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U-121.jpg (5858 bytes)

Tulip shade similar to R-290. Opal (milk) glass with blue and yellow-green highlights painted and fired on. The weighted base is spun brass with a cast finger handle having a phoenix bird head motif. The shade base diameter is 2"d., no air vents. 4.5"h. x 3.9"d.

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"Bather Surprised" by Royal Worcester model No. 486, date marked fourteen dots (1905), and stamped "Trade Mark Cricklite." Bright blue robe. Single clear glass Cricklite shade on Clarke crystal lamp cup. 11"h.

U-123.jpg (7817 bytes)

Chimney style fairy lamp. Cased white with light blue on the inside and two air vents cut on the bottom edge of the chimney. Decorated with three winged angels playing inside a red and green floral wreath. The ruffled base is trimmed in beige. Approximately 9"h.

U-124.jpg (8499 bytes)

Clear frosted satin glass dome with ruffled top rim and hand painted enameling of an Art Nouveau woman with blond hair and green and white lilly-of-the-valley floral decoration. Two tiered matching base with rufflled rim. Unmarked. 7"h. x 5.5" w.

U-125a.jpg (111848 bytes)

Jeweled brass candle lamp with twenty-four colored jewels. Spun brass shade has floral pattern with open lattice design. Molded brass base has ornate filigree design and thumb handle.

U-126.jpg (48321 bytes)

Jeweled brass fairy-sized dome with eight large 1" faceted jewels set in individual filigree frames and eight small .5" faceted jewels in spaces between frames. Three-footed brass base depression for candle and finger handle. Approximately 4"h. Unmarked.

U-127.jpg (91460 bytes)

An ormolu standard supports a pyramid-size fairy lamp and three bulbous posey. The lamp dome and vases are acid Burmese, all decorated in the fuchsia pattern. The round disk is 8" dia. and total height is 9.5". There are no identification marks on the standard.

U-128.jpg (36781 bytes)

Avocado green shading to white chimney style dome with chevron pattern, flared ribbon top rim and air vents in bottom rim. Dome is drilled to hold four red jewels in ormolu frames. Double waisted base with widely ruffled and fluted rim. 6.25"h x 8"d.

U-129.jpg (22515 bytes)

Frosted dome with top ribbing in handled lamp cup with perforations in shoulder and integral candle holder on footed base marked "Genuine Pewter." 5.75"h x 4.5"w.

U-130.jpg (22762 bytes)

Frosted dome with embossed ribs on upper taper in lamp cup of footed pedestal candlestick with stylized greyhound dog handle. Base marked "Old England, Genuine Pewter, #12" and etched with windmill. 5.75"h x 5"w.

U-131.jpg (43601 bytes)

Rainbow striped, overshot, petal pattern pyramid size dome with two ground air vents in bottom rim inserted into center post of metal base with flared fretwork rim and finger size handle. 4.125"h x 5"w.

U-132.jpg (26464 bytes)

Green pyramid-size dome, cut velvet type pattern, with five-prong applied gilt ring around top vent, in gilt lamp cup with slotted openwork design and depression for candle. Similar to R-267. 4.375"h x 3"dia.

U-133.jpg (20444 bytes)

White milk glass chimney style dome with ruffled and fluted top rim and three air vents in bottom rim. Decorated with cameo of women above five petal white flowers, green paint shading to light blue. There is a green band around base of matching base with ruffled and fluted top rim. 8"h x 6.5"d.

U-134.jpg (28130 bytes)

Paneled cranberry fairy-size dome, two ground air vents, decorated with spiral of applied crystal leaves. Dome sits in Clarke lamp cup. 4.5"h x 4"d. (Marriage)

U-135.jpg (20234 bytes) U-135
White satinized glass dome with constricted bottom rim and five petal top rim. Dome painted yellow around top and decorated all over with coralene squares. Dome in pyramid lamp cup with old gilt paint applied to diamond designs. 6.376"h x 3.5"d. (Marriage)
U-136.jpg (35562 bytes)

Blue glass chimney style bulbous dome decorated in gilt and enamel. Top rim is ruffled and fluted as is matching base. 7.5"h x 7.875"w.

U-137.jpg (19792 bytes)

Hanging tan and white cat and gray owl both with transparent eyes. Four holes, one in the top of each animal on both sides, are for wire or chain. Base marked "KPM" and crossed swords. 3.875"h x 4.5"w.

U-138.jpg (24876 bytes)

Red satin glass fairy size dome decorated in Florentine foliage inserted into matching base with outward fluted rim edged in gilt. 4.875"h x 6.75"dia.

U-139.jpg (29037 bytes)

Blue satin fairy size dome with four air vents in bottom rim, decorated in Florentine with two rings at top rim and foliage below. Dome rests in matching lamp cup decorated with two rings on rim. 4.5"h x 4"dia.

U-140.jpg (35081 bytes)

Pyramid-size cranberry overshot paneled dome in Sexagon Pattern in clear Clarke lamp cup. 4"h x 3.375"d.