Undocumented Fairy Lamps

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141 - 160

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U-141.jpg (37137 bytes)

Deep blue dome decorated with religious scene and enameled yellow and white flowers and green leaves. Dome rests in matching lamp cup. Approximately 4.5" h.

U-142.jpg (19941 bytes)

Flashed red dome with religious scene outlined with gold depicting mother and child. Dome rests in matching lamp cup. 4.75"h x 3.5"dia.

U-143.jpg (18867 bytes) U-143
Two acid Burmese pyramid size domes in Clarke fairy pyramid lamp cups resting in footed ormolu frame also supporting one small bud vase with flared upper rim and berry prunt. Overall dimensions unknown.
U-144.jpg (24278 bytes) U-144
Red with white loopings Nailsea-type fairy-size dome in pegged Clarke lamp cup resting in frosted central pedestal. "Crown of Thorns" base is red ground with white and pink Northwood pull-up type pattern. Applied handles, decorated with thorns, is clear frosted.
U-145.jpg (17324 bytes) U-145
Glazed white porcelain skull separates along jawbone. Skull is balanced in rear on a stack of books. Opening in cranium is irregular. Night light is known as "Yorick's Skull',' Base marked WH Goss and crest. 4.125"h x 4"l x 3.25"w.
U-146.jpg (21144 bytes) U-146
Owl in brown tones, satin yellow eyes, with opening in back. Owl sits on log base with circular opening holding porcelain candle holder. Base marked in green Noritake, an M inside of wreath, Hand Painted, Made in Japan. 7.5"h x 4.75"w x 4" d.
U-147.jpg (31180 bytes) U-147
Frosted butterscotch bell-shaped dome, waisted and ringed top with fluted and ruffled top rim and girdled bottom rim. Dome rests on shoulder of deep matching base with horizontal fluted rim. 6.5"h x 6"dia.
U-148.jpg (43347 bytes) U-148
Yellow ground floral pattern dome with pulled top rim, clear applied tooled petals resting on horizontal flange of clear base with wide flared rim with fluted edge. 4.625"h x 6"dia.
U-149.jpg (17443 bytes) U-149
Triple waisted dome of green and white opaque glass resting on shoulder of matching triple stepped lamp cup. 5"h x 3.25"dia.  This is a complete version of the marriage shown in R-40.
U-150.jpg (49108 bytes) U-150
Fairy-size Christmas tree formed from 16 rows of crystal satin crimped petals applied to a conical cranberry glass form. The 3" d. base of the cone has two rectangular air vents and sits in a shiny cranberry glass base with six clear green tooled glass feet. 8.75" H.
U-151.jpg (29704 bytes) U-151
Fairy-size acid Burmese glass epergne with two lamps and one large central flower holder. All supported on crystal stems in the center of a quadriform mirror plateau. (Similar to C-145.) Lamp cup holders and posy holder are each marked with the Webb and Clarke acid etched trademark. 10.25"h.
U-152.jpg (18218 bytes) U-152
Webb acid Burmese fairy lamp epergne, 13"d. beveled mirror with floral frame. Brass holder accepts four acid Burmese domes resting upon clear pressed Clarke lamp cups and three ruffle top bud vases with berry prunts. Acid Burmese stem and collar with upturned crimped rim, 16"h. overall.
U-153.jpg (28185 bytes) U-153
Orange headed pottery rabbit emerging from green open work foliage decorated with yellow and orange daisies. A black R marked in script inside head. Dome rests in form fitting green edged base marked Wadeheath Ware, England. 4.375"h x 4.5"w x 5.675"l.
U-154.jpg (56588 bytes) U-154
Clear hand formed crystal shade with nine pulled lobes covered with random clear glass threading and applied pale green glass floral decorations on two sides. There are four air holes in the brass rim and cutouts to fit the glass decoration. 6.25"h.
U-155.jpg (34157 bytes) U-155
Fairy size vertically ribbed clear crystal dome embossed inside with "S. CLARKE'S TRADE MARK PYRAMID" on a white glazed ceramic base with integral thumb grip and candle cup. Base has 17 air holes. The bottom is deeply impressed "88". 3.625"h.
U-156.jpg (34949 bytes) U-156
Hanging jeweled ormolu brass candle lamp with fifteen faceted glass "jewels." Brass chains on pulleys allow dome to be raised and lowered to light the candle. Similar to R-774. Approximately 4"d.
U-157.jpg (10073 bytes) U-157
Lithophane dome, gold trim, showing same scenes as R-461 on a white porcelain base. The rich chocolate background color on the base is also used for detail on the white foliage. Base marked "Koenigl Porzellan Manufaktur". 5.0"h x 5.75"d.
U-158.jpg (16599 bytes) U-158
A smaller and "happier" version of R-321 Old Man in the Moon. The bisque base is marked with "CU65" along the back lower edge of the collar. The top opening slants downward to allow a better flow of air to the candle.
3.0"h. x 2.5"w.
U-159.jpg (33951 bytes) U-159
Unglazed bisque finish on the peacock with golden brown antiquing, the remainder is glazed. The .375" jewels are replacements. Raised, molded mark on bottom: RW in diamond with crown, for the New York & Rudolstadt Pottery, Rudolstadt, Thuringia, Germany, circa 1887-1918. 4.25"h. x 4.25"w.
U-160.jpg (28933 bytes) U-160
Fairy-sized dome of white opalescent glass with hand painted and raised blue plums, red cherries and mauve flowers. Some areas of decoration have gilding, which have been over painted with raised white enamel. Scalloped rim. Rests on Clarke clear lamp cup (marriage). Dome is 3.75"h x 3.0"d.