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U-161.jpg (39655 bytes)

Variation of R-307 with a slightly different Persian flower motif in the brass jewel frames and four smaller jewels between the larger. Note the additional ring at the bottom and the integral candle cup.

U-162.jpg (44948 bytes)

Variation of R-307. Alternating jewels (the blue and amber ones) are molded with a "man in the moon" face. Larger jewels are .875" d. There are four .5" oval jewels between the larger ones. 4" h. x 5.25" w. including handle.

U-163.jpg (32375 bytes)

Two piece spun brass jeweled fairy lamp set with eight .875" jewels. Pattern consists of flowers on a broad lattice design. Jewels form the centers of the flowers. Pierced, handled base. 4.375" h. x 4.875" w. including handle.

U-164.jpg (89830 bytes)

Pyramid-size pink dome, cased opaline, with impressed diamond pattern sitting in a Clarke Cup, resting on a matching diamond impressed trifold base with 6 applied clear petal feet with rigaree applied crystal around the top edge. 4.0"h. x 5.25"w.

U-165.jpg (95117 bytes)

The "Servant Boy" (unofficial name). The kneeling figure is cast iron with a twisted wire fairy lamp holder. The pyramid-size fairy lamp is a clear diamond point in a Clarke lamp cup. The holder is unmarked. Approximately 6.5"h.

U-166.jpg (114588 bytes)

Jeweled stamped and pierced brass fairy-size dome with eight large 1" faceted jewels set in individual filigree frames. Similar to U-126 but without the smaller jewels. Three-footed brass base with depression for candle and thumb-grip handle. 4"h. x 3 1/2"dia.

U-167.jpg (138888 bytes)

Fairy-size version of R-505 shown with blue Nailsea dome with white loopings. Base marked "Patent" and "Taylor, Tunnicliffe & Co." Fairy-size lamp cup is on short pedestal and intrical flower bowl, decorated with swirl tapestry pattern. Approximately 8.125"dia.

U-168.jpg (210963 bytes)

Rose fairy-size DQMOP dome resting in integral lamp cup marked "S. Clarke's Patent Trade Mark Fairy" in a square Tapestry Ware base. Base is decorated with gold single and double tassels at each corner. Base marked "Doulton Burslem, US Patent 314002". 7.25"w.

U-169.jpg (92566 bytes)

Pyramid-size inverted Nailsea, "Verre Moiré", pattern in transparent blue with wide white looping. Clear lamp cup marked "Arcadian Light" with flat vertical ribbing and horizontal unevenly scalloped rim. 4.25"h x 3.75"dia.

U-170.jpg (89171 bytes)

Fairy-size amber balloon-shaped dome in "inverted coin dot" pattern, (similar to R-173, A-P3-5 & 9) is sitting in a clear Clarke lamp cup, with Clarke candle cup, resting in a blown amber, shading to clear, base with applied rigoree. 5.5"h. x 5.5"dia.

U-171.jpg (100616 bytes)

Decorated white milk glass fairy-size dome resting on clear Clarke lamp cup. Matching decorated milk glass waisted base. 7"h. x 6.5"dia.

U-172.jpg (146931 bytes)

Fairy-size epergne (similar to R-686) decorated in prunus pattern with Clarke lamp cups and candles. Unlike R-686, the only marks on the ormolu frame is on a metal washer at the top of the central post that is embossed "Clarke's Patent Fairy Lamp." 10"h x 9"w.

U-173.jpg (171689 bytes)

Fairy-size fireglow-like satin cased over white with alternating light and dark butterscotch color stripes decorated with a floral bouquet. Matching Bristol-type base trimmed in brown enamel. Three triangular notches in the bottom edge of the shade. 4.37"h. x 3.62"dia.

U-174.jpg (151481 bytes)

Similar to R-526. Fairy-size clear Clarke shade on a ceramic handled base with integral candle cup. Heavy dark blue matte slip glaze with wave-like mottling on the sides. Impressed on the bottom "Hampshire Pottery M 140." 5.125"h. x 3.75"dia.

U-175.jpg (165543 bytes)

Square varnished metal frame with flared openwork top and cast metal feet. Four 3" x 3.56" lithophane panels imprinted with PPM and a number. Clarke pyramid-size lamp cup and diamond point shade is supported inside on the metal frame. 5.5"h. x 3.5"square.

U-176.jpg (127137 bytes)

Fairy-size dome in golden brown, reverse drape pattern, embossed "Rd 62099". Clear Clarke lamp cup inserted in "Aladdin lamp"-style pottery base impressed "S. Clarke's Patent Trade Mark Fairy, Rd 85913", and "Doulton Lambert". 7.5"h. x 5.375"w. x 8"l.

U-177.jpg (130967 bytes)

Chimney style satin glass with translucent pink ruffles around top of shade and edge of matching base. The shade was blown into an angular six-sided shape with an all-over diamond optic pattern. 6.5"h. x 6"dia.

U-178.jpg (72084 bytes)

Chimney style green & white swirled and mottled satin glass dome with matching base. Dome has straight bottom rim and softly ruffled top rim. Base has hand-tooled flared piecrust edge. 6.0"h. x 5.5"dia.

U-179.jpg (146030 bytes)

Fairy-size dome in yellow, white, and frosted clear stripe in Cleveland pattern. Dome rests in clear Clarke lamp cup. Matching deep basket base has slightly ruffled down turned edge with 4 pulled-up points. 5.0"h. x 9.0" dia. x 5.0" square.

U-180.jpg (166229 bytes)

Pyramid-size acid Burmese dome in clear lamp cup marked "The Boudoir Light." Matching acid Burmese base with petticoat rim. Base is attached to clear glass arm mounted on beveled wall mirror with convex circles and trimmed in brass. 12"h. x 7"w.