 (84464?) and six dot date code (1887). Two Cricklite domes on Clarke lamp cups with old beaded silk shades. Overall 17.6"h.