Undocumented Fairy Lamps

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U-181.jpg (107722 bytes)

Vaseline threaded epergne with four clear glass arms, originating from glass receiver attached to mirrored plateau, supporting four cups with flared and ruffled top rims. The matching three pyramid-size domes should be in waisted lamp cups and not the ones shown. Clear knobs on bottom of vaseline cups. Epergne is 11"h. x 10"w.

U-182.jpg (58312 bytes)

Satin Peach Blow fairy-size dome cased cream in clear Clarke lamp cup in matching base with flared and scalloped top rim and point on bottom. Lamp sits in hanging frame attached to chains. Lamp is
7 1/2"h. x 4 1/4"d.

U-183.jpg (73388 bytes)

Pair of Cricklite domes in Cricklite lamp cups. Cups rest in ormolu frame that is attached to crystal standard with ormolu trim and foot. This is a corner piece of the set shown in Fairy Lamps, Appendix G (Pears’ Christmas 1899 Annual). See R-731 for matching centerpiece. 20"h. x 15"w.

U-184.jpg (145163 bytes)

Plate in Rainbow DQMP with white overlay Cameo carved with a rose and stem, encircled in antique pale gold velvet frame. Ormolu frame inserts through back plate to hold a matching Rainbow DQMP fairy-size dome in matching base with round knob below. 14"dia. overall.

U-185.jpg (59211 bytes)

Pink and white mottled fairy-size overshot dome. Dome rests on shoulder of with unmarked matching base. Both pieces appear to be free blown without the aid of a mold. Approximately 5.0"h. x 3.5"d.

U-186.jpg (132004 bytes)

One-piece stamped and pierced ormolu cylinder with three colored faceted glass jewels and thumb-grip handle. A clear blown glass candle cup embossed "BTC 6909" is supported inside by a removable welded brass wire bale. 3.25"h. x 2.375"d.

U-187.jpg (64879 bytes)

Fairy-size dome in Nailsea pattern with broad white loopings on green (citron) ground. Dome rests on shoulder of matching Nailsea base with piecrust rim. 4.0"h. x 4.0"d.

U-188.jpg (121533 bytes)

Frosted blue fairy-size dome decorated with a white and pink "wild rose" and pale green leaves. Dome has three triangular notches in rim. Matching unmarked base. 4.5"h. x 3.5"d.

U-189.jpg (278893 bytes)

Fairy-size colored lithophane dome embellished with ormolu crown from which is suspended jeweled medallions between the panels. Dome sits in handled, jeweled ormolu base. (Dimensions unknown).

U-190.jpg (119482 bytes)

Cast iron frame supporting a 4.25" x 5.25" porcelain lithophane of a stylishly dressed young woman. (marked P.P.M. 85) Stembridge diamond pattern pyramid-size fairy lamp and a sheet metal reflecting cup. 12"h. x 5"w. x 4.375"d.

U-191.jpg (59490 bytes)

Colored lithophane dome with four panels depicting children at play. Dome is attached to ormolu footed standard. Removable ormolu crown has attached frame to hold candle cup. 8.5"h x 4.5"d.

U-192.jpg (102068 bytes)

Blue satin DQMOP fairy-size dome on a matching ruffled base similar in shape to R-624. The dome has no air vent notches. It sits on a Clarke Cricklite lamp cup which rests on a plateau inside the ruffled rim. 7.5"h. x 5.25"d.

U-193.jpg (110310 bytes)

Peachblow dome with crimped top rim (Clarke's catalog #13) on Clarke cricklite lamp cup resting on a matching fluted bowl similar to U-82. The dome has eight crimps while the base has eighteen. 5.5"h. x 4.5"d.

U-194.jpg (132375 bytes)

Clear green glass shade embossed with fine vertical ribbing with yellow and white floral decal applied on the inside. It rests on the flared corrugated rim of a matching lamp cup with an impressed chrysanthemum pattern on the bottom. Similar to U-49. 4.4"h. x 3.25"d.

U-195.jpg (48618 bytes)

Crystal satin shade with a step-shouldered chimney opening suitable to support a conical shade. Just below the step is an embossed "P". It sits on a matching base similar to R-733 embossed "DESMARAlS & ROBITAILLE LIMITEE" inside the top. 9.25"h. x 3.75"d.

U-196.jpg (71905 bytes)

Pale blue frosted glass bulbous shade on a matching stand. There are no identifying marks. 8"h. x 3.875"d.

U-197.jpg (211055 bytes)

Reverse embossed swirl fairy-size dome with white swirl on light gold-colored ground in matching base. Dome rests on smooth shoulder of base. Presence of air notches unknown. Approximately 4.75"h x 3.5"w.

U-198.jpg (127298 bytes)

Bright pink satin dome shading to light pink and cased in white with waisted bottom rim resting in matching low saucer with flared ribbon edge. Decorated in gold-colored filigree and blue flowers with green leaves. Approximately 5.75"h x 6.25"d

U-199.jpg (41906 bytes)

Pyramid-size inverted Nailsea "Verre Moiré" pattern in transparent cranberry red with wide white loopings. Dome very similar to U-169. Matching base has broad down-turned white loopings and widely ruffled upturned rim. No lamp cup. Dimensions are unknown.

U-200.jpg (73195 bytes)

Chimney style bulbous dome in creamy white satin glass with matching base decorated with green leaves and red berries. Dome apparently rests on smooth rim of base. Base has hand-tooled flared piecrust edge. Dimensions are unknown.